8% Commission on iTunes from Quidco plus buy 2 get 1 free bundle on iTunes songs-8%

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Great deal, thanks, heat and rep left! :thumbsup:

BTW, when you read the T&Cs on Quidco, it says Codes will be emailed by Quidco on 19th November to the first 10,000 users to spend £2.37 on iTunes between Saturday 20th November and Saturday 5th November.

They obviously mean Saturday 20th OCTOBER - but get in quickly, it's limited!

this deal works with people who have bought the £25 vouchers from the power seller too

In what way is this buy 2 get 1 free bundle on iTunes songs? It's a buy three of one thing and get something else later along with the standard Quidco cashback for iTunes.

More of a spend £2.37 get £1.89 video free (up to 10 videos per person and 10 000 videos in total). I was interested (when I read the title) until I read what the deal really was: I'm not interested in music videos.
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