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Wahoo Kickr Snap £364.44 @ ACycles
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Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Wahoo Kickr Snap £364.44 @ ACycles£364.44£499.9927% off
Been on the look out for this wheel-on turbo trainer for a while and missed out on the Black Friday Deals at £399.99. Not sure how much stock there is but this is definitely the be… Read more

Did anybody buy this deal? The price went back to £499 but has again come down to £399 plus a 5% code on the site but the reviews for the company on trustpilot are shocking. I'm really tempted but the reviews are probably too bad to risk it.


Yeah it’s like mine it catches on the plastic which means you cannot get the frame correctly onto the axle. Really need one like this elite drivo which has a cut away.


There’s not much room but this is a 2017 synapse.


The frame on my my 2016 105 disc interfered with the plastic cover where the brake caliper bolted to the frame. Do you have a newer 2018/19 synapse?


No issues with a cannondale 105 disc on the flux.

Elite Nero Smart Rollers £487.03 @ Acycles
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Posted 9th Dec 2018Posted 9th Dec 2018
Elite Nero Smart Rollers £487.03 @ Acycles£487.03£1,05054% off
Original RRP £1299. I haven't tried these but own the cheaper Elite Arion digital smart rollers and they are much more fun than my turbo trainer. Not particularly accurate for pow… Read more

Back up to £999 now


Rollers certainly more involved than a turbo trainer (we have both). Rollers are good for your core / balance a turbo will test your power / heart / stamina more Ultimately neither is much fun. A necessary evil if you want to keep the edge on cycle fitness and following a plan. I prefer to endure the rain or go for a run if the weather is horrific.


Hmmm... on the one hand I feel I should explain what it is a bit better (at all) but on the other hand I'm enjoying the confused comments. But rest assured that if you don't know what it is then you don't need it.


Costs as much as a bike, and removes all the enjoyment from cycling. Although having commuted on a bike for many years, I can see the advantage of one of these, in that you don't have to deal with cars, and you never get to to work. Hmm. Sign me up! (:I


I saw the image and thought it was a hacksaw. I think it's so you can cycle a road bike Indoors. Which defeats the purpose slightly.

Wahoo Kickr Turbo Trainer - 10% off with code School10 - £695.80 @ Acycles
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Wahoo Kickr Turbo Trainer - 10% off with code School10 - £695.80 @ Acycles£695.80
First post so be gentle!One of the best turbos on the market at this price point. Have seen these go for over £700 second hand. Zwift compatible and great for the winter. Also Elit… Read more

Its not the newest 2018 model, which has got a 7.25kg flywheel and 2200w resistance, and supposedly quieter than the previous version. Still a good price though!


I think because it is compatible with Climb it is Mk3


Correction, there is a newer version still, already out so this is definitely an older model, the kickr 2019 (19) is available now. Same RRP price of £999 as older model.


I know what it is now (y) Is anyone selling a cheap bike (embarrassed)


It’s a very good bit of kit at a great price but yes very niche

Tacx Flux Smart Home Cycle Trainer £579.99 delivered - Acycles
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Tacx Flux Smart Home Cycle Trainer £579.99 delivered - Acycles£579.99£699.9917% off
Cheapest price i've seen for the flux, Zwift compatible and very highly regarded. The Tacx Flux Home Trainer is a compact and realistic interactive direct drive home trainer that … Read more

My understanding is that there is a new version of Flux on the way that should address the issues that the current version is prone to. In the meantime, I would be buying from a retailer that will be easy to return it to when it breaks.


beware of acycles customers services - they are shocking !!!




Good price - but would like guarantee of cheap return/replacement if something were to go wrong.


Just bear in mind that ACycles is based in France... So any returns will be expensive!

Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 in a  Nice Brown Colour Only - £8.79 / £12.78 delivered @ Acycles
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Posted 22nd Jan 2018Posted 22nd Jan 2018
Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 in a Nice Brown Colour Only - £8.79 / £12.78 delivered @ Acycles£8.79
Another Tyre Deal From Acycles £8.79 Plus £3.99 P&P or free delivery over £90 Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 Brown 700c x 38m Excellent Rolling R… Read more

Thank yo (y)


Genius! :|


cycling is fun but very dangerous


link not working


Heat. Nice tyres

Continental Mountain King II Performance Folding Tyre Black £9.65 @ ACycles
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Posted 21st Jan 2018Posted 21st Jan 2018
Continental Mountain King II Performance Folding Tyre Black £9.65 @ ACycles£9.65
66% off best price I have seen on these cc tyres and they are the folding bead as well (not black chilli version though). The Continental Mountain King II Folding Tyre has an aggr… Read more

These are £10 on planet X for the 27.5 X 2.2


Not that price any more


Good price for Black Chilli ones


Have some heat op . Do you know if your price is with or without postage?


Dam, bought some new tyres a week or 2 ago, this price is crazy good, may have to buy a spare 2.4 for next winter 😁