99p Delivery On a Spend of £30 at SVP

Get code & visit site99p


Thanks ray,my discs are getting low,good timing.:thumbsup:

Thanks Rayman - time to top up a few consumables then. They also give 3% cashback via Quidco which works alongside the UKHotDeals discount.


back to the top I think. hot.


This seems cheap, espacially with 99p shiping.

]http//sv…738 £6.99 (£7.98 with 99p shipping)


Just like to add that SVP think this might be the last 99p shipping offer they have before Christmas:santa: - so if you have your eye on something or plan to stock up maybe best doing it now.

Be ok but most of the time when SVP have a cheap shipping offer on they are always out of stock of the better more popular stuff!!!
I am sure they do this to get rid of some of their slow moving disc's and rubbish..which peeps just buy cos they aint got the 1st choice stock.
I used to be drawn into this little caper but not anymore.


Personally I haven't used them for over 2 years as the last dvd+rs I got … Personally I haven't used them for over 2 years as the last dvd+rs I got from them were terrible.

What did you buy so i know to not buy them?
Hope it's not what I ordered already

Well they might sell a lot of "bad" media as you put it, but having used them for years they must also sell a fair amount of "good" media as I am yet to have a dodgy batch of anything I have had. Basically it is not good business sense to acquire "bad" media as SVP wouldn't want to be inundated with returns, but SVP are one of the few media etailers who are happy and comfortable to deal with returns without too much of a quibble.

I've been using SVP for years - excellent company. Never had any bad media but I have discovered that my CD & DVD writers sometimes required their firmware updating to make them compatible with additional media. If you don't upgrade the firmware on these writers then media often appears bad when it isn't.

Their review system is one of the most honest I have seen. They allow posting of 'bad' reviews when other companies simply wouldn't put the comments on their site (I know I've tried) and they do try and respond to those comments. Only other company I am aware of that does the same is Amazon although they don't respond - they just post.
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