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ALA GAP Insurance - 25% Off
GAP insurance for your new/used vehicle (up to 10yrs old). Don't pay heavily inflated dealership prices. Instead go to for a quote and use the code above for 25% off.

SEAT wanted to charge £399 for a back to Invoice GAP policy. I got it for £208 through ALA with the MSE25 code. Just a shame you can't also use Quidco Did a fair bit of research before hand and these are the top rated provider.


I don't lease either...


Are you serious? For £100-200 you can insure your self for a complete write off !! My mate had his car written off and he got £11k for his car. The company wanted 18k so he paid £7k out his own pocket to the lease company. If he had gap insurance he would not have paid a penny other than the premium !!


100% agree, as an example i was looking at leasing an 130n, predicted value after 3 years by an hyundai dealer was 11k...imagine that after paying 28k for the real world you would really hope that 11k is way off!


I'm guessing that many people think we live in this perfect world where getting a car written off means you get a payout so you can go and get an identical one. The problems with this are: 1. Your insurance company and yourself will disagree on this value. You can argue with them sure, but all the time you don't have a vehicle. 2. You will never find a car "as good" as the one you lost. That one was owned by you and you'll have driven it carefully etc. If your car is say 3-4 years old, it'll be a minefield out there. 3. At some point on anything 1yr+ you are almost certainly going to end up out of pocket. As much as you want insurance to be fair, it isn't. This policy doesn't just fill the gap between your payout and you being able to buy a good example, similar car. This policy gives you the difference between the payout and what you paid for it in the first place. I've just paid £170 (£42.50/year) for a 4yr policy on a 1yr old car. So up until the car being 5yrs old, should the worst case situation happen and it gets written off, I'm back to where I was before I bought it. To me, that is good value. If you risk adverse, cannot see why you'd simply walk away or say it's useless.

25% Discount off Gap Insurance @ ALA GAP Insurance
Get your quotation on-line and in the discount section enter MSE25 for a 25% discount off the price.

Code still working. Used it 13 August. Saved £130 on 5 years GAP.


Code still works, just used it for discount on my gap on a car i just got.


Anyone use th a for your car


Great discount!!!!


Tried a few months ago, it either tracks one or the other... unfortunately mine tracked on quidco rather than the code (checkout stated a price and upon checking my card balance it had taken the full amount instead). Kindly they rejected the quidco and reimbursed me the amount for the 25% which was obviously a better deal! Great company and were happy to sort it which arguably they didn’t need to as it was my fault!

12% Discount off Gap Insurance @ ALA GAP Insurance
Get your quotation on-line and in the discount section enter PISTON12 for a 12% discount off the price. No Expiry date

Didn't work for me (2 days ago) either. But... you can get Topcashback 10.1%


Shame MSE25 and PISTON10 not working for me surprised as its only 7 days ago it was posted.


Note Martin Lewis’ code gives 25% off. The code is: MSE25


Same here just got a lease deal and using this company was half the price of dealership prices. They seem to be highly recommended online. Just gives you that bit of peace of mind should the worse happen.


Nice one OP. Thanks for posting. Not sure why the negative score, but definitely useful for me, having jumped on a lease deal posted on this site.

12% Discount off Gap Insurance @ ALA GAP Insurance
Get your quotation on-line and in the discount section enter HJ12 for a 12% discount off the price. Expires 30th June

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