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Personal lease: Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Lease deal - £1907.65 Deposit & £280.74 per month (Total = £8645.41) @ allvehiclecontracts
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Posted 11th Nov 2015Posted 11th Nov 2015
Personal lease: Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Lease deal - £1907.65 Deposit & £280.74 per month (Total = £8645.41) @ allvehiclecontracts£8,645.41
Seems like a good lease deal for this car. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque : 2.0 Ed4 150ps Se 5dr 2wd 6Mt 16Mdy £284.78 with £1908 initial payment for 24 months. 8k Miles per year.… Read more

That's wasted on him, you know...


Taxi is cost about 3-4 times that amount. Good research lol


I am in the Motor Sales industry as well, 33 years. I even ran my own dealership twice. Maserati are generally pits of endless pain...infact i would say they are only good for blowing your cash very quickly. A total impulse purchase in every sense. Don't get me wrong, they are a thing of beauty, the first time i turned one over and heard that ROAR......WOW! .......But would i spend real money on one..NO! The BMW Z8, is a prime example of even the big boys can push a dog out of the door. The Evoque is a similar money pit, the servicing is horrendous, the engines are a bit behind the times, ( yes i include the "NEW" ingenium as well). It may be worth getting a lease one, if you have a necessity to park it on your suburban drive for the neighbours to look at, but would i buy one with real money? NO!


I'm in the industry idiot! Have been for over 20 years! What miss information have I posted eh? 1 model that's nearly 40 years old, how many owners has Maserati gone through since eh? What about all the tosh they have put out, where's the value in them eh? What's a 3200GT worth compared to other Luxury GT's? They are worth less than an equivalent year and mileage Boxter ffs..... Btw, how much is a BMW Z8 worth these days?...


Again clueless! Any large cars loses money, look at M5 Prices, Look at XK8 prices (5k for a 1998 car). Look at any large NA engined car and it will lose value and then good examples will appreciate in price. 2 years ago you could but a Ferrari 360 for 30k, it is only because people are turning to cars as an investment that prices are rising. It is a better option to put money into cars than in savings and that has helped the market. Ok so to put your theory to test let's look now at 1967 Ghibli prices which are at £250k! Yeah that's depreciation right there, whilst they won't be expensive as Ferrari's because the sheep don't follow them they are a true icon of design and quality. I've been in the car industry for years, you are preaching to the wrong fella about all this so quit while you are losing now. You've already been picked up in this thread for mis-information so why continue to dig a deeper hole?

Lexus IS 300h hybrid car £2477.50 plus 18 payments of £249.28 (personal deal, all inclusive price) Two year lease £6964.54 @ allvehiclecontracts
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Posted 18th Oct 2014Posted 18th Oct 2014
Lexus IS 300h hybrid car £2477.50 plus 18 payments of £249.28 (personal deal, all inclusive price) Two year lease £6964.54 @ allvehiclecontracts£6,964.54
This is a hybrid car with a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 16-valve engine with maximum 181bhp, and also an electric motor with maximum 143bhp. You don't plug it in, it j… Read more

He's right and it'll get your pulse going :)


a Lexus is a Toyota make no mistake. give me a fast ford any day


7k over 2 years do you get to keep it afterwards? what kind of moron uses these. pay 4k for a used car and then you have 3k on running cost. worlds gone absolutely bonkers honestly.....bonkers


Sarcasm dude... I have owned many BMWs and 1 VW albeit not new and always had one problem after the other... call it my bad luck but coming from a circle of friends and family who almost entirely own German tractors its hard not to notice that is an issue


I owned a Megane once, awful car. Besides which, it's a smaller, cheaper, much slower car. And on top of that there's no way in hell that a £7k Megane will depreciate only £1.5k in 2 years - try £3k, servicing will add another £1,000, and miles aren't unlimited- more miles means a lower selling price.

LEASE CAR Skoda Yeti Outdoor 2.0TDI 170PS L+K. £210/month inc vat + 9months deposit
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Posted 1st Sep 2014Posted 1st Sep 2014
LEASE CAR Skoda Yeti Outdoor 2.0TDI 170PS L+K. £210/month inc vat + 9months deposit£6,750
Top spec Laurin and K.... model. List price over £26k Price includes vat, road tax and maintenance. met paint extra£17. 24month deal (9+23), longer leases are more expensive. Bro… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'd like to see what Kia do with the Sportage next as the 7 year warranty is handy and owners seem to like them.


I actually like them Bob, although I like the later model more than the previous - But I think that can be said for pretty much any car that has a mid life facelift. I'm trying to have a reasonable debate about what people would think are other options for £26k.


Again without looking at specs, just top of range...Seat - There is a new X-PERIENCE but price not knownSkoda Yeti Laurin & Klement 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4x4 DPF - £26,740VW Tiguan 2.0 ltr TDI BMT R LINE 4MOTION - £30,245Audi Q3 S line Plus 2.0 TDI quattro 177PS 6-speed manual £33,085Personally I paid just over £21K new for my TDI170 SE Plus including £1200 of options.To get the same spec with a VW or Audi badge was going to be much more.It has everything I need including Navigation.Patiently waiting for people to tell me it looks rubbish and I can't park


Not me I hope as I could 100% promise I would know more about Skoda than many. Rest assured I am not disillusioned.


Those are the ratings for individual models - and they don't yet list the Yeti. These are the overall manufacturer ratings: Showing Mercedes at 32nd, BMW at 29th and Skoda at 9th. I'm not an owner, by the way (sorry to disillusion you) - just considering a switch, though from VW.

Audi TT Coupe S Line Lease Deal at £193.11 + VAT per month on a 6+23 Contract Deal
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Posted 14th Nov 2013Posted 14th Nov 2013
Audi TT Coupe S Line Lease Deal at £193.11 + VAT per month on a 6+23 Contract Deal£5,600
Good deal for a Audi TT sports version for under £200 in a 2 year deal. Note there is a £185 admin charge as well. The Total price is for business users with no VAT added. I am u… Read more

I drive an Audi A6 S-line Avant and use my indicators all the time.... Although, when I see 'poor' people in Skoda's I generally don't indicate......just because a can!!!


Makes me laugh that the same people on here vote cold because they don't own a business. The same people who voted the 150month Nissan juke deal 2weeks ago on here at 500+heat which has to rated as one of the ugliest cars ever made


New Audi TT model coming around April next year - Audi offering good deals to those willing to pick up the run-out production? This is usually the time VAG group start giving a few freebies in spec like when Golfs and Sciroccos get "free" leather in the last year of the outgoing model.


Lane hogging especially the middle lane & fast lane. If you see any matrix signs, not to hog the middle lane (overtaking) then this doesn't mean you can constantly travel on the fast lane (overtaking) throughout the journey.


Speeding, tailgating, no indicators and under taking...... Have I missed anything?