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Hydro force 2 seater inflatable kayak - £119.95 @ All Round Fun
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
The Hydro-Force Lite Rapid X2 kayak is part of Bestway’s premium range of inflatable rubber boats and rafts. With the right conditions and experience, you can take this inflatable … Read more

Intex Challenger K1 is a great 1 person Kayak. Wait for a price drop on Amazon down to £70 or lower


Thanks for the reply. It's just that the seats look different in their fixing and the lack of logos on the Blue version makes it seem like the older version...


I believe they’re the same, just different colours


Thanks for taking the time to post @Mark_Dochertydua (highfive)


Just got an intex Challenger 2 and while we had fun using it the front seat isnt comfortable as it just leans back. Having said that we used it for 2 hours and only my arms were aching at the end

Avenli Rattan Bubble Spa 2-4 Person Hot Tub £319.95 @ All Round Fun
184° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Obviously not the biggest or best hot tub in the world but for the price, it looks good enough? In stock currently and free next day delivery too. Description. Choose this styl… Read more

I've had mine about a month and so far it's allright. Can't complain for the price


Evening, the hot tub isn't the biggest but me and the Mrs can both fit in fine. Easy to setup, been it a couple of times now and no complaints. Definitely not built to the same standards as my old Lazy Spa but at the moment seems good value for money but only time will tell.


What's it like?


State of that.


Will go great on the decking, next to the beer cooler, fire pit, various plastic gnomes, plastic leaf screening and suspended egg seat.

Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet - £499.95 delivered @ All Round Fun
-125° Expired
Posted 2nd Jul 2020Posted 2nd Jul 2020
Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet - £499.95 delivered @ All Round Fun£499.95 Free P&P Free
Description Brand NEW and EXCLUSIVE to All Round Fun for 2020. The four person Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet features 81 all-surrounding AirJet massagers, a 40°C rapid heating system to… Read more

Not to mention the time to drain fill and heat is 4 hrs vs 2 days


That's a VERY good idea. As much as hot water isn't cheap, its far cheaper than an electric heater!


Awesome tip! (y) All stick to indoor jacuzzi... but it just makes me laugh when they call it "rapid heating system" (embarrassed)


Little pro tip buy a hose connector that fits ur kitchen tap. Not the plastic one that clamps on but a metal screw one and run it off the boiler to heat and fill Costs like a pound to heat for 2 hours and fill it up past 40 deg rather than ur first fill taking 24 hrs on cold water


Not true mine has 2 years but then again this is their flagship model

MSpa Starry Delight Bubble Spa £649.95 at All Round Fun
-147° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2020Posted 13th Jun 2020
MSpa Starry Delight Bubble Spa £649.95 at All Round Fun£649.95£699.957% off
IN STOCK hot tubs . first post . don’t know if it works

didn’t think it would go hot . went cold quickly though (lol) (y)


Thanks for this @craig2301 Prices for spas/tubs are a bit crazy right now so I think that'll account for the cold votes. Hopefully things will improve there soon :)


Helsinki was 4 months ago 550 on Amazon and b&q if you paid 800 for it price definitely increased on avarage Helsinki was 600 before lockdown. Alot of the stuff you can get cheaper if you look for it, but most are out of stock, you were just very lucky I guess with what you found. It took me about 2 months to find filters for mine. I found some chemicals at Tesco but stupid amount like 5 kg of chlorine granules which is enough for like 5 years for a hottube if you would keep it out all year XD You are correct eBay is overpriced as is Amazon at the moment general hottube stores have the chemicals but if you would be able to pick up in store it would be cheaper but delivery cost of those shops are to high at the moment.


I got the in-laws a lazy z spa Helsinki used stock informer paid £800 usually £850 lazy z spa direct, got 12 filters for £27 usually £5.99 for two chlorine tablets £11 with a floater and chemical kit I paid £40 for a-bit that £10 over priced but if you look hard enough you can get bits at the right price just don’t use eBay lazy z spa you can sign up for stock notifications for all parts


Chemicals that are needed to maintain it have massively increased in prices and the filters that are required are sold out everywhere, would think twice about getting one at the moment.

4 man Hot Tub - Integrated pump, whisper technology, LED strip £649.95 at All Round Fun
-429° Expired
Posted 23rd May 2020Posted 23rd May 2020
4 man Hot Tub - Integrated pump, whisper technology, LED strip £649.95 at All Round Fun£649.95£6997% off Free P&P Free
Integrated pump, whisper technology, LED strip Not the cheapest but rare stock in a couple of weeks time instead of the rip of 2 man Lucias going for 550 plus on ebay

Is it worth the money for these inflatable hot tubs? Or better to invest in a proper one?


Why’s that?


Yeah check sold prices. All the 2 to 4 man going for 500 600 plus becaise there is no stock anywhere. Only posted this because it was a site with stock in June to be honest.


Yeah but does anyone bid? Just because its on doesn't mean it sells...if they do bid then that's just crazy


Check ebay prices gone wild

Lay-Z Spa Havana Airjet *Pre-Order* £449.50 delivered @ All round fun
-209° Expired
Posted 20th May 2020Posted 20th May 2020
Lay-Z Spa Havana Airjet *Pre-Order* £449.50 delivered @ All round fun£449.50 Free P&P Free
Pre Order the Lay-z Spa Havana for June delivery (8/6/20) £449.95 (Klarna Available) Brand NEW and EXCLUSIVE to All Round Fun for 2020. The four person Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet fe… Read more

Perhaps in winter and if you are lucky.


Not long after I posted this deal, strange as it got voted cold but was obviously a great deal


But one and you'll soon be havana good time!


£250 is the target price for this kind of item.



Bestway 10ft Fast Set Pool inc Filter Pump £63.95 / Bestway 12ft Fast Set Pool inc Filter Pump £75.95 + FREE next day delivery @ allroundfun
462° Expired
Refreshed 10th Apr 2020Refreshed 10th Apr 2020
Bestway 10ft Fast Set Pool inc Filter Pump £63.95 / Bestway 12ft Fast Set Pool inc Filter Pump £75.95 + FREE next day delivery @ allroundfun£63.95£72.9812% off Free P&P Free
Free next day delivery (Cut off times apply) Designed with extra strength sidewalls, the Bestway Fast Set Pool 10ft is constructed from Tri-Tech material which is Bestway's stron… Read more



It is essential if you’ve got kids who aren’t going to be back in school until September.


Cracking little deal this . Time to get the toes wet


Out of stock unfortunately 😞


Out of stock :-(

Plum 10ft Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure - £213.95 @ All Round Fun
-270° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2020Posted 22nd Mar 2020
Plum 10ft Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure - £213.95 @ All Round Fun£213.95 Free P&P Free
Also available with 3 interest free monthly paym

I bought one from there a couple of years ago, the loops that attached on the springs started to snap, get what you pay for.


Just grabbed a 10ft from smyths £109 Cracking for the money


Still £299 onAmazon with 4.5 stars out of 5 so can’t see how so many are calling it a bad deal. A brand new Ferrari for 30K when you can get a Fiesta for 10K so it must be a bad deal to use An analogy.


Bet you can't bounce nearly as high as the extortionate price for this rubber mat on legs.


It's not about the quality of the trampoline but what stupid things you can do on one that counts! MM

Mspa Alpine Delight Bubble Spa for 4 People PLUS Free Twin Pack Mspa Filter Cartridge 120 pleats £309.95 Delivered @ All Round Fun
304° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2018Posted 5th Jul 2018
Mspa Alpine Delight Bubble Spa for 4 People PLUS Free Twin Pack Mspa Filter Cartridge 120 pleats £309.95 Delivered @ All Round Fun£309.95£362.9515% off
Thought this was a great price for this very highly rated Mspa Alpine Delight Bubble Spa (reviews across the net seem far better than other brands). Seems to be the cheapest price … Read more



thats also another problem with these - the pump is built into the unit itself. go for a lazyspa if you can


I had an MSpa hot tub, the circular one Silver cloud I think. It lasted all of two years before the pump unit (which is built into the inflatable) died on me. That was with it only being run during the summer and being packed away in the shed for winter. The build quality is pretty cheap. Replaced it this year with an Intex Spa and I'm much happier with it, build quality is much better and the pump unit is separate so it's easy to detach the pool and clean it out when I change the water.


My cat drowned in one of these - Cold.


This thing once heated up hardly costs you a penny. Very well designed and a cracking buy.

Lay Z Spa Siena 2 Person Hot Tub + Free Next Day Delivery £379.95 @ AllRoundFun
-129° Expired
Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Lay Z Spa Siena 2 Person Hot Tub + Free Next Day Delivery £379.95 @ AllRoundFun£379.95
Seeing as Lay Z Spa deals are popping up here, there and everywhere thought I'd pop this up. Obviously not as cheap as some of the other deals on the Vegas/Miami etc but being re… Read more

Due to the fact that the 4-6 person won't fit down the side of my house - if I wanted it at the top of the garden I would be looking at £600+ in either paving or decking, power etc


The price is cheapest around but why would you buy a 2 person hot tub for that price when you can get a 6 person hot tub for £100 cheaper. voted hot for the price though

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