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Posted 29 September 2022

75% off Bolt rides (First 50 Rides) - with discount code on Bolt Business Registration @ Bolt

75% off
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75% off 50 rides or first month of travel, whichever is first
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    I already have a bolt business is it for new users only?
    That is what is suggests however I haven't tested applying it against an existing business account so if you do have a go, please let us know
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    Says code is not valid anymore?
    I just tried again and it seems to be working for me. Are you registering a new account? If so do you already have a personal account with same details?
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    What is buisnwss rides?
    I posted this deal primarily for those who carry out a business and might want to use Bolt in their business. People who are self employed could use this to go see clients etc.
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    May I ask where you found this deal? Was it on their socials or through email? Cheers
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    Bolt... "we put the people the country most needs to be running local successful businesses out of business so that we can replace them with the people the country least want to be cornering sectors of our economy so that we make tonnes of money and offshore it."

    Uber for the hordes of drivers fed up with the shortage of work from them having overloaded Uber with drivers... (edited)
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    Thanks for this, worked a treat.
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    Can anyone create a business account and get the benefits, e.g. can I just create an account and get 75% off my first 50 rides