99p HD Rental for Google Play

99p HD Rental for Google Play

Found 6th Nov 2017
I think this is the same voucher code for all accounts. But here is a 99p rental code for Google Play. Allows for any one "rentable" film to be reduced down to 99p.
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Cold - 'code already used by someone else'
I got the same message :- The code you entered has already been redeemed by someone else.
Same, code used - expire! Good if it's on your account though
I think this code is for your account only. Sadly.
Already redeemed. Account specific
That's weird that. It was unused. But I guess that it must be one-use only from a pool of codes. I had two, and tried to use both on the same account. After applying the first code, I got an error saying that the second code was not able to be applied to my account due to using one of the same type before.

Oh well, sorry guys.
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