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July/August Tokyo flights at £251 return (open-jaw from Paris and London) @ Aeroflot
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Posted 18th Sep 2017Posted 18th Sep 2017
July/August Tokyo flights at £251 return (open-jaw from Paris and London) @ Aeroflot£251
Just booked this one for my wife and I. Found it on Jack's Flight Club Available date options that work: July 14 - July 23 July 17 - July 28 July 19 - Aug 4 July 23… Read more

On specific lines


Just booked two tickets today, there are still £252 return tickets available. Thanks so much, can't wait to return to Japan!!


Thank you so much @Atlantise , that is re-assuring . (highfive)


You will both have an amazing time


Musehead- both these flights qualify for compensation under EU compensation rules. I recently got my Moscow flight refunded as it was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day. I used who took 25% comission. Let me know if you need any more info

Amazingly cheap flights from Aeroflot Russian Airlines
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Posted 29th Aug 2016Posted 29th Aug 2016
Amazingly cheap flights from Aeroflot Russian Airlines£199
There's an offer on at the moment with this Russian based carrier with an excellent reliability and safety rating.. Very cheap discount packages from LHR to Tel Aviv (as in the li… Read more
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​best get your coat then.... :)


Flew with these last year to Japan. I'd happily fly with them again


Seems like the temperature of this deal is reflecting the weather in Moscow..


Surely in the dative case first officer is using the the correct ending?


London-Moscow-Tel Aviv. Now that is one loooooooong way to get to your final destination!

Aeroflot SALE!! Free re-fuelling stop in Moscow - from 237 Euros
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Posted 1st Jun 2016Posted 1st Jun 2016
Aeroflot SALE!! Free re-fuelling stop in Moscow - from 237 Euros
There's a good deal on at the moment with aeroflot. Very good deal to most Arab countries and Far East and a free re-fuelling stop in Moscow. Prices include carry-on and checked… Read more
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Tbh, I don't think it's necessary to have bought the deal that one posts on here .. For example, I'm vegetarian and recently posted the KFC deal which has attracted a lot of heat.. Anyway, I'll get my coat..


cold... i was going to say this looks a bit like spam, but the OP's last posting of these deals,, seems to suggest they have never flown with them before.


stay clear from this airline... My mum got refused boarding, did not say why... Then refused to transfer her onto another flight unless she paid some stupid fee. The airline said, you can stay in the terminal for 72 or 96 hours (cannot remember), before we deport you. I had to book her a flight to get her out of Russia.. I personally have been to Russia and i loved it... Driven from Ulan-Ude to Moscow, Russians come across as a little rude, but a really nice and helpful. Would love to go back, but not flying with aeroflot.


The airport at Moscow is quite nice.. Decent shops and places to eat.. Did you not take that option?


Flew with them to save £200 on a flight to LA. In Moscow they told me they can't find my booking and had me pay £300 to get on the plane or enjoy living at their airport!! Refused to give me a receipt. Avoid at all cost.

Limited offer!  Cheap flights with Aeroflot
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Posted 12th Mar 2016Posted 12th Mar 2016
Limited offer! Cheap flights with Aeroflot£269
There is a good deal on at the moment. Many many routes at discounted prices. Fly via Moscow with an optional free stop. Eg. Shanghai for EUR 269.00 Get your tickets fast!
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Anyone know if the prices include fuel surcharges and tax?


Yes, if you are looking to recruit for a female shotputting team.


Air hostesses any good??


Having recently flown Aeroflot London - Moscow - St Petersburg, I can say that the service, food, and cleanliness was better than most European airlines.


No, I think that's a chargeable extra.. But you can buy it onboard apparently

Tokyo for £447.56 return on Aeroflot (April 2015 departure)
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Tokyo for £447.56 return on Aeroflot (April 2015 departure)£447.56
If the thought of Japan in the spring appeals, this looked like a real bargain for those willing to trade extra travel time for lower prices... Flights are with Aeroflot (the Russ… Read more

There is only 1 overnight stay on this ticket and it is in Japan for 12 hours , where are you getting these 2 nights or 20 hours from ? My point is no one wants to travel to London , get over it , we have airports in the North as well you know ... We have 7 flights a day from Manchester to Vienna or Newcastle , We cant choose the correct time ? Really ? Really ? Really ?!?!? Ignorance works well for you I see .... It is like hearing excuses from a person that lived under a rock for a decade ....


The cheapest flight from UK on Sky scanner is £102 + luggage. Who offers the £40 return to Vienna from UK including hold luggage? If you are traveling from Manchester to Gatwick you can leave at any time so that you arrive at Gatwick at the correct time. You can't pick a flight to Vienna that arrives at the correct time as they don't exist. No hotel equals 20 hours wandering around the terminal building (assuming it doesn't close at night and you get kicked out).


You seem to like the sum of £120 and ignore the fact that return flights are under £40 also the point of the hotel is invalid, I might as well add £118 that is costs all people above Manchester to get to LGW. The factual deal information is at least £200 cheaper than your.


The KLM offer is a typical HP con. Add £120 for an easy jet return from LGW and £120 for 2 overnight stays in Vienna (no same day connecting flights) and you get to the same £450 - £500 that everyone else charges. Great deal if you live in Vienna, crap if you live in UK.


Only 6years ago ? Every year there are 50+ plane crashes and 20% are in major airlines , Aeroflot has a pretty good record even compared to Lufthansa or United Airlines (The last 6 year period ) ...

£336 Inc Tax London Heathrow to Tokyo (Return) Oct-Mar  @ Aeroflot
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Posted 31st May 2011Posted 31st May 2011
£336 Inc Tax London Heathrow to Tokyo (Return) Oct-Mar @ Aeroflot£336
The link takes you to the Aeroflot site and books in Euros, however for better protection book it from a UK travel agent. I used travelocity to find the dates when the cheap fares… Read more

this was an awesome deal, aeroflot where good to be fair, was a bit cramped on final leg but a lot of the flights had loads of extra seats empty so could stretch out and some passengers used the whole 4 seats in a row to sleep, food was reasonable , staff a bit surly but some nice. Japan, wow ,oh what a place to visit, its the kind of place you go and visit and you comeback feeling never the same again, it leaves you with such emotion, the food ,the people the places you see, if this deal comes up again i will go again in an instant. hope this helps and thanks to HUKD posters.


Flying to Tokyo next week, bump for anyone who has been on this deal what was it like?? :)


Assuming you're a British citizen, you won't need a transit visa.


There are transit visas though and I am not sure if I need one. 8 hour layover I think but will stay in the airport


Not if you're just transiting.