Anything for £30 at for New Customers using promo code @ Isme (Marshall Ward)

Anything for £30 at for New Customers using promo code @ Isme (Marshall Ward)

Found 26th Feb 2013
Open a new account, add £30 of stuff to your basket.

Go ahead and find something for £30 to add on top of that, making the total £60.

Use the code 3GECD for a £30 off.

Once the products arrive, return the second £30 you put in basket to make the total £60.

In return, free products worth £30!
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Not very honest.
Dont do it then, eitherway £30 off.
What a hassle.
Its collect+ so hardly a hassle...

Top lazy.
wrong, if you return the items the voucher is always taken off first, so you would be returning £30 worth of stuff and they would still charge the £30 as they would cancel the voucher as the minumum spend would not be met due to the returns,
Well clearly other people agree with everyone elses comments except yours OP. Pretty chilly in here....
Lol, well it's worked for me numerous amounts, it can go ice cold i dont mind
They'll reverse the voucher. Happened to me when an item I ordered never arrived even though they sent a replacement. I emailed them and several weeks later they called me to say they would re-apply the voucher.
dont know why it has worked for you, but anytime I use this offer and if I return something to make order value below 30, they remove the voucher and add 30 pounds on top of your account...
Yea just make sure the order value when you return isnt below 30 and it'll work every time. So return like £29 and youll only have to pay the £1

I know what you mean though, as i've returned something over 30 and then the voucher got cancelled.
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