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2 x Rubicon Deluxe Mango 1 litre cartons - £1.50 Instore @ Worldwide Foods
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Posted 24th Feb 2019Posted 24th Feb 2019LocalLocal
2 x Rubicon Deluxe Mango 1 litre cartons - £1.50 Instore @ Worldwide Foods£1.50£3.3856% off
Rusholme - Wilmslow Road & probably in all their branches Plenty in stock as per pic Bbe Mar19

Yeah the sugar in these is ridiculous. Probably accounts for the higher rate of diabetes in us South Asians ;)


Full of sugar. I rather eat mango instead of drinking mango flavoured sugar solution. I have seen these even more cheaper on Amazon but the added extra sugar puts me off.


Fair enough, that's old aunty territory


True, but it's all these young girls and boys who go. Im 34 ;) feel like a grandma


Nothing stopping you from going into Shisha lounges you youngster....

'Worldwide foods' offers In store only! If you're local to one. See post details for items/prices
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Posted 20th Nov 2016Posted 20th Nov 2016
'Worldwide foods' offers In store only! If you're local to one. See post details for items/prices
Not for everyone as there aren't that many stores around the country. I receive a regular text with offers sometimes. I know they do student discount too if you're a student. some … Read more
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Biggest Asian food retailer and wholesaler in the UK. excellent prices massive range of Asian foods and from around the world. bulk bags of rice and chapatti flours all at rock bottom prices. I shop at the wilmslow road branch , Manchester like 100s of other families who travel from Chester and Liverpool .But the meat and chicken i buy from Appna foods in Longside Manchester, it's always fresh and properly cut and the CHICKEN is HMC .


Top stuff, loved that place when lived in Manchester

15 loose oranges for £1.00 @ Worldwide Foods
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Posted 20th Apr 2015Posted 20th Apr 2015LocalLocal
15 loose oranges for £1.00 @ Worldwide Foods£1
@alhalal supermakets ....this deal is at the one in Roshulme. Dont know if it is national. Oranges are so sweet, and juicy. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Comment Because AVG is a reliable antivirus! lol


everything in that supermarket is halal. Hence the name Alhalal:):):) just joking


halal oranges?


can't be too much profit selling at that price...


AVG JUST THREW UP A VIRUS WARNING ON THAT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coke 3L bottle only £0.99 in the Worldwide Foods superstore ,in Manchester
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Posted 16th Dec 2014Posted 16th Dec 2014LocalLocal
Coke 3L bottle only £0.99 in the Worldwide Foods superstore ,in Manchester£0.99
Seen this 3L bottle of Coke in the Arabic superstore Worldwide ,in Manchester.Thought it was a bargain. WORLDWIDE is in Rusholme ,401 Great Western Street, Manchester M14 4AH,Rush… Read more

A bargain. Bought one the other day. Great value for when a high volume of guests are coming in.


Will be heading down later thanks


So big it won't go in the fridge. Lovely /warm/ Rola Cola. Thanks to one P.Kay



Bargain but very store specific.

Fresh Chicken Breast 3.69/kg @ Al-Halal supermarkets (Worldwide Foods)
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Posted 23rd Jul 2014Posted 23rd Jul 2014LocalLocal
Fresh Chicken Breast 3.69/kg @ Al-Halal supermarkets (Worldwide Foods)£3.69
Fresh Chicken Breast fillets £3.69/kg @ Al-Halal supermarkets (Worldwide Foods) Yes they are halal... This is for deal hunters not political motivation hunters. So please keep thi… Read more
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Happy with my purchases today @Al-Halal Rochdale. Nice selection of fresh fruits and veg. Lots of choice on goods in store. Swift checkout at till and they packed my groceries.


If you have an Indian supermarket near by its worth a look, our local has chicken breadth for £3.50 a kilo gave to buy 10kg at a time but bargain compared to other supermarkets. Quality spices at really cheap prices as well, loads of veg and massive selection of chillis


Shame it's only certain cities Great deal tho and no negative comments is a bonus


Located at Rochdale, Bradford, Rusholme, Manchester, Birmingham and Miles Platting... Their website on the other hand doesn't look as impressive, and you're not able to order online, so this is an in-store deal, hot for those can benefit and have one nearby