All tickets £5 @ The O2 Vue Cinemas incl Gold Class tickets with normal value £17.50

All tickets £5 @ The O2 Vue Cinemas incl Gold Class tickets with normal value £17.50


hi amy, u tend to use a lot of '..' without finishing your sentense.

cool stuff. how did you find this out? i mean it doesn't seem to be any info about this offer on their website.

Please explain the deal more, I don't see anything about it.

Ok, I think I figured this out...

If you select Greenwich (The O2), and if you pick a movie that is not a new release (i.e. not one that shows the release date), then the tickets will be £5. All the films seem to work, not just Shrek 3.

Went along yesterday, (half the stuff still isn't open at the o2 by the way) anyway, we went to see the Fantastic 4 - the rise of the silver surfer, an hour into the movie the sound went a bit funny, after a few minutes they stopped the movie, a member of staff apologised and said they'd fix it asap then a few minutes later they came back and told us it couldn't be fixed and therefore we wouldn't see the rest of the movie. Got two free tickets for use at any VUE at a future date. Not at all impressed! On top of that, it’s £6+ for a regular popcorn and drink and apparently parking is £5 up until 7pm, heaven knows how much it is after that.

£17.50 for cinema tickets?!?! wow!
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