99p Shipping UK Mainland and IOW at SVP

99p Shipping UK Mainland and IOW at SVP

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1 Comment

Before anyone uses this offer, don't forget that I think this can be used at the same time as the SVP discount that all HUKD members can get.
Details at ]http//ww…705

I don't think it can be used with the other current SVP vouchers though which is kind of annoying
Jet Tec 25% discount. Can't find a HUKD post for this but it's half way down the page at ]http//ww…htm
Amps 10% discount ]http//ww…700
Dell £10 discount ]http//ww…714

If you are buying some several items that could all be discounted by different vouchers you have to work out which one gives the biggest saving :whistling:

Does anyone know if these offers can be combined? Has anyone found a way of doing it?
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