£8 Free credit for Snapfish using paypal using coupon code @ Snapfish

£8 Free credit for Snapfish using paypal using coupon code @ Snapfish



Can't order from a mobile device? This is 2015!
Well this didn't work
When I am on snapfish it works saying I am only paying £3.99 for my item then when I go to pay using PayPal it say £11.99 ..? Does anyone know if u have to use paypal to get this offer or can I just use my bank card over there website.? More info on the offer please if you have any.??
Payed with Paypal and worked a treat. Thanks for posting, heat added
Thanks jain236 great share, paid p&p for a photo mug
Cheers. heat from me. £1.99 for a photo collage cup
I payed with a debit card instead of paypal and the discount still worked happy times
Worked for me. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing
Great offer x
It didn't work for me I got to my paypal account and it stated the full amount on checkout.
Thanks (_;)
Worked fine for me on mobile app paying with credit card :-) thank you
Ok a silly questions. If i order something less then £8 would it work please?

Ok a silly questions.  If i order something less then £8 would it work please? 

Ordered, thank you
I had a email to ?
I just ordered one.. But i didn't use any code for the offer. I think any new account ordering a photo mug gets this offer.
What a winner, Mother's day sorted!!

Well one mother
The joys of multi accounts, both mum's sorted

1 photo mug
cost of photo gifts: 7.99
PAYPAL8: -7.99
subtotal: 0.00
edit photo gifts order Postage & Packing: 1.99
total: 1.99

£ 1.99

When i added the code it said it wouldn't work because i didn't spend enough
just ordered a photo magic mug, thank you!
thanks great deal snapfish is good I ordered my free hard cover book with a code posted on here last time
Just worked for me, I had to select PayPal as my method of payment then put the code in to make it work, thanks!
Handy for mothers day gifts! Heat!!
Ordered, thanks very much OP
ordered thanks absolute bargain
Tried using the code on an existing Snapfish account and couldn't get it to go. Set up a new one with a different email address and it was fine as long as I clicked on the link at the top of this page (rather than straight to Snapfish where it applied the discount but tried to charge me the full amount in Paypal). got there in the end... almost free mug on it's way. Thank you!
hot just ordered a photo mug for £1.99
Seemed to work on mug for £1.99 postage
Heat added. Worked for me.
it works and not just for new accs or anything. before entering the code PAYPAL8 select payment method of paypal then enter the voucher code and redeem, then go to pay by card. i dont have paypal and ive just used this method no problems!!

good luck everyone !!!

does this only work once?
It's great....BUT you must 'tick' the 'Pay by PayPal' box before typing in the discount code or it doesn't work.
thanks, will try this
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