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AbeBooks satisfies your passion for books. Find new and used books of all types - search millions of book titles by author, title, keyword or ISBN (International Standard Book Number found on the back cover).  Buy second hand books or books for sale from thousands of booksellers. Browse sections such as the Weird Book Room, the book collecting guide, signed books, first edition books or large print books as well as popular subjects and bestselling lists to locate what you're searching for.
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-10% Discount
10% discount on books using promotional code @ AbeBooks

We're sorry, the coupon is not applicable. Thank you for your interest but this coupon has expired. .com site


don't use the code on the uk version of the website. It does work if you go to abebooks.com


Just tried the code and it doesn't seem to be working...

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Harry Potter Talking Dobby and Collectible Book (Miniature Editions) £5.38 + £1.20 shipping within United Kingdom at AbeBooks
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Posted 7th Dec 2019Posted 7th Dec 2019
Harry Potter Talking Dobby and Collectible Book (Miniature Editions) £5.38 + £1.20 shipping within United Kingdom at AbeBooks£6.58
Nice Dobby figure stand on a platform that when you push the button you hear few phrases that Dobby says from the Harry Potter's films. I had to buy it from Waterstones...well I r… Read more

it's a shame... next best price WH Smith and Amazon prime for £7.19

Abebooks Online book shop new & Used books from 60p & £1.15 p&p
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Posted 31st Oct 2015Posted 31st Oct 2015
Abebooks Online book shop new & Used books from 60p & £1.15 p&p£0.65
@Abe books There's thousands of books new & used at rediculously cheap prices, just pop in a key word if your looking for a book of an interest or put the title & or Author… Read more

Everyone knows about a site called EBay already where as this is not a commonly known site so worth sharing.


Really 1996 :p I don't know how i never come across it befor I'm shocked no one else posted the link tbh thanks for the info much appreciated


Abebooks has been online since 1996, and was bought by Amazon in 2008, so it's not exactly something new, is it? Why not post a deal about eBay - after all, you can buy things there for much less than 65p, and make "amazing savings" on RRP! Nothing against Abebooks,as I said, but in the context of hotukdeals, I'm afraid that this is cold.


Your welcome gibbowall, & Beabocht puchasing books from 65p for any subject I keyworded to me is worth sharing, a deal a bargain an amazing saving on Rrp sorry to offend but I think that's a deal


I have never come across this site before (how is that possible?) so I'm very grateful for your post! Have some heat!

how to archer £6.89 Delivered @ abebooks
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Posted 26th Mar 2015Posted 26th Mar 2015
how to archer £6.89 Delivered @ abebooks£6.89
Lying is like 95% of what I do. But believe me: in this book, I’ll let you know exactly how to become a master spy just like me. Obviously, you won’t be as good at it as I am, but … Read more

No idea whether this is any good or not, but abebooks pretty well known and respected.


Yeah, I realised that, still made me laugh!!


That isn't a description the OP has written.. he has copied and pasted the blurb off the back of the book.... 10p dearer at Amazon... a retailer I've actually heard of :S Cold from me.


hahaha heat for the description alone

Eminem: Angry Blonde - £2.91 delivered (USED) @ Abebooks + 8% Quidco = £2.68 + Some money goes to charity.
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Posted 22nd Jan 2011Posted 22nd Jan 2011
Eminem: Angry Blonde - £2.91 delivered (USED) @ Abebooks + 8% Quidco = £2.68 + Some money goes to charity.£2.91
IF you're an Eminem fan and you're interested on how and why he wrote the lyrics to his songs and want to know a little more about him, this is one of the best books out there. NE… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Lol. Ok. You pay me £2.50 and I will send you my copy.


Because you have no idea where you got it from. So how does anyone know where they can get it for £1 if you aren't telling them. As far as i can see 2.90 is cheaper than anywhere else I have checked.


Its still cold. If I paid £1 new why would nearly £3 for a used one be any good to anyone?


Well thats no use to anyone if you have no idea where you got it from. Anyone can say what you have just said. I'm comparing this price to places who sell the book that I know of.


Cold or what. I bought this ages ago for a £1. Cant remember where from and it was new!

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10%10% off book prices (up to a maximum of £10 off) using promotional code @ AbeBooks8/05/2014
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10%10% off all Books using voucher code @ Abebooks.co.uk8/04/2013
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