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Business class flights from Frankfurt to Australia for £1,266
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Business class flights from Frankfurt to Australia for £1,266£1,266
Air China sale with business class flights from Frankfurt to Australia for €1,477 (£1,266). Not the best business class however worth considering if you're thinking of spending in … Read more

Air China's business class is pretty mediocre, even for mainland Chinese airline standards.




Anyone notice the airline logo reads VIP? :)


You’d expect the egg fried rice to be pretty top notch

Air China sale. London to Sydney round trip £482.82
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Posted 7th Jun 2019Posted 7th Jun 2019
Air China sale. London to Sydney round trip £482.82£482.82
Air China have a sale with a few decently priced destination from LHR including Bangkok for £306.22. For travel up to May 2020. I have no idea what they are like

I would steer clear.... I haven't flown with then but brother did and he flies a lot and said he'd never fly them with them again. Hardly any legroom, rude staff, plane was dirty, in flight food wasn't good. For such a long flight, paying even £200 pp more with emi, eti, virgin etc when they have sales or misprices is what I'd go for. Depends what you're time and happiness is worth Though some people aren't bothered such as my wife - as long as it gets from a to b she's doesn't care lol.


The planes are also terrible to fly on.


Their website is terrible to search on.


Cannot find the advertised prices to bangkok neither.


Reading online its one of the worst airlines but i haven't used them.

Air China Easter Sale. London to Auckland Business Class + others
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Posted 15th Apr 2019Posted 15th Apr 2019
Air China Easter Sale. London to Auckland Business Class + others£353£43018% off
Sale period is the Easter weekend. I have no idea what Air China are like but some of the offers in their easter sale look quite reasonable for dates up to March 2020. Tokyo, Jakar… Read more

Hmm, it does appear I have the names crossed. Not sure you are correct on safety though, although the current safety ratings for all of them are 7 stars, but it was the Chinese government owned one that was suffering a lot of crashes due to poor maintenance. I looked it all up before I started flying out there around 11-12 years ago I have flown the Mainland China one in recent years, and the aircraft were older and looked more worn than the other big carriers; my last visit had us on several China Southern flights - which were on modern, Chinese built and part Chinese designed aircraft which were much nicer than the ancient 727/737s others were using on previous trips, and with TONNES of legroom (I am 2m and had 3-4" gap between my knees and the back of the next seat, in a middle of the section row. Yes, I forget which one, but one of them was on a 727; it was so old, I swear the evac data sheet was in Atic Greek.


The one with worst safety record is China Airlines (the one in Taiwan) , not Air China (the one in Mainland China)......


I have flown on 4 Air China flights and honestly say excellent on a par with Air New Zealand and far better than Thai Air and Beijing Airport is fantastic and if you have a few hrs layover plenty of excursions


Air China is allright. I flew to Kualampur a month ago. It is a normal airline....


Wow! Amazing tips!’ That’s why I love Hot UK Deals but love the people here much more!!!! Thanks !!!!:)

Air China Black Friday Sale Tokyo from £427   Bangkok  from £334  Hong Kong from £378 Sydney Manila etc
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Air China Black Friday Sale Tokyo from £427 Bangkok from £334 Hong Kong from £378 Sydney Manila etc
Air China Black Friday Sale. UK Asia/Oceania Some destinations: Tokyo £427 Bangkok £334 Hong Kong £378 Seoul £487 Beijing from £432 Shanghai from £373 Manila £334 … Read more
London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand for only £285 roundtrip on Air China
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Posted 18th Sep 2018Posted 18th Sep 2018
London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand for only £285 roundtrip on Air China£285
Cheap flights from London, UK to Bangkok, Thailand for only £285 roundtrip. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Bangkok, Thailand RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited availability from Novembe… Read more
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Absolutely by any measure the most pathetic airlines in the entire world. This is not a deal a honey trap !!!


I would say you have to take reviews with a pinch of salt. You know the one complaint heard loudest over 1000 good reviews. I would say dont be frightened to give this a try, the same experiences the above have do not mean you will.


Thanks, I will be going to Philippines next year and I thought if I should cheap out and buy a flight with AirChina, or spend a bit more and enjoy the flight


Yes, I vowed never again a long time ago. The food and drink, in flight service, entertainment etc is awful. They even lost my luggage in Hong Kong which then had to be forwarded to me a day later. The check-in service is comparable to Little Britain’s “Computer says, No!” Seriously, I would never recommend them.


Horrible airline, speaking from experience! Not only lost our bags on the way back from Beijing but managed to send my bag to my friend in Manchester and his bag to me in London! Took another week before we saw any of our baggage. Better off paying £50 - £100 more and cutting a few hours off via India or UAE!

London Heathrow to Auckland, New Zealand (via Beijing) @ Air China
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Posted 30th Dec 2017Posted 30th Dec 2017
London Heathrow to Auckland, New Zealand (via Beijing) @ Air China£419.61
Air China flights available directly on their website to New Zealand for multiple dates in March, April and May 2018. Examples: OUT 9 March -> RTN 23 March - £517.51 OUT 18 Mar… Read more

I am. I've flown them a number of times. Air China is better by a country mile.


Koryo haha be real


China Eastern, China Southern, Koryo, Jet Airways, Aeroflot (because of Moscow Sheremetyevo and how awful they are are anything resembling comfortable transit experience), Ryanair, Easyjet. Even BA on some of their older aircraft are worse than Air China for comfort.


Reservation now includes 2 checked in bags per person. When I booked last year it was only 1. May email them to clarify.


Great post, thanks

Return Flights to Brisbane, Australia. Jan 2018 - £508.27 @ Air China
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Posted 1st Nov 2017Posted 1st Nov 2017
Return Flights to Brisbane, Australia. Jan 2018 - £508.27 @ Air China£508.27
Was looking to head back home for a wedding and was dreading the £800+ return prices. Managed to find very cheap flights with Air China throughout multiple dates in mid January for… Read more

Fair enough. I did recieve the email yesterday. I can see your post is a week old


While I am subscribed to jacksflightclub, I posted this deal before receiving it yesterday 07/11. Found this one all on my own.


OP should really have given credit to the Jack's flight club email that he recieved the other day. I fully recommend subscribing guys


I flew Air China to NZ once - I think I'll pass on using them again.


I fly to China at least 10 times an year on business and ALWAYS avoid Air China. Most of their crew is rather impolite and indifferent and does not seem to understand what one would need on a long haul flight. And I am talking of Business Class here.

Air China Black Friday Deal - £300 off flights to Japan, China, others £819.34 (2x return) London to Tokyo
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Posted 27th Nov 2016Posted 27th Nov 2016
Air China Black Friday Deal - £300 off flights to Japan, China, others £819.34 (2x return) London to Tokyo£819.34
Air China offering £300 off flights this weekend only. Quick search found return for 2x people for £819.34 from London to Tokyo which is pretty good to get a return flight for un… Read more

Lol check the stop over times tho


Hope you put in compensation claim over 3 hours with EU departure its about £440 for long haul


Ps have heat !!


Yes, that's the reason why it's buy one get one free! If you're tubby or chubby, in a hurry or having a curry, don't fly air china, fly (insert rhyming word)!! Haha


Just came back from Bangkok last Friday with Air China, absolutely no problems what so ever, plane had much more leg room than both the Virgin and Lufthansa flights I took to the states last year. Food was average and catered to Chinese tastes as were the selection of movies, but that was obviously going to be the case. Paid £350 for my return flight I have no complaints.

Bangkok £358 and Manila £343 Return many other destinations with Air China
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Posted 18th Aug 2016Posted 18th Aug 2016
Bangkok £358 and Manila £343 Return many other destinations with Air China£343
Just got an email from Air China, Bangkok £358 and Manila £343, I flew with them earlier in the year and although not on the same level as BA, and the entertainment package left a … Read more

How are you getting the option for long layovers? I can't see how to do that


​Security at PEK were allowing only one power bank and confiscating others - saw piles of perfectly good power banks confiscated. I got my Anker power bank through and they took long time looking at my powered speaker 'brick' but allowed that through in the end.


I've used Air China to Bangkok in the past. Flight London to Beijing is good but the Beijing to Bangkok is pretty small and old aircraft. Food is OK! Would fly with them again. I also stayed 72 hours in Beijing. Paid around 320


What was their issue with powerbanks? They never took mine, I always kept it in my hand luggage which I believe is a condition of all airlines


Flew Air China to Manila in March 2016. Leg room was reasonable. There are two options for each meal: Western or Chinese. I went for the Chinese and it was satisfactory. They only do complimentary beer or cheap wine and water isn't handed out in bottles, only small cups. Customer service was ok but nothing special. You get what you pay for.

Travel to Southeast Asia(Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur  ) £342 via Beijing with Air China.
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Posted 17th Jul 2015Posted 17th Jul 2015
Travel to Southeast Asia(Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur ) £342 via Beijing with Air China.£342
This is my first one :P (post). Looking for flights to South-east Asia using the regular flight scanners I discovered couple of good deals with Air China. Then, using their Multi-… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'm wondering if Bangkok bombing and China's crash means reduced prices all around. There is always some good that comes from bad (discuss).


Hot, heat added


Air China is the worst of all, from services, food, aircraft .... very small leg room, rude stewardess, horrible food, can not ask for extra juices....AVOID at all costs. No one flies them for the second time, that is why all tickets still there, and reduced significantly!!! You go through hell with Air China!


where have you seen that as normal last time? For the last 3 years £200-400 was the norm for me £600 is Business class via Transaero..


Hot, normally return to China is over £600

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