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Take to the clouds in style with American Airlines. Established in 1926, American Airlines is one of the major US airlines known for its travel experience. Travellers can enjoy world class entertainment and delicious cuisine aboard. Frequent travellers can benefit from American Airlines' promo codes on the HotUKDeals page.
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Manchester, UK to many US cities from only £222 roundtrip with American Airlines
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Posted 21st Sep 2018Posted 21st Sep 2018
Manchester, UK to many US cities from only £222 roundtrip with American Airlines£222
Cheap flights from Manchester, UK to many US cities from only £222 roundtrip with American Airlines. Fly to: San Francisco: £222 Atlanta: £226 Las Vegas: £228 Orlando: £228 New Yor… Read more
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is Manchester to Miami still available?


Looked at Atlanta for the Superbowl, nothing there at all.


Hey you learn something new everyday! :D


Not heard of any of these before so thanks for mentioning (y)


jacks club takes deals from fly4free, secretflying, flynous who mostly take their deals from flyertalk forums. :D

Non-stop from London, UK to Los Angeles, USA from £285 roundtripOn American Airlines
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Posted 16th Sep 2018Posted 16th Sep 2018
Non-stop from London, UK to Los Angeles, USA from £285 roundtripOn American Airlines£285
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Los Angeles, USA for only £285 roundtrip with American Airlines. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Los Angeles, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Avail… Read more

I'm not trolling, when people give either positive or negative feedback they should explain why, otherwise there is no credibility




Please remove yourself from my presence.


you won't be missed


Used American Airlines before and they were great.

American Airlines Business class Manchester to Oklahoma £1046 Return
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Posted 11th May 2017Posted 11th May 2017
American Airlines Business class Manchester to Oklahoma £1046 Return£1,046
I appreciate this flight route and airline may not appeal to everyone but I think that just over £1k to fly to the USA Business Class on a lie flat bed is a great deal. In fact fo… Read more

​reading by pass ?


A deal was posted on here before for a hotel in Reading and people were moaning about what a dump Reading was and there was nothing to do so i checked trip advisor and the top tip was Reading station :D


Google top 10 things to do in Oklahoma .. museum of osteology lol


Just goes to show how many of you have not even bothered to read the title or other posts in the thread, it's not even the same airline this is American Airlines not United Airlines oO


maybe so, but I'd rather fly cattle class to Orlando than business class to Oklahoma lol

American Airlines - Dublin to JFK direct only £298 return
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
American Airlines - Dublin to JFK direct only £298 return£298
Decent priced flights Dublin to JFK over a long weekend, 8th Sep - 13th Sep, will also coincide with US open (tennis). Book direct with American Airlines £298 return but website do… Read more

They don't sell food on this appear to be confusing them with Ryanair


I thought so.(_;)


funny guy


​yes, you can request it.


Maybe it's a 2 seater

Black Friday Offer: 2 Business Class flights to America for £2016 American Airlines
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Posted 24th Nov 2016Posted 24th Nov 2016
Black Friday Offer: 2 Business Class flights to America for £2016 American Airlines£2,016
A good price if you were thinking of flying to America over Christmas, then you can get two business class tickets for £2016 from American Airlines which is a great price especiall… Read more

LHR - BOS round trip - Christmas week - £349.35 - American Airlines
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Posted 20th Oct 2016Posted 20th Oct 2016
LHR - BOS round trip - Christmas week - £349.35 - American Airlines£349.35
Good deal if you want to travel to 'merica during Christmas . Slight risk that you may not be allowed to enter based on who wins in the elections

No longer available at that price


I can hazard a guess on the exchange rates, if Clinton wins then rates will stay around the same, if Trump does then you will have a much better holiday :) We frequently go to the States on holiday and I also travel there on business was there a few weeks ago and worst exchange rates ever was putting things back as the prices were no longer competitive, food and hotels much more expensive and not just because of the exchange rate. Ah seems such a long time since we got $2.02 to the pound :(


Have you even bothered to look? I have booked the flights and yes they were exactly the same price as quoted by skyscanner


Anything to do in Boston?


Slight risk that the flight will actually cost double what you have quoted since (judging by your photo) you have used the worthless skyscanner website.

Open Jaw to New York from £200.05 @ American airlines (OSL-JFK-LHR)
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Posted 2nd Aug 2015Posted 2nd Aug 2015
Open Jaw to New York from £200.05 @ American airlines (OSL-JFK-LHR)£200.05
Great deal to New York, fly Finnair and British Airways from Oslo to New York and back to London Heathrow. A Great price to visit the city, prices vary from Nov - Feb, found some a… Read more

Enjoy your trip Brettie :)


Managed to get osl-jfk jfk-lhr 5-9nov for £426 for 2. Can get to osl for 45. Excellent deal. Thanks.


They have other dates too, its not specifically those dates :)


​Not really jetlagged with a 5 hour time difference. Agree its not worth the inconvenience though


hardly a deal you need to add up everything not just one part, if people read all the posts above 1. goto add flights to oslo as well. someone metioned £40 pp 2. a brit guy in norway says Rygge is nowhere near Oslo Gardemoen. If you travel to Oslo city from Rygge then onto Gardemoen, you are looking at £20 each way for the train. 3. then the flight from oslo deal is £200.81 reckon you are looking roughly in the region for 2 roughly £520 plus then you got to add accom in the nyc that is not going to be cheap either in a major us city unless we are all sleeping on the street? :D just looked on ranging from £250 to £420 on average for 3 nights on dates given for 2 sharing a bed so we now looking at a total of £770 plus still goto to add in taxis from the airport onto this well in the uk going to be between £50-100 each way so lets assume the lowest again now upto £870 total don't know what new york prices like for taxis but time you done all this reckon is going to be near £1000 mark not really the deal of £200 odd for 3 nights. think ill be giving a miss myself basil :{

Great open jaw multi-leg flights with American Airlines £350-450
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Posted 1st Aug 2015Posted 1st Aug 2015
Great open jaw multi-leg flights with American Airlines £350-450£350
American Airlines have got some really exciting fares to the USA right now for departures March/April next year based on open-jaw flights departing form Dublin returning to the UK.… Read more

Hi is this deal for a particular time limit? I'm looking for flying in April '16. Kish


Hi Archer, I have family there and usually visit once or twice a year so do not always visit the city. Anyway Toronto is a great place for a short holiday and you could have a day or 2 at Niagara. Toronto has sight seeing, shows, museums,shops, sports events and much more. Similar to New York but on a slightly smaller scale. Depends when you want to go, Spring, Summer and Autumn are great weather wise but between November and March you will need to wrap up, it can get bitterly cold. Over the past few years the pound has been relatively weak against the C$ but now around C$2 to a pound is a great time to go especially with fares as low as they are currently Enjoy your travels..


I am interested in going to toronto never been there before is there enough to see in 5 days what you suggest are you going for sightseeing


Flight deals are to be had at present but there are some good fares with AA especially open jaws via Dublin. Just purchased Dub to Toronto via Heathrow. £290 returning to Manchester in late September.. Add in the inconvenience for some of getting to Dublin and the cost £9.99 + £25 for luggage. All in £325. I won't be purchasing accommodation in Dublin as am getting a late flight from Manchester and will have to rough it in the airport for a few hours. If I wasn't a AA Advantage member I could have got flights as low as £260 + transfer to Dublin costs. I know these flights are a lot of faff for some but worth it to save £300 on the same flights ex Manchester.


just a heads up but I booked a ticket through travel trolley for LHR-DUB-JFK return (overnight stop in Dub) leaving in 2 weeks by BA on the 18th August for £341 pp for 2 people if anyone is looking for sooner! But these flights are great that you have found!

Tickets to New York starting from Oslo for £238 With AA and BA
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Posted 26th May 2015Posted 26th May 2015
Tickets to New York starting from Oslo for £238 With AA and BA£238
See details and dates below. Flight Multiple Destinations 1 Adult Thursday 07 January 2016 – Sunday 17 January 2016 Your Trip Price: £237.18 GBP Baggage and Optional Charges Fl… Read more



May as well just pay the extra £100 odd. It's currently £336.66 per person for the same flights on the BA website. Just a quick search and 2 adults from Man to Oslo is £103


check your dates multi stop see if its any cheap.


Now if someone could find a similar deal to HKG or or toyko be appreciated


Thanks for the explanation

Madrid> Miami> Rio De Janeiro> New York City> London Open Jaw Epic Flight Deal May 2014. @ American Airlines - £470
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Posted 26th Mar 2014Posted 26th Mar 2014
Madrid> Miami> Rio De Janeiro> New York City> London Open Jaw Epic Flight Deal May 2014. @ American Airlines - £470£470
Open Jaw deal, select dates through Google Flights. Madrid>Miami 10th May 2014 Miami>Rio 14th May 2014 Rio>NYC 19th May 2014 NYC>London 24th May 2014 Other dates are a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Best prices but compare airfare with cheapflights, skyscanner, dearflight, robinflights and travelsupermarket.


Booked mine today for October. Heathrow to Miami to Rio to Toronto to Heathrow. £850 so I'm happy with £170 a flight. Can't wait for it to all get confirmed by AA so I can gloat on FB. 8)


Not sure why you think its expensive. I would think you have a discount for leaving in may as its short notice. I checked all the other prices and they were about £150 more and even more in Dec. It works out about £92 a flight cant see that being expensive at all. If you can find a cheaper flights give me a shout :) MADRID MON 10NOV 10:35 AM NEW YORK JFK NEW YORK JFK MON 10NOV 3:55 PM MIAMI INTERNTNL MIAMI INTERNTNL MON 17NOV 11:10 PM RIO JANEIRO GIG 7806 RIO JANEIRO GIG MON 24NOV 11:23 PM NEW YORK JFK 104 NEW YORK JFK WED 26NOV 8:35 PM LONDON HEATHROW


I saw this deal on holiday pirates about a year ago, but I wasn't able to go then. So I put the same flights in Google and it came up with the same price.


Maybe I'm silly for asking but how can you get all these flights for less than a normal return in some cases? I'd like to understand the logic and formula so I can perhaps tailor my own trip. Thanks, Matt