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Nectar joining the BA Avios from 25th January and get 500 bonus avios points (800 Nectar Points)
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
From Monday 25th Nectar is joining with BA Avios. The exchange rate is going to be 400 Nectar Points = 250 BA Avios . 250 BA Avios = 400 Nectar Points. So 25 000 Avio… Read more

I have been doing it. I need to transfer the kids miles back to nectar. They only have 6600 each which is not useable really for avios but is £50 + as nectar. Trouble is I can only do 4 changes a year of accounts and managed to mess up one of them meaning I may have used by 4 but in reality only 2.


It definitely works online now but still takes 10 days for the conversion to appear on your nectar balance, unlike before when it was instant.


Avios to Nectar conversion working again, finally!


It's ridiculous it still doesn't work. So poor!


Eurgh, sorry you're right. Thought I got it working last night but no.

500 Avios points- first time using Deliveroo
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Posted 21st Oct 2017Posted 21st Oct 2017
500 Avios points- first time using Deliveroo
Get 500 Avios points when you use Deliveroo for the first time. Minimum basket order of fifteen pounds.
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depends on the redemption you select, but you can get over 1pence for each one, can be as much as 2p. Depending where you buy them from, you can get them for 0.75p (0.0075) or if you use part pay as cheap as 0.55p (0.0055). I value you them just over 1pence, but it all depends on the flight taken... Example 9,000 avios from LHR to a number of european places plus 35 which is normally a 150-200 return ticket... while MAN to BLL is bookable last minute for 250 to 350 pounds or the same 9,000 avios (35pounds cash). If you were going to fly with a low cost carrier, then it's not always worth it. Info above is 50% mine and 50% from headforpoints.... If you are using your avios abroad on 5th freedom flights or partners - this is when you get great value.... Example - AMS (easy to get to with a low cost carrier) to Hong Kong 60,000 miles and less than 100 pounds return - business is 180,000 miles and 101pounds return Another example is 50,000 miles plus less than 40 pounds from Europe to Japan (return)... When you can get 20,000-30,000 for free for signing up a credit card... you can see you get great value... it's like 13pounds from the mainland states to Hawaii as well... Sorry a bit more info than what you wanted, but hope this helps...


theres no actual value but you can buy 1000 avios for £31 on their website


18000 points for London to rome is possible. Less than 1p per point on average in my experience


What is a typical value of Avios points?

Free 500 avios points when signing up to BUD- Personal finance
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Posted 21st Oct 2017Posted 21st Oct 2017
Free 500 avios points when signing up to BUD- Personal finance
Free 500 points for signing up to BUD, a personal finance site, seems like a decent deal. Points will be added up to 10 days after you sign up, follow instructions on the deal link… Read more
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Guess it only works on IE then as I use Safari


UPDATE - The error when linking your Avios account to your Bud account is still there when using Chrome, but is now fixed if you use Internet Explorer. Once you've used IE to link your Avios account you can then use Chrome to manage your Bud account.


Exactly the same conversation as mine, Avios’ help team are useless


Just finished messaging with Bud. I went through a few things with them (screenshots, URLs, etc). Apparently there is a problem at the Avios end with their api - Avios are aware of it & are hoping to have it fixed in the next few days. In the meantime Bud are arranging for my points to be credited manually.


Exactly what I got, Their phone team is useless but thisisbud on Facebook are brilliant said it should be sorted in a few days, some people have issues with it they said

Double Avios Weekend  Shop online via Avios eStore from 5 - 8 October to collect Double Avios with almost 1,000 brands
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Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017
Double Avios Weekend Shop online via Avios eStore from 5 - 8 October to collect Double Avios with almost 1,000 brands
Double Avios Weekend Shop online via Avios eStore from 5 - 8 October to collect Double Avios with almost 1,000 brands

Have a look at Headforpoints.com and learn what you can do with them... Generally flights within Europe they are not always a good deal especially if a low cost carrier goes that route. If you use your miles right they can get you a long way, from memory it's only about 15 pounds from Dallas to Hawaii for one example. Also look at flights from Dublin or Madrid if you want to fly long haul... Cuba for an example is 42,500 Avios + 147.58 € or Business class is 85,000 Avios + 167.58 € When you can get sign up bonuses of 20k+ you can make your miles go a long way! How many points do you have? PS some flights like MAN > BLL are worth it as tickets are 200+ and only 35 return with avios


;) IOnly way i collect avios is my credit card. I always find cheaper flights than ba so i dont really use tgat often and it would take years to collect those avios point to pay for a full flight


Absolutely not. Much better value using for a full flight redemption rather than 'money off' your cash booking. Better still to combine with the BA Amex 2-for-1 avios voucher in premium cabins. I spent 177k airmiles using one of these for 2 first class flights to Tokyo, return in Business next year - Cash fare now for same flight is £18,500 (redic).


(skeptical) (skeptical) What does it mean? It is given how much avois points are worth. What a silly comment


you're not using them properly then

Buy Avios and get up to 35,000 Bonus Avios
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Posted 14th Sep 2017Posted 14th Sep 2017
Buy Avios and get up to 35,000 Bonus Avios
I've just received an email from Avios... Say hello to your holiday sooner. Get up to 35,000 Bonus Avios when you buy Avios before 29 September 2017 . Your purchase limit has b… Read more

Avios.com offer is even worse than BA offer which is flat 50% bonus. having said that avios@1.17pence is still expensive. Groupon spain avios offer was .97pence/avios and Ventee Privee france avios offer is .87pence/avios


I wish, I have over 100k of them and never spend them!


Any place you can sell avios miles?


An added note: A 135k mile flight for 2 would cost you about £1615 in Avios, £1000 in taxes for 2 people and you be stuck with trying to get reward seats which is 2 per flight. (This all assumes business class flights) Last year BA Business class sale there were lots of locations for £1300 and same with Qatar Airways. This all depends on people have sales though. Not saying yours is a good or bad comment, just there maybe better alternatives per individual circumstance. :)


Really useful info, I have just checked our avios household, around 250K, must look into business class flights to Melbourne, wish to visit family there sometime 2018... thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated!

Extra avios when traveling in London and paying with an Amex card that rewards with avios
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Posted 23rd Sep 2016Posted 23rd Sep 2016LocalLocal
Extra avios when traveling in London and paying with an Amex card that rewards with avios
Have a Amex card that rewards you with avios? Use it as a contactless when traveling in london and get an extra 10 avios for every £2 spent. One first has to save the offer to one'… Read more
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IS it better to out on prem eco or eco and back on business. I am falling short of lon-tok-lon for all bus class, but can do out on eco and in on business or vice versa?


I am doing the same. Cherry Blossom 2018. JAL skysuite are super luxurious. I'd be getting 2-4-1 voucher by BA Amex but I am a solo traveller, no one to take with me :-(


Good idea to sign up to headforpoints (see post about it above) - been a recipient of his daily emails for just a year and already racked up tons of avios. There are many other useful purposes one could use avios for besides flights and hotels: Ferries (incl eurotunnel) - https://www.avios.com/gb/en_gb/spend/ferries Eurostar - https://www.avios.com/gb/en_gb/spend/eurostar Airport Lounges & Parking - https://www.avios.com/gb/en_gb/spend/airport-extras The list could go on incl Top attractions, memberships, luxury train journeys, wine etc and this is just from Avios.com and then one could also spend avios on ba.com or Iberia's website.


Another poor value option Naz, purchasing a hotel through Quidco or Topcashback is always much better value than using Avios. However, that's only if you intend keeping them for flights sometime. After reading your initial post you say you have 100,000, and don't seem that 'into' the Avios programme. If that's the case, you don't intend to collect any more Avios and are looking rid of the ones you have, then by all means use them on a New York hotel - certainly not the cheapest place in the world to stay, and 100,000 Avios will get you a 3 or 4 night stay in a downtown 4 or 5 star hotel - could save you upwards of 4 or 500 quid!


Thanks all u have been super helpful. Is it worth while using them for hotels then?

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Avios redemption flash sale
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Posted 7th Nov 2015Posted 7th Nov 2015
Avios redemption flash sale£35
If you travel on selected flights next weekend spend half the amount of Avios normally needed. Examples are Brussels for only 4000 Avios plus the £35 reward saver fee and New York … Read more
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trying to get information on how to convert air miles which have accumulated with Lloyds bank . Have information that I now have 43,856 air miles could you please inform us of how to redeem them and other options . G.Bassett


As you suggest, the taxes usually make the long haul flights not worthwhile. You can often find flights close to the cost of the taxes, sometimes even cheaper. For long haul its only worthwhile using the points for Business Class/Upgarde an even then not always. Also if you're not flexible on travel dates, Avios provides an alternative when cheap flights aren't available. For example around School Hols/XMAS/Easter prices can get very expensive, but sometimes Avios still have availability. Where I find Avios most useful is around Europe with their Reward Flights saver. Charges are fixed at £35 return with return flights costing as low as 8000 Avios when offers like these are on. You just have to be selective when you use Avios and when you pay normally for a flight.




Not for those dates you can't


What's the point in spending £300 taxes and avios when you can get Norwegian for less than £300 ! Voted cold I'm afraid.

Around the Workd in 80 dishes - Free Cooking Recipe book from Avios
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Posted 4th Sep 2015Posted 4th Sep 2015
Around the Workd in 80 dishes - Free Cooking Recipe book from Avios
This is a free electronic book for all Avios members, however the link is common to everyone and accessible without any login. No disclaimers asking not to share it so I believe it… Read more

cheers op




Thanks OP, just got it :D


Might be just me but every time I try and download this it causes Internet Explorer to freeze. Several attempts and now given up trying.


Freebies are cool! Latest Free Stuff this one is for you!

avios are doing 50% bonus on buying avios points
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Posted 23rd Feb 2015Posted 23rd Feb 2015
avios are doing 50% bonus on buying avios points
Purchase Avios for someone else Help friends or family reach the awards they want by purchasing Avios for them! Purchase or Gift now and receive 50% bonus Avios From 23rd February… Read more

They are giving this as a sweetener because they are upping the points cost for lots of people from April and dropping the number of points some can get from buying flights. Basically making avios a worse proposition for infrequent flyers. Check out the member are of their site for details.


So i just went back to see if any changes as it was a while ago since i used them.First i am talking about BA avios a single flight to paris 4500 avios+£17.50 so a return would be 9000+£35 so there are some charges but you can fly to berlin etc for only 9000+£35.


You do pay charges, just a fixed amount depending on the zone you fly to.


with avios its more worthwhile using them for higher classed seats for example. I just priced up a 1st class trip in oct to NYC cash price with BA direct is £6745. with avios its 120000miles+£513 tax so at the mo if you purchase 35000 miles + 50% bonus each mile is costing you 1.1p (£575 for the miles). if you were able to purchase enough miles to book with avios 120000*1.1p = £1320 + tax of £513 so £1833 I appreciate the fact you cant buy 120000 miles out right but i used this calculation to give you an idea that often avios can be cheaper as if you could take this route your £6745 1st class ticket to NYC would cost you £1833 via avios


I found the only best way to use avios for european flights(with BA) as if i remember you dont pay any extra taxes unlike worldwide flights.

Avios 50% off selected long haul flights sale
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Posted 20th Jan 2015Posted 20th Jan 2015
Avios 50% off selected long haul flights sale
50% off the Avios on selected long haul flights Get 50% off the Avios for selected flights departing London Gatwick between 18 January 2015 and 19 March 2015 and returning before … Read more



Totally agree..the taxes are too high, plus so many miles therefore much better value short haul - even with the £35 fixed tax to pay


Am I the only one who feels that Avios long haul flights aren't great value, even bearing in mind this offer? Standalone flights when on offer aren't far off the prices quoted here. Their European flights seem better value with no taxes. I guess long haul are good for upgrades to a higher class cabin. Still a worthy post OP - This isn't a dig at you or your find.