99p delivery this weekend at SVP

Get code & visit site99p


Minimum purchase £30

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sorry missed that changed post.thanks for the note i had ordered £40 so didnt notice it

Thanks for this

Thanks, have been waiting for a cheap postage weekend

Thanks for this rosalie

I use SVP a lot. Very good site.
Thanks for the heads up, although I already knew about it.
Rep given

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Saved over £17 on shipping with an order placed today using this coupon!

Many thanks.


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i must have clicked "no" to newsletters as i have never had one off them but when i did seach for coupons it came up with the page i put on otherwise wouldnt have found out about it and was about to pay about £6 postage and its due for delivery on monday


i used this and the hotukdeals partner offer (svp.co.uk/huk…php) to get a couple of quid more off some YUDEN000T03's

oh and a hint, they are selling 50 packs (3568) for 11ukp, but the 100 packs (3261) are 35ukp, so got 150 to qualify for the 99p shipping.

they're unbranded, but the same dye/media code, with svp's reputation i think its safe they're not fakes.

i just got fed up of the tuffdisc 16x dvd+r quality - they burn fine, but don't read too well on anything, i've got a feeling they're too heavy to spin properly with that orange coating.

just a quick question, how often does this offer come about?

Possibly once a month I expect they'll have another one at Easter.

ok cheers rayman, I've signed up to their emails :thumbsup:
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