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£2.50 Discount
£2.50 Discount
FREE Always Discreet in Tesco, save £2.50 using printable voucher @ SuperSavvyMe
Print the save £2.50 coupon from and use at Tesco to get Always discreet free.

Can't find. Can someone help?


can't be used online


Moved to vouchers thanks for sharing :)

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Free samples always discreet
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Posted 27th Jan 2019Posted 27th Jan 2019
Free samples always discreetFREE£0.01
Sign up. Log in. Request samples. You can only request one type every 6 months.

No, tried again and again, can't create an account for some reason. (skeptical)


Has anyone been able to resolve the address issue? (annoyed)


Can't create an account. Tried several times, no success.


I can’t get my city or post code in ?


How do you verify your address? Tried several times. Does anyone know ?

Always Discreet FREE Samples
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Always Discreet FREE Samples
ALWAYS DISCREET Free Samples, Coupons and Offers
Get deal*Get deal*

Won't accept address. Don't bother. :/


Lots of hassle to register still can't find the right address, forget it! (annoyed)


Off to create a load of false accounts to send these out to people who've annoyed me (mad) (lol) (popcorn)


Only incontinence selection available as samples when I went on.

Free always daily sample via SoPost
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Free always daily sample via SoPost
.Free sample via SoPost.

Thank you :)



Always Discreet - choose your free sample
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Posted 14th Aug 2018Posted 14th Aug 2018
Always Discreet - choose your free sample
Follow the link, register with the site, then click on the order sample button. Maximum of one sample per category, every 6 months.

Now you can pee yourself laughing and no one will know! :{


Actually no as I don't want to wear them everyday in case of an episode I prefer to wear my own underwear with a linner. But sometimes they are that bad you need a complete change of underwear and as these are more discrete to have in an emergency kit then no it's not too late. I am after all the epileptic and know what is best for me. (mad)


The pants are good if your pregnant also incase your waters go :D


Bit late putting them on after an episode (shock)


lol cas29, oops moments happen to us all! Glad the post was useful.

Free always discreet sample boutique
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Posted 12th Dec 2017Posted 12th Dec 2017
Free always discreet sample boutique
Free sample complete form and that's it

Someone trying to tell her something?


My neighbours always love getting these through the post. They have no clue who is sending them though. 🤔

Free Always Discreet Pads, Liners and Pants
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Posted 5th Sep 2017Posted 5th Sep 2017
Free Always Discreet Pads, Liners and Pants
Request Free Discreet Pads, Liners and Pants. A large variety to choose from i.e Liners and Liners Pads, Small Liners, Big Liners, Maxi Night etc and also includes 2 x £1 off coup… Read more

At the bottom, it asks you if you want to sign up to Supersavvyme, but you don't have to fill it in. As long as you've ticked T&Cs it'll still accept the form.

Free always discreet
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Posted 14th Mar 2015Posted 14th Mar 2015
Free always discreet
Fill in the form and get a number of different types of free always discreet.
Get deal*Get deal*

did either of you select a country? i got that exact same message then when i selected UK i was then able to select a product


It worked for me so maybe it depends on which one you pick?


Worked for me


Worked for me


same here.

Free sample of Always Discreet
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Posted 13th Aug 2014Posted 13th Aug 2014
Free sample of Always Discreet
You can get pads or pants for bladder weakness, seen advert for samples on TV.



good for the missus


no it doesnt work are you using you phone?


Once you click the drop down, you can scroll. Mine is 1974 and I picked it fine.


doesnt give a option to choose my year of birth the year starts from 2002

FREE manicure when you purchase Tampax & Always
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Posted 26th Sep 2011Posted 26th Sep 2011
FREE manicure when you purchase Tampax & Always
One mainly for the ladies. You do need to make a purchase but still a good deal.

tyr this - it looks quite good - valid until march next year - you need to buy a pack with a promotional sticker on and take it with you to the appointment.


Oh isn't that nice and considerate that they should have their hands at their best when other parts out of action....snigger! Light the fuse and


link doesn't work


Anything free is always good. Period!


Bloody great deal :p

Free Always Envive Sample
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Posted 17th Apr 2009Posted 17th Apr 2009
Free Always Envive Sample
Fill in your details and choose your sample from liner, liner plus, regular or regular plus. I know this has been posted before, but it was 7 months ago, so i just thought i would… Read more

bloody good freebie!!

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