Acer Shop discount codes

Acer Shop Discount Codes

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Up To £200 Off with Codes on Selected Laptops & Tablets @ Acer
Enter the code at the checkout all items are marked with there discount.

I think they use a 3rd party company for repairs who are obviously money and "performance" oriented hence the treatment.


Sorry, you've had bad experience, probably disgruntled employee. The Acer Spin 5 is at good price. Topcashback is offering 10% too. It's the only decent deal, too expensive Acer.


Sorry but I could never buy an Acer again after my experience. Screen went faulty under warranty but the warranty people accused me of breaking it! This was a few years ago but sounds they still have the same attitude

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Up to £200 off Selected Laptops desktops and Tablets with code @ Acer
all item are are marked with there codes.

Prices have been inflated, code brings it back down to the regular price

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Money off Selected laptops Projects & TV's with Code @ Acer
All products are Listed with there code so you no whats on Offer follow link

Don't know why people are voting this cold, could possibly find a good deal. Their Holo 360 action camera is 200 off making it only £99

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Up to £1000 off Special offer items with code @ Acer
All Special offers are Marked with the discount they have off, and the code to us at the checkout. Desktops, laptops & TVs included.
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Up to £100 Off Acer Products Lap Tops TV's with Code @ Acer
£100 off Valentine Collection SWEET100 £50 off Valentine… Read more

£100 off all the most expensive laptops, cold for me.

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Various Codes For Discounts on Acer Laptops & Desk Top @ Acer
Offer: £200 off Winter Sale Code: WINTER200 Valid until: 21/01/19 Offer: £100 off Winter Sale Code: WINTER100 Valid until… Read more

Hmm... I cannot answer this question as personally I think gaming laptops are rarely the best solution to a person's needs. I regretted buying mine certainly. One of them ended up tethered to a desk due to immense weight and having all my peripherals tying it down. The other was light-ish and portable-ish but I would have been better served by something thin, light and without a GPU to wreck its battery life.


Thanks I didn't think so, I lack the space for a full desktop rig at the moment. You sound pretty educated on this subject so another quick question, My last gaming laptop got so hot under stress it became un playable it was labelled a gaming laptop from Novatech (7 years or so ago). How do the current gen fair temperature wise? I'm tempted to spend around 1k-1.5k but only if its not as much of an issue now as it seemed then. Do you have any recommendations for makes/models?


The short answer is no. The long answer is kind of. There are laptop graphics cards that are on internal MXM connectors. There are laptops with socketed CPUs. I owned one with a socketed CPU and two GPUs on MXM connectors and was considering upgrading it but there are problems. You can't upgrade the CPU too much, Intel changes sockets fairly regularly so you can at most jump one generation. Laptop GPUs are crazy expensive (I could've replaced my 680Ms by paying £800 per GPU to move to 980Ms which would've been obsolete in a year) and you are far more likely to run into BIOS compatibility problems that simply don't exist on a desktop. Another path is a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 and an eGPU however you will be paying far more for that setup than for an equivalent desktop. That route's only really for people who already own a thin and light laptop with TB3.


The offered Laptops are just their way of getting rid of, soon to be, obsolete stock. The graphics in them is now 2 generations old and will NOT play anything contemporary shortly. If you want just email and office...then it'll do but, again, it'll go obsolete quicker.


Are there gaming laptops that are upgradable like a desktop? Can't justify spending 1k+ if after a year or 2 it needs replacing...

10% off purchases from the Acer Online Store (Using code ACER-10%)
I raised a support request via e-mail to Acer's support from their website and was greeted with a footer on the e-mail stating; "Thank you for being our customer. We apologise for… Read more

Thankyou (y)


The codes don't stack and all their deals seem to use a code already. ;(

15% Off everything @ acer store
15% Off: Insert voucher code EVERYTHING15 at checkout to redeem

Yeah, the Z321Q monitor for example is generally £400 everywhere. They've got it listed for £600....


Lol, they've bumped all the prices up then made out this is a deal. What a bunch of cucking funts.


Thier doing a sale because wenesday they bring all this years new tech out


In addition to the 15% discount, Quidco is offering 10% cashback and TopCashBack is offering 12% (on a 24 hour deal) So you could potentially get a 27% discount


After posting i looked at the gaming section and was shocked at the prices i saw a pc for just under £5000 nearly fell over!

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Free 3 years ACER CARE PLUS PLAN FEATURES - 3 years worldwide protection
INSTRUCTIONS: ACER CARE PLUS PLAN FEATURES - 3 years worldwide protection for your device including free-of-charge shipment from/to your home and priority repair service and sup… Read more

non email link

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