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65% off at NFL UK with discount code

65% off
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  1. drunk1's avatar
    Absolutely not 65%, nowhere near it. At best, 33%.
  2. golty's avatar
    Delivery price is steep!
  3. SidekickSimon's avatar
    Up to 65%, not 65%
  4. secret_machines's avatar
    Thanks for sharing, but extremely disappointing, can't find anything with 65%.

    I'm guessing it's on merch for players that have moved in during Free Agency Frenzy!
  5. leedsunited21_'s avatar
    This upto 65% sale is on every day of the year and nothing of note is ever 65% off
  6. adamphillips's avatar
    Well this was disappointing.
  7. quidditys_shore's avatar
    About 45% off a winston bucs Jersey when he went over 2 years ago & was a dumpster fire of a QB!

    35% of Brady but he's gone (supposedly) now.

    I'll hold out. Off to florida in September so will stock up at Walmart & official stores.
  8. LangleyLegend's avatar
    Nice. Just got a sweet Raiders top.
  9. gemsz33's avatar
    Post should be amended to up to 65% off, 10% at best
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