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All Pond Solutions is the online solution for all your aquarium and pond requirements. Find products such as, koi pond filters, pond pumps aquarium fish tanks, protein skimmers, filters and much more, and select what you need to have delivered right to your doorstep within just a couple of days. Enjoy good quality latest items at reasonable rates and 12 month product warranties. Keep abreast of all the latest product upgrades and new items added to the online aquarium store.
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Nano Curve Acrylic Fish Tank 13.5L - £49.50 - allpoundsolutions
-156° Expired
Posted 10th Aug 2020Posted 10th Aug 2020
Nano Curve Acrylic Fish Tank 13.5L - £49.50 - allpoundsolutions£49.50
All Pond Solutions 13.5L Nano Curve Fish Tank The contemporary sleek Nano Curve fish tank is the perfect choice for any new aquarium hobbyists as well as anyone looking for a styl… Read more

What about a baby shark?


Might be ok for cherry shrimp, fish nooooo waaaaay.


Even for my sea monkeys?


Nice to see all the ichthyologists on site.


All Pond Solutions PFC-25000 FULL KIT Checking out at £269.99 @ All Pond Solutions
58° Expired
Posted 25th Mar 2020Posted 25th Mar 2020
All Pond Solutions PFC-25000 FULL KIT Checking out at £269.99 @ All Pond Solutions£269.99 Free P&P Free
Give me something to do this weekend while stuck indoors.Priced at £299.99 but checking out at £269.99 with free next day delivery.

I get a lot of wildlife in my pond including loads of frogs, damselflies and numerous creepy crawlies despite having pump, uv clarifier and filter box and goldfish. Also get the odd heron of course and mallards during the mating season, which I'm less keen on since they eat the fish.


This kit worked great for me - went from a fully green pond to a clear one quickly. And it's still got lots of wildlife in there, albeit it's a giant pond so only sucking up from the very bottom middle of it.


I've got a smaller version of the pump, I believe the actual manufacturer is SunSun. You may still be able to find an identical pump cheaper, or the same pump unit in a slightly different enclosure if you shop around. When I bought mine, I found all pond solution branded ones were more expensive than identical models sold under the sunsun brand. Same applied to the UV filter I bought a few years earlier, also a Sunsun, I was surprised by the quality, which was why I took a punt on one of their pumps. Posted the filter here (no longer available of course)


If you're planning on setting up a pond for wildlife, frogs etc, please just buy a fountain/pump without the uv filter part. I made a new pond 2 years ago, and admit the full kit did clear the water, but following the winter break I realised my mistake, so many pond creatures caught in the filter part that I stopped using it. The pump is enough to circulate the water, but I use it sparingly, as it does suck up a lot of pond life.

All Pond Solutions End of Month Sale
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
All Pond Solutions End of Month Sale
If you're into your aquariums, ponds and generally fish keeping it's worth hopping onto the APS website. Up to 50% certain products across the site Found almost all items on the s… Read more

I saw a fish with 50% off yesterday but was only one left. So maybe the 50% is on livestock.


I didn't see any 50% off. More 10% off most stuff. EDIT This seems to be where 50% off is. Rest is 10-20% from what I see.


It’s upto 50% off but the discounts I can see aren’t anywhere near that. I gave up if there is no way to easily find the good discounts and page after page of nothing much



Just go to the menu and search for what you're after. Most of it is discounted, there is no list, just need to look around.

Brewing immersion heaters-50W for £8.99 delivered - All Pond
85° Expired
Posted 9th Feb 2017Posted 9th Feb 2017
Brewing immersion heaters-50W for £8.99 delivered - All Pond£8.99
For home brewers - don't pay stupid prices (up to £50 at Tesco Direct) to home brew outlets for an immersion heater. Go to who sell the same thing from £8.9… Read more

OK cheaper on Ebay, but some on there offering a heater for 99p & free delivery but when you try to order, their prices go up to a lot more! This is FAKE PRICING! Furthermore, most of the time Ebay is "not rersponding" so I couldn't place an order anyway! Useless and a waste of time!


Kwel beanz! Heated (forgive the pun) :{


Don't want fishy beer.


£6.90 here They also sell a 200w version for £9 delivered so you can brew on an even larger scale.

198L CABINET FISH TANK 5 COLOURS £243 delivered @ AllPondSolutions
75° Expired
Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
198L CABINET FISH TANK 5 COLOURS £243 delivered @ AllPondSolutions£243
Our luxurious range of premium cabinet aquariums’ are manufactured with an amazing curved glass front edge, providing an uninterrupted 180 degree view of your tank inhabitants. Su… Read more

Thanks for posting. I’ve added the merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.


saving 10% - not too bad

84 Litre glass aquarium with Powerhead Hood Filtration System 24w lighting £67.98 delivered @ All Pond Solutions
57° Expired
Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
84 Litre glass aquarium with Powerhead Hood Filtration System 24w lighting £67.98 delivered @ All Pond Solutions£67.98
These 84 litre high quality aquarium is ideal for those who are newcomers to fish keeping. Supplied with PL lighting built in to the hood with simple on / off switch located on th… Read more

I went to buy this at this price three weeks ago. It says it's in stock but when you add to basket it's out of stock, both colours. Expired deal


Bought a Chinese made tank once. Not Boyu like this. Was SunSun. Very similar in style and build quality. Leaked at the silicone seam less than a year after purchase. 360L went everywhere. Perhaps the build quality has increased over time, but I certainly wouldn't trust a tank like this, designed to supply the cheap Chinese market and other developing economies. Would happily buy the other products APS rebrand though, such as pumps. Wavermakers, filters etc. But tanks, not worth the risk. And before anyone says: yes, a lot of all in one tanks like this are made in China, but that's not the issue, it's the quality control for intended market and supplier that is the issue. Just my opinion of course. A small tank like this will more than likely be fine, and won't cause too much damage if it blows.


I will let someone else answer that.


How do they get 84 litres of water through your front door without ruining the carpet?

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JEBAO AQUARIUM FISH TANK EXTERNAL FILTER 502 - £30.10 @ All Pond solutions
79° Expired
Posted 25th Dec 2015Posted 25th Dec 2015
JEBAO AQUARIUM FISH TANK EXTERNAL FILTER 502 - £30.10 @ All Pond solutions£30.10
600 litre/hour external filter. Media not included. @ AllPondSolutions - peters123

thi is for bigger fishtanks. if you have a fluval in the 160-300 litre range this could be usefulto you toreplace the original 'hanging inside the tank' filter. there arent many disadvantages to these but plenty of benefits - more space free in tank - higher cleaning capacity to , potentially, support larger stock volumes in your tank (please dont overstock your tank...this is more useful for demanding messy fish like oscas) - you cann put any cleaning media you like in these, should be a number of drop in trays to allow mixing and matching of media to suit your fishes needs - can fit other attachments such as an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria in the waterflow That said i have no idea who the manufacturer is. i can only see three things to consider - is pump good quality, what is priming mechanisim like (is it easy to use) and are the parts interchangable with other suppliers (like fluval). sure this would be an excellent buy to keep on the side for a spare tank, hospital tank or,gor the brave, for a main tank. any feedback on the brand welcome. -


this is an external filter that sits at the side of your fish tank. not for ponds


You would want a bigger one for a 600 litre tank.


Jebao Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the professional water garden market. We are professionally developing and manufacturing pond accessories, fountain pumps, lights and aquarium accessories. Our diversified lines of products are suitable for fountains, water landscapes, pool filter, home decoration and handicrafts with different requirements. Since its establishment in 1998, Jebao is proudly manufacturing high quality and innovative products. We give priority on controlling product quality. And innovation is also our key focus as we have passion to constantly developing new products. We have recently developed of a new line of eco pumps which can save energy up to 50%. At the mean time, Jebao strengthens the internal control and management of our company. Jebao has obtained GS, UL, CUL, BS, SAA and many other international certifications. Jebao not only enjoys a good reputation in the domestic market, but also plays in the global market with products exported to more than 30 countries in the world such as the United States, Canada, UK, Germany and Singapore, etc. "Quality first, Customer first" is the mission of Jebao. We sincerely hope that we and all the domestic and foreign friends around the world create a brilliant tomorrow together.


Pretty good price for that volume of internal filter not too sure what the build quality would be like

Internal Fish Tank Filter Pump  £14.99 @ Amazon sold by All Pond Solutions - 800 LPH
87° Expired
Posted 12th Feb 2014Posted 12th Feb 2014
Internal Fish Tank Filter Pump £14.99 @ Amazon sold by All Pond Solutions - 800 LPH£14.99
Found this Internal Fish Tank Filter whilst looking for a replacement filter for my 125 liter fish tank. The ratings seem to be very favourable and it's about £30 cheaper than a … Read more

ordered thanks. great filter for that price. definately better than my fluval u2 Had it in for a week and tank looks really clean. the fish seem to like the spray bar. it is a bit noisy but you soon get used to it cheers


I use one of these, water is crystal clear. Great filters.

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