Another code for £10 off £50 @

Another code for £10 off £50 @



La la la... money off discount codes getting cold votes... completely uneccessary IMHO... :?

A reason would have been nice...;-)
Thanks for this emma missed when posted earlier....

Edit: Most of the £10 off £50 codes expired last year
Do John Lewis ever offer 10/20 % discounts or is it just £10?
I want to order a TV for £799 but £10 ain't much off.

It all adds up though.

They had one 20% off code ages ago, but that was the only percentage one I've ever seen (and it was a leak from an employee I believe) - so I think the most you'll get at the mo is the £15 off from the voucher section
Thanks for this Emma Missed it earlier too!
Thanks Edi and Ray Not hard to miss them with the millions of posts that happen in this forum these days... At least they're all in the voucher section as and when needed :thumbsup:
So many deals, so little time, not enough cash.:giggle:
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