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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off some models at the Casio G-shock website
Saw this on a Facebook advert



Why would you buy from Casio website? When places like watchshop aways have 25% off?


A saving is a saving,but should be across the range.For me 10% equates to finding 2p or even 5p on the ground years ago, picking it up and going into the shop and getting mojo,s or fruit salads at half a pence each.Now days you walk over them.

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G-Shock Metal Multiband 6 and Solar GST-W330D-1AER-B - £134.55 (Using code) @ Casio G Shock
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Seems like the lowest it's been (as far as I can gather).

Arrived today 😄


Ooops, forget that….got it


How did u use your blue light card? Doesn’t seem to list Casio shop in their app


Think they're still available here, not sure if the same codes work though


I thought that but face is much less likely to get scratched on one of these as it's sunken from the bezel

Big reduction for B grade watch - Casio Ediface - £162.50 @ Casio Shop
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Big reduction for B grade watch - Casio Ediface - £162.50 @ Casio Shop£162.50 Free P&P Free
This Bluetooth enabled Edifice can connect to compatible smartphones offering a host of features including Automatic Time Synchronisation with internet time servers. Solar Powered … Read more

That’s pretty much the same as the Honda racing one which has a price tag of £300/400!


I have this its an absolutely cracking watch and I paid double this price.


THE G-Shock? They only make one model? This site has been going for years and all the good stuff gets snapped up quickly.


B grade ... LOL.. Bought once from Casio at grade B, came all scratched over on case and Casio refused to accept for refund, faulting me on scratches. Long story, but got money back.


Hope the casio g shock is on sale

Casio Pro Trek GPS Outdoor Touchscreen Smart Watch With Heart Rate Monitor - Reduced To Half Price At £199 At Casio UK
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Casio Pro Trek GPS Outdoor Touchscreen Smart Watch With Heart Rate Monitor - Reduced To Half Price At £199 At Casio UK£199 Free P&P Free
Looks like a great deal and a lot of watch for the money at half price. It's rated to WR50m and to work effectively at down to -10 in the cold. It has sensors to read Heart Rate, A… Read more

I had a few Pro Trek watches in the past and still wearing one 5100. To be honest I am very temped to WSD series but the battery life is a definitely no for me coz my previous watchs all have solar charged battery and never need to worry about battery for at least 7 years. I know I asked too much from the Smart Watches these days. (It is like Nokia compared to iPhone) But I digged into some tech articles and found out that it is not about battery (as it always), it is about the OS (mainly power management module). Some of my friends bought Huawei Watch GT/ GT2 and there is another Amazfit T-rex (I am fond of its casio lookalike )in the market. They all can last more than/around a week. But the con is these kind of watches, they do not allow you to install Apps freely. But if you are satisfied with the functions it intergrated already within the OS. Then go for it. Just my opinion.


Good price for an F21HR and great value if you need what it does well. I have used an F20A (v similar to F21HR but with no Heart Rate monitor) and an F30 (also no HR monitor, but smaller and with a higher res OLED screen). I got comfortably more than 2 days battery life with both. 2 days+ is good for a Wear OS watch and fine for day hikes but clearly you will need a power bank for overnight charging on longer trips. All the Casio PRO TREK Smart watches well with ViewRanger, the app I use for walking. If you are looking for a rugged outdoor Wear OS watch (and you have a wrist to carry a watch this big!) this is a great deal.


Do garmin have better or are they as worse.


A review from a sporting point of view.


And being the size it is, what excuse do they have for poor battery life? bizzare.

Casio Edifice Toro Rossi Quartz Chronograph Limited Edition of 500 - EFR-S567TRGWP-2AER - £124.50 at Edifice Watches
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Casio Edifice Toro Rossi Quartz Chronograph Limited Edition of 500 - EFR-S567TRGWP-2AER - £124.50 at Edifice Watches£124.50
Ernest Jones have it same price using the 10% sign up code if this goes oos In collaboration with Scuderia Toro Rosso a watch is born. This Casio Edifice Toro Rosso Limited Editio… Read more

zuma107: That it was solar powered, just in response to someone above saying they couldn’t find that anywhere so I took it out. It says 5 year battery life but the face is the same pattern as a tough solar.... Nice watch either way


That it was solar powered, just in response to someone above saying they couldn’t find that anywhere so I took it out.


This looks solar powered to me, what was edited out?


I think it must be incorrect from where I grabbed the description, will edit out- cheers!


Lovely looking watch. Being a big F1 fan I'm keen on this but as first poster rightly says, it's huge. Hope they have a smaller option for someone with regular sized wrists lol. Have heat tho op.

B-Grade Casio Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER - £99.50 delivered @ Casio Outlet Online
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Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
B-Grade Casio Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER - £99.50 delivered @ Casio Outlet Online£99.50£149.2533% off Free P&P Free
B-Grade Casio Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER, cheapest I saw before this was debenhams at £134 and theyve gone, next best is watchshop ar £149 This high-performance sports chronophraph is… Read more

Not really, no.


Cool story


Could have had an MTG from Argos for £58, 9 years ago -


G Shock buying is a very slippery slope... I have 14 now and only got started last November. Did have other watch brands before but by no means a collector, now I'm hooked. Love my MTG-B1000, got it for £525 a few weeks back... The rest of my collection is mainly steel but I've got a couple of squares, Rangeman & GA series. Think I have a problem.


I've bought and sold somewhere in the region of 40 in addition to what I'm left with, started 9 months ago, I'm happy with the ones I've decided to keep though

G-Shock DW-6900SP-1ER 25th Anniversary - Black Transparent - £89.90 @ G-Shock
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Posted 30th Dec 2020Posted 30th Dec 2020
G-Shock DW-6900SP-1ER 25th Anniversary - Black Transparent - £89.90 @ G-Shock£89.90£12930% off Free P&P Free
Grab the latest edition, DW-6900SP-1ER. This model commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the DW-6900, with its distinctive three digital dials, back in 1995.

much better, and cheaper... in my opinion... £80 G-8900GB-1ER | Casio G-SHOCK ( purchased GW-M5610-1ER, solar, digital, for 79.99 when on deal at Amazon and Argos... great watch...


100%, the watch has the distinctive G-Shock look about it, but that face man!! must have been after a heavy previous night. but then you have to think, who agreed to go into production??


100% agree, I own a couple of g-shock's, whoever the designer is needs to think again, although not everyone has the same taste.


Definitely different (y)


Not that ugly just different imo, I'd buy if it drops to around £60

Casio Baby G Solar Analogue Watches £76.30 using code @
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Casio Baby G Solar Analogue Watches £76.30 using code @£76.30£10930% off Free P&P Free
as titled, these were 179 before the sale, code took them to £125, but noww they are £109 and the code takes them to £73.60 is the link for th… Read more

Looks like they've fixed it yeh they killed the codes, expired


"This code isn’t valid, please contact us for help"


The digital ones are still fairly similar but I did question myself at the time I posted this and double checked, so your question came as no surprise at all (y)


Changed a lot since the 90s


Yes, which is why I put it in the title ;)

Casio G-Shock GMA-S140NC-5A1ER £39.30 @ G-shock
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Casio G-Shock GMA-S140NC-5A1ER £39.30 @ G-shock£39.30£66.7741% off Free P&P Free
GMA-S140NC-5A1ER watch and two other colours GMA-S140NC-5A2ER GMA-S140NC-7AER Love the skin shades of these - think they’d make a lovely contrast on the right per… Read more

Thanks Hadouken


Code no longer working. Looks like Casio wised up to their mistake of overlapping their Christmas promo with their sale! Nice load of glitches/generosity on their site while it lasted


Hi. Is the discount only for this watch? I'm trying it but it's not working




Good for a girl??

G Shock MTG B1000 Tai Chi G Watch £419.30 @ Casio G-shock Store
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
G Shock MTG B1000 Tai Chi G Watch £419.30 @ Casio G-shock Store£419.30£59930% off Free P&P Free
Bargain MTG!!!

Cheers. The Bluetooth app is brilliant. All set up in 5 minutes.


Good to hear you got it. After a few days of wearing I am fine with legibility for telling the time - you do get used to it, but the dial on the left I find is often obscured by the hands. I love the copper details. All in all I am very happy with it.


Finally got my MT-G this morning. Totally agree with previous comments about legibility of face. Iam delighted though with the watch overall. It's definitely a great looking timepiece. Cheers again to OP for a super hot deal. (y)


It's certainly less legible than those with white hands / markers and the lume is relatively poor, you do need to use the light more often than with others. BUT, its such a good looking watch I don't care. The strap is underwellming - the metal or even one of the twin pin clasp types would be better, another but, for the price I have no complaints.


That's sounds disappointing. The reviews on the MT-G says it's good with anti-glare and has sapphire glass. Iam still waiting for my order to arrive. I would be interested what the other guys opinions are. :D

Casio G Shock DW-5600DN-7ER £29.90 @ G Shock
255° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Casio G Shock DW-5600DN-7ER £29.90 @ G Shock£29.90£59.9050% off
best price i've found so far another Cheap G

the codes stopped working on the ones that were still in stock, so now its a fingers crossed waiting game for those that ordered


all gone


TCB too (y) 🏻


Still looking a G-shock for me but this is great for the wife to build up her collection. Thanks.


People often justify Rolex because it's something you can pass down generations. I would be willing to wager this will last longer (albeit not quite as special)! Great price!

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