90 pounds worth of vouchers for cow and gate mum and baby club

90 pounds worth of vouchers for cow and gate mum and baby club


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hmm have i posted this in the wrong place :oops:

is it supposed to be a freebie?

Just done it!

Thanks very much

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erm well i guess so, when you regisiter on the site they send you a booklet giving you £90's worth of money off vouchers :?

Will you re-post it as a freebie and we'll remove this one please?

Thanks very much cindy.


Voted Hot but temperature went down????

Thanks cindy

Well, guess we'll leave this here now as it's had hot votes etc..

Voted hot and rep added. Anything for free especially where kids are concerned!

Dont tell my wife we are having a baby in March.

I think she might know she is having a baby:giggle:

[SIZE=2]LMAO @ above two posts!!![/SIZE]

I just signed up for the booklet - Not sure it will be as good as the cow was though - that was brilliant!

Anyone had them yet? Am wondering what the vouchers are. Cow only took a few days, book seems to be taking longer (although the cow was fast) oh well, dont mind waiting will be a nice surprise when they turn up!

No she dont know, dont believe everything you read on the net.

Or what you fill out in a form.

But we do know a few people that could use these vouchers and I like to share money saving offers as Emma already knows. (Play.com voucher)

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hmm still aint got mine.......


I just found this in the voucher section and applied for it - the code still works BTW.

Did anyone get a booklet through?


I did, some good coupons - there was one for a free photo session but doesnt work anymore because it was for Olan Mills and that company has now gone bust!

I registered with cow and gate last year as someone had posted on here that if you registered you would get a free cow soft toy and other vouchers off feed posted out to you. I never got anything apart from bombarded by emails from cow and gate.
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