750 clubcard points on grocery orders over £75

Get code & visit site696


Thnks for this & welcome to HUKD scrummymummy

Not sure if this is customer specific.

Thanks scrummymummy - welcome to HotUKDeals!!!

or you can earn 750 extra points when you spend £50 on Groceries @ tesco.com by using the code: XX-PFWT

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the code Ryderage :thumbsup:

Most Tesco codes are now customer specific, so this might not apply to your order.
[SIZE=2]Thanks srummymummy and Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Thanks to ryderage also [/SIZE]

I used to work for Tesco in Dundee (call centre) it was the main one for clubcard and home shopping (which i did).
You have to be carefull with these vouchers as these codes come up on the computers (tele-shopper) and usualy there is an update on the system not to accept them when there put through when your shopping is scanned at the checkout so be carefull.

To be honest tho, the amount of shopping we actually refunded was ridicullous. Anyone could phone up and say they never got there... lets say for example a bottle of wine, we would then refund the money on tele-shopper for the full amount. Obviously if you did this every week it would come up on your account and the team would be alerted, but i was stunned on how much grocerys etc were actually refunded.

Can anybody confirm if these work without Tesco having posted the offer to you? I also suspect they are customer specific, but will try them next week with our weekly shop. Haven't had a points voucher for months.

What happens now with vouchers is there are code numbers on the slips you get in the post, these numbers have to be scanned with your clubcard at the checkout. They must match on the computer or the checkout girl is likely to refuse them.
So if anyone asks if you want some tesco vouchers now say no coz if you use them they will be refused, if they do slip through the net they will be taken off of your account on clubcard.

As for using the voucher code, if you keep using them EVERY time you do a shop on Tesco.com it will be alerted and something might be done.

On the other hand if some goofball is working in the office and doesnt know what he/she is doing then it might just continue to go through.

All i know is that before i left they were going to be clamping down on vouchers being used over and over again, so just limit there uses ok folks


Thanks for this and welcome to HUKDs scrummymummy

saxo_appeal .. i love your avator :lol:

LoL yeh i thought it was pretty funny, it goes well with the signature :lol:

First code just worked for a £123 order.

i got this one to work too.....hoorah!
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