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5% cashback at Tesco (Selected Accounts & Visa Payments Only) @ Airtime Rewards
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Airtime Rewards - 5% cashback at Tesco (selected accounts, Visa payments only) The email I received says I've been "specially selected" but similar offers have been available to everyone, i…
Get deal*Get deal*

I've given up on them. A bunch of shysters. Better to stick with other cashback sites.


So Airtime Rewards have not one, but two active T&Cs on their website, with neither of them dated, so legally one could choose either based upon the favourability of the T&C to the Airtime Rewards app user. They obviously don't have an in-house lawyer. T&C #1: (apparently older) T&C #2: (apparently current) In the Tweet screenshot you posted, the Airtime Rewards social marketing guy/gal seems not to appreciate that the T&C screenshot you posted was not just-any-old-historic-T&C-screenshot, but rather lifted directly from their website yesterday. Whilst Airtime Rewards is great for amassing easy cashback (but bring back Morrisons and Asda please), they are clueless all things concerning the legalese.


Although it would appear the once you reach £20 ( used to be £10) you technically should. Or a gift card. I've sent them this section from their terms and conditions


Actually that's their old terms and conditions apparently. Just received this from them


I've sent them this today, many thanks (y)

Spend £5 today to get a £2 bonus with code (Selected Accounts) @ Airtime Rewards
1119° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Received notification of code on the app, not sure if code works for everyone?

That’s good. U were lucky.


Debit card. It arrived instantly. Been 5 hrs and the money is still there so I think I just got lucky as I had faced a decline on Chase previously.


Did you transfer it to a debit card or credit card? I transferred £10 to my HSBC debit card which initially went thru but later declined. And I received my £10 back into my airtime rewards account. So I tried it again but the same thing happened. So it’s not allowing me to. I’m with EE but changed my network to Vodafone too just to take the money out.


Great thanks, I'll buy the gift cards even though it's still not completed yet! :S (Just need to rmemeber to change back to my network afterwards!)


It's connected to your payment cards so it shouldn't matter when you make the purchase.

10% cashback at Morrisons on spends £30+ at Airtime Rewards (account specific)
169° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Saw this just now on another account in the household. I am going to wait to see if there is a matching credit card offer in the next couple of weeks so that I can stack them. Plan is to buy…

Just to confirm this worked for me at Morrisons on my HSBC debit card. £6 worth of purchase and £50 cash withdrawal from the self-service till. £5.6 (10% of the overall amount) cashback tracked 4 days after the transaction. Will make sure to repeat this a few times before Morrisons disappears from my list. (y)


Yes, that's what I meant, I triple dip by using airtime with curve, with an underlying cashback card... This is a game-changing, I didn't realise they offered cash back and self service tills? I wonder if it would work with curve and a credit card underlying?


Worth checking your credit card offers to see if you can double dip. I have 25% Laithwaites on my Virgin card and you can combine both Yes I have always managed to get cashback on gift cards (or course this might change and not a guarantee). I don't think they can tell and probably do this to discourage people or make them think you can't.


I have Morrisons on my account/app, I don't usually shop here. However, I bought some groceries from there on Sunday using one of my registered cards, 4 days later nothing this still hasn't tracked ☹️


Thanks. That's what I tried to first top up my main balance and then buy a bundle using that balance. Not a straightforward process but glad it worked.

Up to 5% cashback and £5 refreshment voucher at Bicester Village restaurants and cafes @ Airtime Rewards
83° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Up to 5% cashback and £5 refreshment voucher at Bicester Village restaurants and cafes @ Airtime Rewards

Thanks op. :)

jamie15 £5 refreshment voucher, no need to even sign up to Airtime Rewards

4% back when you buy a gift card for yourself or as a gift @ Airtime Rewards
-24° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
When purchasing a gift card through airtime rewards as long as you pay with a card registered with airtime rewards you will get 4% back in 3-5 days. Multiple Retailers. If you shop at any …

Has anyone had issues trying to redeem a gift card. My Morrisons one keeps saying failed


Yes mine did not show within 3-5 days I messaged them through get in touch on the app. Got the above response. All mine have tracked now and got the bonuses too.


The majority of mine have now tracked. (y)


I haven't had anything track since last Tuesday. Anyone else having issues? X



Airtime Rewards, Referrals now £6 @ Airtime Rewards
210° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Update: here are almost 2 million of you now! To say th…

A transaction at Wilko took 10 days to track! At least it saved me putting in a missing transaction claim. I normally get a notification on my app when a transaction had tracked. Only noticed as it notified me that a bonus was paid.


I've referred 2 people at the end of February and despite numerous transactions none have tracked for either of them. I find this app very hit or miss.


this is back on. i've only recently joined and the 3 purchases i have made are all tracked and relevant bonus's added. i have referred one person last time this offer was on but i have not had the bonus and their only purchase has not tracked yet, about a week ago. my purchases were on a Barclaycard and the other person used a Barclays debit card, would this make a difference to how long the spend tracks? thanks.


One of my March transactions has tracked now thankfully.


Same... I only got the Jan bonus nothing after that.

10% cashback on all in-store transactions via Airtime Rewards (account specific) @ Greggs
165° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
10% cashback on all in-store transactions via Airtime Rewards (account specific) @ Greggs
Usually 5%. Now 10%. Selected accounts Info added by @PD2K79 Download The App Apple Store Android Join Our Community We've saved our members millions of pounds simply f…

AR. is it as simple as installing the app and then adding a card? Then all spends on that card are somehow tracked back to AR and you get cashback? Does that mean a card that already gets its own cashback gets both? Do all offers have to be activated in app or is it automatic? Thank you.


Not on mine but good deal for those who have it (y)


Was 10% for me now dropped to 1%


1% for me.


10% showing on mine (y)

£2 Bonus when you spend £10 using code with Airtime Rewards (The first 2,000 members)
469° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2021Posted 16th Dec 2021
£2 Bonus when you spend £10 using code with Airtime Rewards (The first 2,000 members)
Spotted on twitter, expires 17th December

Great first post; thanks for sharing and well done on your first hotukdeals thread (y)




Just started using this. Great.


Thanks OP :)


Love Airtime Rewards. At £8 per month phone bill I haven't paid for a bill for a while now. Redeemed £20 few months back and combined with some credit given by the network for poor service I've been in credit for a while. Currently have over £15 left to redeem on Airtime still

£5 bonus on £15 spend at any of our retailers with code (first 5000 members only) @ Airtime Rewards
1465° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2021Posted 5th Nov 2021
£5 bonus on £15 spend at any of our retailers with code (first 5000 members only) @ Airtime Rewards£5
To earn your £5 bonus, simply enter the code BONFIRE in the Airtime Rewards app and spend £15 or more at any of our retailers from today until Sunday*. But be quick, only the first 5,000…

It should be turned off


anyone knows how to redeem successfully on Vodafone paym: 'Charge to bill bar' should be active or not?


You'll only ever have one showing in the app at a given time but I'm not aware of any limit on the number that can be active on the account. I recently had a transaction that triggered three bonuses which were simultaneously active.


Only thing I can think of I wasn't quick enough to activate the promo. I've raised a query via the help section since the transaction itself isn't missing. Hopefully it goes through - not having much luck with any of the cashback sites lately, nothing seems to track automatically... ps3ud0 8)


when my 1st transaction tracked i got both this £5 promo AND the £1 registration referral promo (as Id only just registered via a referral code) I wasnt expecting that as someone on here said you can only have 1 promo active at a time

Airtime Rewards 8% cashback at Wilko online / instore until Sun, Nov 7 - Account specific
165° Expired
Posted 3rd Nov 2021Posted 3rd Nov 2021
Airtime Rewards 8% cashback at Wilko online / instore until Sun, Nov 7 - Account specific
Just got the notification, may be account specific. Wilko sells various gift cards including Amazon and I got the cashback without any problems the last time. Valid online and in store, does…

Do you know how long it normally takes for in store Wilko purchases to track in the app? I purchased last Sunday in-store and it still hasn't tracked


Yes they do. ;)


8% on mine


do they sell Amzon gift cards


Mine said 8% until Sunday but changed yesterday back to 3%..

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