Arnold Clark discount codes

Arnold Clark Discount Codes

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Arnold Clark is the biggest independently owned car dealer in the UK. The award-winning company provides high-quality automobiles from well-known brands at affordable prices. Shoppers can find Arnold Clarks discounts on the HotUKDeals pages.

All Arnold Clark Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

30% off
30% off Arnold Clark Car/Van Rental 30% discount code
Arnold Clark Car/Van Rental 30% discount code if booking is done before the 22nd November. Enter XMAS in the discount code box to get 30% knocked of your rental. https://www.arnol… Read more

Hmmm defo working for me!!!Just checked the Email they sent me and see terms and conditions below..Offer only available on cars and must be hired between 1st December 2018 – 31st December 2018. Cars must be booked by 22nd November 2018 to receive offer. Valid while stocks last. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Arnold Clark reserves the right to refuse rental and to amend terms and conditions without notice.


I'm getting expired as well :(


Ok I'll try again thanks.


Don't think so. Just tried and is working fine.


It's saying the code has expired

20% off
20% off 20% off Car and Van Hire using discount promo code @ Arnold Clark (Scotland)

It's 20% off the rental charge only. It doesn't include the excess waiver or any other extra options you select. So for example a £25 rental + £20 excess waiver = £45. Minus your 20% rental discount is £5 so total you pay becomes £40. If you didn't get 20% off your rental fee then just tell whoever you speak with at the collection desk. I'm sure they'll adjust it for you. I've used this code a couple of times now with no problems. Always 20% off.


20% off of £45 isn't £5!


No, it's always 20% off your basic total. How much that works out to be just depends on how long you're hiring and what vehicle you select.


Discount must vary. Gave me £5 off.

More Info
More Info £300 off a USED car at Arnold Clark

I know a mechanic who works for AC and he bought a car off them - it broke down a month after he bought it (just out of warranty) and they wouldn't even let him use their facilities in his own time to fix it. It had serious problems with the cylindar head - nothing that could be forseen, but their attitude to people - even employees - stinks. Once they've sold the car it's your problem. However, this a good deal for peeps if they do decide to deal with AC.


might be good for some but I would NEVER ever deal with arnold clark again-they are nasty people with appalling customer service-once they have your money they will laugh in your face if you have a problem.

20% off
20% off 20% off Car and van rental @ Arnold Clark
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50% off
50% off Half price MOT at Arnold Clark with voucher

Well... that would be awfully cynical... From one whose car gets a regular service from Arnold Clark and when the MOT comes up, I need £600 worth of work...


nope, thought the same! :?


I used one like this last year along with the final service from my service plan! Apparently i needed £600 worth of brake discs and pads!!! WOW just as well my fathers a mechanic! All it needed was new front pads for about £10!


My instinct would be that if anyone used this voucher they would find a lot more wrong your car. Maybe I'm too cynacle ??

50% off
50% off Half price MOT voucher from Arnold Clark

This site looks interesting and they are independent as well. I am always suspicious when a large vehicle company offers cheap MOT's or free retests. I would expect to get a long list of problems from them, which need sorting before they will pass the car. I was always advised to get a garage who only do MOT's to do the test so that they don't have a vested interest in failing the car. [url][/url]


Just want to add my voice to the others recommending getting your MOT done at local council depot. In the past I have had too many bad experiences with garages, and especially chains (eg Nationwide Autos and Kwik Fit). You get hooked by the £25 deals and other discounts and then sometimes end up regretting it. Last two years all family cars done at local council (search your council's website to find out details and availability). Never had a failure. Just sound advice on what should be monitored etc over next year. One other tip that council guy told me. Pump up your tyres to required pressure before test. 8 times out of 10 this is the cause for failures on the beam test for which garages charge £10-15 to adjust your headlamps often unecessarily.


That's were I go , great places & as you say no need to rip you off with fictitious faults


If that were the case, why didn't to appeal against them? Or perhaps was it just BS in your opinion :roll:


My brother works at Arnold Clark and some of the stories he has told me about customers are unreal. A classic one was a lady phoned to book her car in for service, when asked when she said on the Sunday, he informed her that they dont work Sundays and she hung up. Half an hour later her husband phones and demands to speak to the Service Manager, my brother asked how he could help him and he said that he wanted to book the car in for a service on the Sunday, once again it was pointed out that they do not work Sundays and would it be possible he could drop the vehicle in on the Saturday and he would arrange a courtesy vehicle, the customer refused and demanded that they open on the Sunday to service his car. After a frustrating ten minutes of trying to inform the customer that they did not work Sundays he said that maybe it would be better for him to seek an alternative garage if he was adamant that he required a Sunday service. Later that day my brother received a call from higher up to say that a complaint had been put in about him as he refused to service a vehicle on a day they never opened :giggle: Fortunately the management saw the funny side of it and did not persue the complaint........but theres two sides to every story out there.

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30%Arnold Clark Car/Van Rental 30% discount code7/11/2018
20%20% off Car and Van Hire using discount promo code @ Arnold Clark (Scotland)24/11/2014
% off£300 off a USED car at Arnold Clark3/12/2009
10%10% off car rental17/07/2009
20%20% off Car and van rental @ Arnold Clark14/03/2009