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Gorenje GV61010 Dishwasher £148.31 @
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Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Gorenje GV61010 Dishwasher £148.31 @£148.31£27446% off
Next best price is £274 so a good reduction. Key Features Energy class: A++ Max. temperature of inflow water: 60 °C Motor: Asynchronous single phase motor Selected programme indi… Read more

We've had Gorenje oven for a few years, a element went after a few months and it was hassle free getting them out to fix it. Edit: reading those reviews it looks like their customer service has gone down hill since the time i bought.


I love gorenje. Got recommended by a electrician and have had a tumble dryer, fridge and washing machine for 7 years all without a hiccup. Amazed the washing machine is still going with 2 kids.....


It was bought for a new kitchen and wasn’t installed for a couple of months. If it’s not resolved soon we’ll be demanding a new unit for sure!


Just to add a sense of balance Gorenje are based in Slovenia make all/most of the smeg appliances. I've had an intregrated Gorenje fridge freezer and haven't had any issues to date.


Someone mentioned Inna review this make is a sub brand of hisense?

Gorenje W7543LC 7kg Washing Machine £250.31 / 6kg £218.06 delivered @ appliance_world (Delivery to London and surrounding postcodes only)
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Gorenje W7543LC 7kg Washing Machine £250.31 / 6kg £218.06 delivered @ appliance_world (Delivery to London and surrounding postcodes only)£250.31£29916% off
This 7kg washing machine from Gorenje makes light work of keeping a medium-sized household's clothes clean, fresh and like new for longer. Its 1400 rpm spin will ensure the maximum… Read more

They are a good company and have one of there fridges


The company is owned by the Chinese, the product is made in Slovenia and the warranty is 2 years.

Siemens HF15m564b Shallow Depth Integrated/Built-In Microwave £250.29 @ Appliance world
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Posted 7th Feb 2018Posted 7th Feb 2018
Siemens HF15m564b Shallow Depth Integrated/Built-In Microwave £250.29 @ Appliance world£250.29£32423% off
Cheapest I can find this. Not many microwaves that look the part and fit into a 300mm recess. 800w, 20l capacity. £320+ elsewhere, £275 refurbished.
Bosch WTW87560GB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer £529.54 @ Appliance World
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Posted 27th Jul 2017Posted 27th Jul 2017
Bosch WTW87560GB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer £529.54 @ Appliance World£529.54
This is a Which? Top rated dryer, cheapest I could find it by some margin.

I thought I would try and get the extended 5 year warranty but it does state no graded products included, but low and behold I have had confirmation and acceptance of the 5 year warranty happy days for £419 :)


2 years yes unfortunately not the 5 what came with new machines though :)


Did grade A come with full warranty please?


Keep your eye on Kensington appliances I bought a grade a £419 del with a small mark on the side apart from that it's new


NewLife Appliances knock it out new at £505. Not sure if that includes delivery.

Bosch Black Gloss Ceramic Hob PKE611D17E glitch? £100.51 plus delivery @ Appliance-world
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Posted 5th Apr 2017Posted 5th Apr 2017
Bosch Black Gloss Ceramic Hob PKE611D17E glitch? £100.51 plus delivery @ Appliance-world£100.51
6600W black gloss ceramic hob PKE611D17E 2 year warranty included. Potential glitch? £250+ everywhere else

Seems to have been an incorrect price on a quality item... that says glitch to me?!


Easy tiger, I was trying to help the community


You have no idea what a glitch is, learn the language!


I just bought this a two weeks ago for £300 from currys. Looks nice but I think £100 would of been nicer :)


damn AO was in the middle of price matching for me when their site crashed

Bosch WAS28761GB SR 9KG 1400RPM A+++ Energy Rated Freestanding Washing Machine @ with Free Delivery - £326.56
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Posted 23rd Nov 2016Posted 23rd Nov 2016
Bosch WAS28761GB SR 9KG 1400RPM A+++ Energy Rated Freestanding Washing Machine @ with Free Delivery - £326.56£326.56
Looks to be normally close to £600 and over and comes with 2 year warranty also.

fixed! Miele W5740 4 year old sabotage with a toilet roll..... "​The actual water outlet pipes from the drump to the pump to the drain hose were clear, but there is another pipe connected to the filter/pump housing on this washer. It goes from the top front left corner of the filter housing up the left hand side of the machine to a Y shaped junction on the left of the soap dispenser drawer. This pipe was full of crud - hair, soap scum, etc, etc. and pretty much blocked" Method: You remove the lid, 4 T20 Torx ( 2 back 2 sides under covers) Unfasten the left side, 8 T20and coax and bend the panel out 45 degrees. Unclip the ends of the small Y pipe, tab and turn one end, pliers clip the other. Flush out the macerated toilet roll and miscellaneous grub. Clean the gunk off everything you can see. Put it all back. It sounds normal now and is emptying and glugging nicely. Having removed the cover a few times now I could do it in 40 minutes. Call it just over an hour for the uninitiated.


I just called them to order by phone and they told me this is a show room model and shouldn't be on the system. Basically is a mistake.


I do. Mine's the same. Stopped draining after six years and it's not a straightforward decision to spend £300 mending a six year old machine. Tried a DIY pump replacement but it's still not right. Although I still consider Miele to be the best make, I'm not sure I would buy another.


Same here it will not let you add it to your cart. :(


Really wanted this but doesn't add to my cart.

Bosch waw32560gb washing machine excellent price!!! £489.57 @ Appliance-World with code
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Posted 23rd Jan 2016Posted 23rd Jan 2016
Bosch waw32560gb washing machine excellent price!!! £489.57 @ Appliance-World with code£489.57
Unlike big chains like currys ao etc appliance world honour the Bosch winter sale!!! 100 pounds off a great washing machine check link for other discounts !
Get deal*Get deal*

How do you get the code I am pressing on the get deal but can't find code?


my plates would end up smashed in that thing!


Sorry first post ... It's a washing machine


Maybe put Dishwasher in the title?

Bosch DWW097A50B 90cm Chimney Hood + Other Voucher Codes for Bosch Equipment
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Posted 28th Nov 2015Posted 28th Nov 2015
Bosch DWW097A50B 90cm Chimney Hood + Other Voucher Codes for Bosch Equipment£266.50
Good efficient and powerful chimney hood by a good brand. £266.50 after applying voucher code BOSCH100. Cheapest price around for this model. Various other Bosch voucher codes … Read more

The whole DB thing is a joke, I first bought a rangemaster one to match our cooker and the DV said 53, it was insanely loud so sent it back to AO, we were going to buy the Hotpoint silent range which was around £800 at the time but they recommended the Samsung, in real life use they said it's the quietest out of the lot. I am a big fan of bosch and I am sure there's is just as good. If that's what you like then go for it. This is the one we ended up with


I quite like the design of this. Plus it is quiet too. Only 55db. What's the Samsung db?


I am hugely impressed with the Samsung 90cm one that AO sell, was about £230. it's the quietest hood I've ever seen. just another option for you

Baumatic BWM1409W 9kg Washing Machine 2 year warranty £250.00 @ Appliance world
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Posted 28th Feb 2015Posted 28th Feb 2015
Baumatic BWM1409W 9kg Washing Machine 2 year warranty £250.00 @ Appliance world£250
 The Baumatic BWM1409W is a great freestanding washing machine that will add a great amount of functionality to your kitchen. With multiple programmes, including the ability to del… Read more

we have had a Baumatic oven for over 7 years, never had a single problem.


Noticed that. Its as if the pitch was written by an 11 year old, desperate for reasons why you should buy it.


From the blurb: Add? How? - & why on earth would anyone wash their dirty laundry in a kitchen anyway? Urgh!


Except the Bosch of yesteryear and the Bosch of today are not the same. You simply don't have the required info to know how long a Bosch will last when you purchase it today. So no you are incorrect the only safe option is to make sure you get a long parts and labour guarantee. There are plenty of people complaining about buying unreliable Bosch washing machines on this forum who were advised to buy it as a quality washing machine. The reality is every brand fails even 1 in 10 of Miele and likely even more Bosch nowadays. From the best and the worst brands of washing machines is probably a range of something like 1 in 10 to 3 in 10 failures, it's not like every decent brand never fails and cheap brands always do. There are horrible nasty chinese washing machines that will last for many years and Miele's that will fail shortly after delivery. It's all about probabilities. That is the real world.


No, the best approach is to do the research and find a reliable product. A long warranty means you just avoid paying (directly) for failures. You still have the hassle of it failing, waiting in for the repair technician to arrive etc. It's much better to have one that doesn't fail. When I bought my Bosch 11 years ago, the Which magazine in the local library stated 95% of that model require no repairs in the first 6 years. Mine has required zero repairs in 11 years, which is exactly how it should be with a quality appliance.

Bosch dishwasher SMV69T30UK £376.42 delivered from applianceworld
Posted 8th Jan 2015Posted 8th Jan 2015
Bosch dishwasher SMV69T30UK £376.42 delivered from applianceworld£376.42
Seems better deal than previous, only different seller and no hassle with cash back.… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Pricing mistake fixed. Now back to £549.89.


Just called them. They have big pricing mistakes so many are being taken down whilst they sort it all out.


no wifi/USB 3.0.


£799.99 at John Lewis £698.98 at Appliances Direct - unsure why cold?? Seems a steal to me if you are in the market for a good quality dishwasher HOT