Alton Towers Admission Voucher! Adult £16, Children £11

Alton Towers Admission Voucher! Adult £16, Children £11


Cant Print It......can Anyone Else

no problem here, thanks op

It does say on the terms and conditions, number 6 "Amended, defaced or photocopied vouchers will not be accepted"

Techinally, is a print out counted as a photocopy?

Where was the original sourced from?

Original Poster

The voucher came from here ]http//ww…spx so it should be okay...

I too have been unable to print the voucher, both from here and the raring to go site, anyone who can help?

Many thanks Sarah

i printed it off no problem, there is a bug in the latest Adobie reader and it wont let you print , i suggest you download version 8.0.0

did anyone try it?

Printed fine here. Will try them on Sunday - can't see why it won't work. Have the Sky vouchers too just in case. Voted hot.

:thumbsup:[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Magenta"]I printed this voucher no probs from link also directly from raring2go website. I then rang Alton Towers to check if they would accept this or not (so I didn't have to pay full price when I arrived - its cheaper if you book 48hrs in advance online) When I mentioned raring2go website they said they would accept the voucher with no problem. I'm going on Friday so will let you know :-D[/COLOR][/FONT]

Hi my daughter 14 and some of her friends are going on wednesday and want to use these vouchers has anyone used then and are they accepted I can't get through on the phone to Alton towers .

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I used them on Tue 8th Apr and they were perfectly fine! No questions asked! I could see they had a couple of them behind the counter already! So great deal and no need to worry

I believe this is the same voucher that came from here:…6-/

I don't know why that one was expired, though, it's valid until October and we used it earlier this week on Tuesday without a problem.

hi we took family and friends ( 16 of us) for my daughters 16th bday and i used this voucher i printed from raring to go with no problems for my sister/husband and two kids we also used bogof from tetley tes bags so shoud be ok

Nice one, would not be able to afford to go normally, as have 2 teenagers and paying for 4 adults is v expensive. Proper good deal - fanks!

The voucher said it permits to 2 adults and 2 children, so can you use the voucher if there are just 2 adults going?

If this is the case, then I guess if you had four adults you could take two copies of the voucher and make seperate transactions for each couple...BARGAIN!

Yes, you can have as many adults/children as you like, up to 2 of each. You could even use it for just one adult and you can print off as many as you like.
That's why it beats BOGOF, since parties of 3 or 5 can easily go.

thanks OP.

cheers, paying a visit next month so this will save a few quid

This is cheapest price you can get at Alton Towers. Better than the BOGOF vouchers. I found this a few months back and me and my friend used it last Monday. No problems whatsoever. Just print it off. The ticket booth attendant simply uses the bar code on the voucher.

P.S. I left Rita Queen of Speed till near closing time and was on and off (hardly any queue) and rode it 3 times in 10 minutes before the queue entrance shut. Went on Air and Nemesis soon as Park opened to avoid the queues. I also paid for express parking at £10 as it is right next to the entrance of the park so no waiting and queuing for monorail and easy to nip back to car for a coat if it rains etc.

I printed the voucher with no problems. Thanks very much, this was just what I was looking for! :thumbsup:

Just want to ask has anyone tried it? Does it work if I were to print this out, as I want to go on Thursday 12th June 08, together with my friends a total of 8. Will this voucher work? Thanks
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