Approved food £10 discount voucher when you spend £45+ (Check e-mails)

Approved food £10 discount voucher when you spend £45+ (Check e-mails)

Found 21st Dec 2017
I don't know if this is account specific, but I received an email saying if I spend over £45 I would get a £10 voucher2861102.jpg

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If anyone's been offered this and they're not planning on using it, I'll gladly take it off you. Thanks.
What is approved food ?
Approved food: they sell food that is sometimes past the use by/best before date at a lower price than supermarkets, there ethos is to try and reduce food wastage
Oo I like approved food...did an order about a month ago. Had this email yesterday but try as I might I only got 25 quid of things in my basket. Curses!
It's so hard to spend money on their website, everything is so cheap.
Just got another email from them, still got the voucher deal, and free postage on first box if you spend £55 (though filling the box usually costs less than that... so meh... and buying more means another box, which won't be free... it's only the first box that is free)

Today only, £2 for the "lucky box" too.
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