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Airbnb has revolutionised the way people book accommodation. With their smartphone and web-based booking system the company has allowed property owners all over the world to list their rooms or home for rent. Airbnb is often a way to find bargain accommodation wherever customers need to travel, and they often offer discounts. Find them all at the HotUKDeals Airbnb pages. How to redeem Airbnb vouchers
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£25 Discount
£25 Discount
£25 off your first Airbnb trip when you book with PayPal,
INSTRUCTIONS: The coupon is valid for a £25 discount for first time Airbnb users in the UK who pay for their first Eligible Booking with PayPal during the Offer Period, while su… Read more



It did not work for me. Feel so disappointed!!! I am a new customer to airbnb and have booked the place for close to £100 so it should work. (devil)


Doesnt work anymore


No longer works


Worked a treat on 27/03/2017 :p

£15 Off Your First Booking Only - Airbnb
INSTRUCTIONS: Receive £15 off your first booking with code: JOIN15 To enter, click 'Coupon' on the 'Request to Book' page MINIMUM SPEND: £50

I just tried using this and it didn't work. Any help?


Airbnb seems quite random when it comes to codes. I used this one and it took £25 off, even though it was promoted as £15 off


You'd be better off getting a referral off a friend for a £25 credit (off a £55 spend)

£25 Discount
£25 Discount
Airbnb PayPal £25 off £50 spend PAYPALSTAY25
INSTRUCTIONS: If you're a new customer, there's currently a hot code available that gets you £25 off when you spend at least £50 on any booking worldwide. You'll need to pay vi… Read more

I already have an account and the code would not work. I sent a referral to my other email address. Signed up with a new account via referral link. At payment screen deleted referral code(£25 off) and entered PayPal code. Got £50 (PayPal code + referral) off a £138 booking. Should get £15 credit in my old account for referring too! Thanks OP!


Thanks OP, just got £50 off a c.£275 booking :-)


My app says that minimum spend is £61


​hi....same here signed up last year used it for 1st time but go through PayPal it will not let you do it on the site....I got £50 of on a booking in London for 5th November..make sure you use it by end of October.hope this helps


used this code today for London trip took £50 off 8) ....brought my cost down to £75 bargain for central London with free yeah works have to use PayPal on the site it will not let you do it on the airb&b site.also you need to enter the code as all one word no Space's

£25 Discount
£25 Discount
Get £25 off your first Airbnb trip when you book with PayPal
INSTRUCTIONS: £25 off to help you discover Airbnb. When you stay with friendly locals, it’s all yours: a second home and an authentic experience. And you’ll get £25 off when yo… Read more

Still works! Thank you :)


How do I get this to work! it won't work for me


this code still works


this code still works. thank you! how did you manage to get £50 off?


The code works you need to be logged into a computer. Don't apply the code via the app.

€10 off european capital cities without minimum spend using discount code @ Airbnb
INSTRUCTIONS: Amsterdam : AMSTERDAM2015 Berlin : BERLIN2015 Brussels : BRUXELLES2015 Dublin : DUBLIN2015 Lisbon : LISBONNE2015 London : LONDRES2015 Madrid : MADRID2015 Prag… Read more

Dublin still works, so does DUBLIN2016


London still works..


BUDAPEST still ok


£7 off in GBP


The code for Budapest worked for me.

£16 Discount
£16 Discount
£16 off first booking only using discount code @ Airbnb

We did a family holiday in Tuscany last year via airbnb. Brilliant! As a family of 6 we have less options for hotels etc but we paid £700 for a week with a pool and it all worked fab. I've also used for short breaks in UK. As others say, only use places with several good reviews if you're nervous about it.


This is only available to those who have not signed up. If you have a friend using airbnb - rather get them to send you a referral code - then both parties get £16 We have used the scheme many times - but usually only ever stay with those with good references


This looks like a site that lets people rent out rooms in there house looks dodgy


Thanks for the reply. That's what I did, but it still didn't work. I went ahead and booked it so not to worry.


It sounds like you may have started on the wrong page. If you find the property you wish to book, select the relevant dates etc and click 'Request to Book'. On the next page, click 'Coupon' under the amounts and enter the code. Once the amount has come down, proceed to book. Hope this helps!

Best Airbnb deals from our community

AirBNB offering free accomodation to NHS workers
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Posted 29th Mar 2020Posted 29th Mar 2020
AirBNB offering free accomodation to NHS workersFREE£0.01
Frontline NHS workers will be offered free places to stay by Airbnb during the coronavirus pandemic. Homeowners who list their properties through Airbnb are able to opt in to the … Read more

Bit harsh... The "fake news" post says the virus would be harmless on surfaces after a few days, which obviously implies it can survive for short periods on surfaces. I think it's reasonable to conclude that the post is stating the virus can't survive long term without a host, which is correct.


Hey man thanks for the fake news alert . Respect


FAKE NEW ALERT 🚨 It can survive without a host. All viruses can. That’s why they made anti viral gel and sprays


It is risky for the long term tenants to live with temporary coming-in occupiers. The best option is the hotel. AIRbnb and such sources should be now suspended for the period of quarantine.


Hi, I am looking for the good deal near Lewisham hospital. I am one of the doctor currently commuting from 17 miles using public transport to reach the hospital. I would be happy to pay for the entire 1bed room apartment for 6 months, if prices affordable close to the hospital, as unsure how long it will take for this corona crisis to settle in. I don't have a car to make the life easy. Any short term offer will also do. Thanks for the generosity and help to us.

Airbnb No Cancellation Fees For All Bookings between 14 March to 31 May @ Airbnb
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Posted 16th Mar 2020Posted 16th Mar 2020
Airbnb No Cancellation Fees For All Bookings between 14 March to 31 May @ Airbnb
Due to the situation with COVID-19 and it now being declared a pandemic by WHO, AirBnB have updated their cancellation policies to allow free cancellations for all bookings worldw… Read more

Why just 1 month? Its going to last a lot longer than till 14th of April


great article. its a double edged sword really. One thing I will add, many a trying to make a quick buck with no fail proofs in place. We have insurance, why don't they? I doubt many a living hand to mouth and if they are its stupid.


Got £156 refunded for Lombok stay and £266 for Bali. Very sad not being able to go as been looking forward for ages but this does put Airbnb in my good books, I have been using them since 2009 or so, so they already where in my good books.


interesting article on this.


Can’t say I sympathise with you (:I

Free Smoke & CO Detector for Airbnb hosts
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Posted 10th Nov 2017Posted 10th Nov 2017
Free Smoke & CO Detector for Airbnb hosts
Warning - you have to be (or know) an active Airbnb host. Free Smoke & CO DetectorThe first 36,000 eligible hosts with an active listing can get a self-contained, battery powe… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

This is whole post is just a lot of presumption I don't see where it mentions anything about 36,000 properties without Fire Alarms and irresponsible owners? (there will be easily as AirBNB is world wide) They are just highlighting the issue and trying to make places safer. As AirBNB is world wide, Pretty sure a remote island in the phillipines, Vietnam and some of Kenya as examples probably has no law or regulation for this and in some places limited electric that isn't available all day. Everyone is so negative about everything these days, a company does something good to help something and lets just talk about the negative aspect of it. I would of said the offer would of been better for the places less likely to have them like remote islands and locations or where safety standards aren't as high. Rather then places like UK where they can be brought cheap.


Very worrying as mentioned, they should already have them installed, something I thought they had to do, obviously not


Interesting argument that ...


i don't get why people don't fit carbon alarm, when you can't see or smell it and can happen anytime, ten pounds for peace of mind


If you book a fire safety check with the fire brigade they fit fire alarms for free & give you a number for free replacements when they run out of power. It may just be for those on low income but it's worth booking anyway.

3 days 2 nights in Dinant, Belgium for £100.27 (total 200.53) including flights, beautiful central apartment and car hire @ airbnb
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Posted 1st Jun 2016Posted 1st Jun 2016
3 days 2 nights in Dinant, Belgium for £100.27 (total 200.53) including flights, beautiful central apartment and car hire @ airbnb£100.27
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out to Charleroi from Manchester on 28th June returning 30th June. You will be staying for 2 nights in the beautiful central apartment I have … Read more

​there is an ever so slight difference between leaving your house encountering risk I.e. falling over, than putting yourself in actual danger of a terrorist attack.


​ click on this link it might well educate you TOOL


Tool. Risk has to be weighed up ... Do you ever leave the home?! Actually keep your ridiculous believes, more for us.


rather you than me, have you not been watching the news lately!!!


Weekend break in Glasgow - flights + apartment - fly from Northern Ireland £135.22 @ airbnb
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Posted 24th Feb 2015Posted 24th Feb 2015
Weekend break in Glasgow - flights + apartment - fly from Northern Ireland £135.22 @ airbnb£135.22
fly from Derry/Londonderry with ryanair on the 16th of April and return on 19th for £37 and book an apartment for £65 a night .. split between two and works out £135 each, so just … Read more
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Bet you voted No...


If you can do the whw in 3 days I salute you!


I'm from glasgow lived here all my life. I personally don't see the appeal the west highland way on the other hand... if you like the country and to see some of beautiful Scotland ditch the city and walk the west highland way :)


Erm, yes it is!


Yes. Both, several times. Not quite my tempo

2 Weeks in Mexico = £279.98pp - Price includes Flights, Luggage inflight Meals and Jungle Camp Park thing? - Total Price per Couple = £541.96 @ airbnb
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Posted 25th Apr 2014Posted 25th Apr 2014
2 Weeks in Mexico = £279.98pp - Price includes Flights, Luggage inflight Meals and Jungle Camp Park thing? - Total Price per Couple = £541.96 @ airbnb£541.96
Mexico, - Travellers Holiday 2 Weeks flying from Newcastle 29th April - 13th May. Now this is not going to be to everyones liking but ideal for those travellers/backpackers and s… Read more
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No issues of drug battles or violence against tourists in the touristy areas such as Cancun/Playa del Carmen/Tulum in Quintana Roo state. The state borders are very heavily guarded by the army to stop movement by the cartels, as you'll find out if you cross states to go on a trip to Chichen Itza or further afield. Most of the holiday resorts are owned by Spanish companies like Riu, Azul and Occidental. No signs of drug activity in these areas, no one on street corners trying to sell you any form of drugs in the 7 times I have previously been to Mexico in either the Cancun or Playa del Carmen areas.


Simon, too many blissfully ignorant folks on this site. I've had the same conversation a while back but you always get some ostrich denying the truth. at the end of the day, Mexico gets its money through nafta, pemex, and tourism. the government is happy to let cartel terrorists rule the populace as long as it doesn't infringe on those three. last cartel that stole from pemex was crushed instantly. so by folks holidaying in Mexico, they are compounding the terrorism problem in the country. who do you think owns the complexes? think about it... that said, the majority of the violence seems to be restricted to the states of michoacan (active citizen defense forces battling cartels) and particularly in the state of tamaulipas in the north east (internal power struggle within cdg). far enough away from qr for a more safe experience. but it's a Mexican problem, right?


I agree with your statement, many do not follow the good advice that is given to you by some great sources. Its a real shame that your son faced some of the situations that you have described. I am sorry to hear that, I hope your son has a much more plesent experience on his next trip (where ever he may go) :)


And many have great hols in Egypt, but many ignore good advice and put themselves in danger. My son went to Mexico a couple of years ago and was advised to stay in the hotel complex by hotel workers, he went out to the local town once and admitted it was scary (guns and stereotypical drug cartel members). Had a great time but never actually saw much of Mexico.


Yet another interesting article that you have posed, yet I don't think you have quite read the articles that I have suggested. I don't dispute Mexico faces a drugs war problem, but many tourists have had good experiences in Mexico.

*June 2014*  1 Week in Bordeux, France - Beautiful New Apartment & Return Flights = £224.96 Per Couple! (3rd - 10th June) @ Airbnb
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Posted 14th Apr 2014Posted 14th Apr 2014
*June 2014* 1 Week in Bordeux, France - Beautiful New Apartment & Return Flights = £224.96 Per Couple! (3rd - 10th June) @ Airbnb£224.96
7 Nights in Bordeaux, France for a couple flying from Stansted on 3rd June returning on 10th June. There are lots of dates available and this is just an example so make sure you c… Read more
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oh I cant see that where did you get the extra info from?


There isn't a bed, just a pull out sofa bed.


Great deal, my friend used to live in Bordeaux so I have visited a couple of times and it is absolutely lovely and should have great weather in June. I'd recommend getting the hire car too as there are lots of places worth visiting in the surrounding area, including the dune du Pilat :)


you could play around with this? July 4* Star to Spain:


Sweet deal! Away from the poisson-frites.

*May 2014* Montenegro, The Pearl of the Mediterranean = £93pp - 7 Nights including Apartment, Flights & Car hire - Total Price for 4 Passengers = £370.62 (flying from London 10th-17th May 2014) @ Airbnb
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Posted 26th Mar 2014Posted 26th Mar 2014
*May 2014* Montenegro, The Pearl of the Mediterranean = £93pp - 7 Nights including Apartment, Flights & Car hire - Total Price for 4 Passengers = £370.62 (flying from London 10th-17th May 2014) @ Airbnb£370.62
Monenegro: for 7 nights flying from Stansted on 10th May 2014 returning on 17th May 2014. Price includes: Return Flights from London Stansted with 10kg cabin bag each and a hand … Read more
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not a war zone is it?


Heat added :) great find


This has been on my list for quite some time but I am waiting for the budget airlines to decide to fly this route from Manchester or Liverpool, so expensive to get to London... Or I will save my Avios.....


Do I need a visa?


Went to Kotor in Montenegro on a cruise few years ago. Had a nice time walking round and was cheap!

7 Night Private Cottage Holiday in Ibiza with Flights £70pp (sleeps 8) - Quiet area, ideal for large families or groups looking to relax - Total Price for 8 people £561.84 = Total Price for 6 people £481.75 = Total price for 4 people £401.80 @ Airbnb
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Posted 19th Mar 2014Posted 19th Mar 2014
7 Night Private Cottage Holiday in Ibiza with Flights £70pp (sleeps 8) - Quiet area, ideal for large families or groups looking to relax - Total Price for 8 people £561.84 = Total Price for 6 people £481.75 = Total price for 4 people £401.80 @ Airbnb£401.80
here is a Private Villa let via airbnb. I am able to recommend these having made bookings for friends using them who have gone onto have fab holidays: Only one property here so i… Read more
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aww ty for taking the time just to say that, I really appreciate it :) xxxxx


Cosmos Villas?? they have some gorgggg onces :)


Hi, its very doubtful that you will get something around this price in August I am afraid hunnie as that is peak season so the prices tend to go through the roof - I will contnue to post anything I find for the summer holidays at a price I feel is good value xxxx


leave it with me I will see what I can do x


yes just change the search details to your requirements :) xxx

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£25Airbnb PayPal £25 off £50 spend PAYPALSTAY2529/10/2016
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