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LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE  2.0 eD4 SE 5dr 2WD - LEASE £13630 @ All car leasing
-350° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 2.0 eD4 SE 5dr 2WD - LEASE £13630 @ All car leasing£13,630
LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE DIESEL HATCHBACK 2.0 eD4 SE 5dr 2WD 48 month LEASE / PCH 5000 MILES £248pcm Inc VAT £1488 deposit Inc VAT £199 processing fee excluding VAT Approx … Read more

We got the same spec ED4 2017 model Evoque from select car leasing in September last year for c£800 down (3 months) and £257 a month for 48 months. 6,000 miles p.a. but a low penalty for going over £199 broker fee I recall. It is a good car with leather seats, touch screen stuff, automatic braking, keyless etc etc. comes with metallic and nice alloys as standard. service interval is 2 years 24,000 miles and you can buy a service pack that covers all servicing for £499. overall we are very happy with the car, no problems. better than the Freelander 2 it replaced. it is a very nice car for the money and people are flabbergasted when we tell them what the monthly cost is. This is a similar deal.


Slightly cheaper with 8k miles here: Total cost equates to £280 per month for the term - £13,451 total. £2103.93 inc VAT upfront £233.77 inc VAT per month for 47 months £360 inc VAT fee. Seems like a good deal, though warranty is only 3 years, so final year could be costly if anything goes wrong.


Yet you responded to solely to something that I wrote. It's almost as if you have nothing else better to do, Bertie.


Sorry but I've got to say because there isn't a cheaper deal doesn't make this one good/hot !


Sorry Bertie. I do not go out of my way to only respond to what one specific member of HUKD has written on a lease thread at the eleventh hour when no-one remotely cares or will be reading the thread. Unlike yourself, not only have I added value to the thread by offering a better deal but I actually add value to the whole of HUKD. Tell me - when are you personally going to add a fresh deal? The definition of trolling to a tee - someone going out of their way to provoke. And yet you will claim you are not a troll. Please do remember that I am not the one who has gone out of his way to stalk me on HUKD and use Google to cross-reference so that you can target and try to use at some sort of yardstick to compare against me. Did I? How cute. Nothing new here either.

Kia Optima Diesel Sportswagon 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 5dr £131.98pm Personal Hire 24 Months £4991.33 @ allcarleasing
83° Expired
Posted 13th Feb 2017Posted 13th Feb 2017
Kia Optima Diesel Sportswagon 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 5dr £131.98pm Personal Hire 24 Months £4991.33 @ allcarleasing£4,991.33
5k Mileage. Price includes processing fee of £239.99 and initial rental of £1583.82. Also available with 10k mileage at following prices; inital rental £1871.89 24 x £155.99 pro… Read more

A lot of car for the money. Only issue for me was finding a real one I can have a look at. Don't seem to have stock anywhere.


Avoid the ISG! There are a lot of people having issues with the battery not charging, various firmware updates etc. not making a difference. Its a really basic hybrid batter system that works for when the car is idle or in slow moving traffic. It requires your actual battery to have a lot of charge left in it before kicks in. Its a good idea but its a poor performer in the real world, check out the Hyundai and Kia forums for a quick reference to give you some owner options.

Audi S3 Quattro 5dr Auto 2 year lease Initial Rental: £2,159.84 + VAT - 23 monthly rentals of: £179.99 + VAT - Processing Fee: £199.99 + VAT = Total £7800 @ All car leasing
-65° Expired
Posted 3rd Aug 2016Posted 3rd Aug 2016
Audi S3 Quattro 5dr Auto 2 year lease Initial Rental: £2,159.84 + VAT - 23 monthly rentals of: £179.99 + VAT - Processing Fee: £199.99 + VAT = Total £7800 @ All car leasing£7,800
0-60 in 4.6s £35k car new Effective £325 a month is the same price as a Ford Focus £660 a month direct from Audi with same terms Monthly figure is deposit + admin fee + monthlie… Read more

Any alternatives to this deal? This was awesome


worked for me too!, thanks rossco.


Can confirm the above, had mine extended 12 more months


For anyone who took out this deal , If you want to renew your audi connect subscription go on audi live chat and ask about using a different sim card in the car , they will say you can't but then offer to extend your free trial for another 12 months free of charge.


Has anyone subscribed to Audi connect after the free trial ? If so how much did it cost ? Or has anyone tried putting a data sim in the car , did it work ?

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.4 TSI ACT BlueGT - All car leasing - £115.85 PM plus £695.1 initial 6 months - 24 Month Lease = £3599.64
571° Expired
Posted 17th Sep 2015Posted 17th Sep 2015
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 1.4 TSI ACT BlueGT - All car leasing - £115.85 PM plus £695.1 initial 6 months - 24 Month Lease = £3599.64£3,599.64
Very good deal on a new VW Polo 1.4 TSI Personal deal with 6 months initial + fee works out to £3,599.64 1.4 TSI engine - Quick in a little car and also very good for economy Li… Read more

Price for VW's (and others) should be less now with all that emissions fiasco going on.


Yeh it was for the blue one. I have still got the quote. They did say today that the price had gone up on this deal. As its a weekly offer.


This has now expired as the rates have increased. Great deal to begin with though. Well done any body that got the original deal


I have an application in for a white one, my quote was £862 deposit and £143 per month including maintenance for 8k per annum. Which I think is a good deal...... Just keeping my fingers crossed


I would have done, but wasn't willing to pay the £450 extra for metallic, even spread over the lease term. What was the deposit on your quote, and did they confirm the £115 was for the blue one?

Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 184 FR - 24 month lease - £176.39 p/m - £1298.32 initial - 5k All Car Leasing
382° Expired
Posted 11th Aug 2014Posted 11th Aug 2014
Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 184 FR - 24 month lease - £176.39 p/m - £1298.32 initial - 5k All Car Leasing£5,355.24
Get your hands on the fastest diesel Seat Leon, in high spec FR trim for £5,355.24 over two years. This deal is for low mileage users, at 5k per annum, however double that can b… Read more

yep picked up my 1.8 tsi dsg , certainly shifts X) the diesel must be excellent on the 184 even better after a remap to 230bhp oO and 500lbs of torque still no worries about egr valve and dpf`s to block on the petrol , does nearly 50mpg on the motorway too , my car is two faced fast yet frugal X)


Had a 63 plate 1.6 SE Leon as a hire car today. Was very nice. It only had 105bhp and wasn't full of kit but it was fast enough, averaged 60mpg despite cruise being set to 90 and had Bluetooth etc. It made me realise that this 184 FR must be pretty special.


lol ok what did he pay for the 13 1.8 dsg ?


your mate sounds like a nutter X) yep this one has them not that i really used them on the s-line i had


yep the one i have has every option bar sunroof , don`t all dsg cars get paddles anyway ? , even a 2004 a3 s-line had them

Personal Leasing Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.0i VTR 5dr
-139° Expired
Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
Personal Leasing Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.0i VTR 5dr

I own a brand new C1 and I can say from experience that is a smashing little car, I drive a lot, mostly traffic and it runs on fumes! This C1 doesn't get built any more but I think it was replaced by the C1 Edition


Had a good old laugh at that link, Ling is clearly as mad as a box of frogs :-)


Thanks. I've deleted and expired it, I can't be bothered with it.


thanks for posting op..ignore the idiots


VAT doesn't have much to do with depreciation, so I have no idea why you even mention it. I was speaking of C1/107 in general, not a specific trim level. Here's an example of the base model C1 sold recently at 3 years old. I've seen this model selling new for less that £6,000, in 107 guise it was £5695 Back to the VTR spec, using an online broker you can pick this up for £8300 (possibly less), considerably cheaper than the RRP or buy direct from Citroen and benefit from the 1st free insurance. I also puzzled with the link you provided to the diesel version of the car with depreciation based on RRP rather than real prices, which was that unpopular they stopped selling it back in 2009. Just look at the sold price figures for the cars and the new prices from online brokers for a fair comparison, go further back and you will see even six year old ones going for over £3k, that's £450 a year depreciation, amazing. Back to your deal, it's not good due to better and more modern cars now available at similar prices.

Citreon C1 Lease - £49.99pcm - Allcarleasing
-90° Expired
Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
Citreon C1 Lease - £49.99pcm - Allcarleasing£2,149.77
What seems like an unbeatable deal for a new car on lease! Business rate is £49.99 pcm plus £1000 down on a 2 year deal. Hard to find cheaper motoring than that!

You could buy one for 2 grand


what a crap car


I prefer Dacia Duster.


Personal lease also available £59.99 Inc VAT