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Arrow streaming service 30 day free trial and 50% discount for 3 months with code
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Arrow streaming service 30 day free trial and 50% discount for 3 months with code
Arrow streaming service are offering a free 30 day trial and 50% off the first three months subscription with the discount code ZAVVIARROW
Easter Sale - Up To 70% Off Blu-Rays @ Arrow Films
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Easter Sale - Up To 70% Off Blu-Rays @ Arrow Films
Arrow are well known for publishing an excellent range of classic cult cinema titles. Well known for superb film transfers and excellent extras. Loads of titles available here. Hi… Read more

This deal has been extended, on the Arrow website at least, until April 19. Also, use code FERALBUNNY for 10% off orders over £30 (I got this code in a pamphlet with my order, expires June 30 2021)


I had the Lone Wolf and Blair Witch books bought for me and really enjoyed them. However, the books are smaller than a paperback and the text is very small which I found impossible to read until I had my eyes tested and was prescribed reading glasses :{


Yeah they released a limited edition version with a book last year, this is the standard version reissue. It’s from the same raw 4k scan as the Criterion release but Arrow’s disc has a new encode and the consensus is that it’s a slightly superior picture.


I just noticed that Arrow are releasing The Game tomorrow, didn't even know that was in the pipeline. I've been waiting forever for a good UK release, and looks like this is a re-issue of the US Criterion release. Bit steep at £15 sale price though, might wait for it to come down...


Yes. They are pretty good. Not at full price though. For a fiver apiece they are well worth the money.

Arrow video player - 50% off for 3 months
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Arrow video have launched their streaming service in the UK. And to celebrate the UK launch, they're offering all new (and existing) subscribers 50% off your first 3 months with th… Read more

Is it just me or is the 50% off the first 3 months code already showing as expired?


How much is this service per month normally?


Wonder if its multi screen like netflix and disney, good way to split the cost..


Since there's a free trial, why not just use that to see if the quality is up to standard? Nothing lost if not. This is a great deal- thanks OP (y)


yes you can view the content on their website.

Robocop Directors Cut Blu-ray - £7.50 (+£2 Postage) @ Arrow Films
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Posted 18th Oct 2020Posted 18th Oct 2020
Robocop Directors Cut Blu-ray - £7.50 (+£2 Postage) @ Arrow Films£9.50
Unsurpassably thrilling, unexpectedly moving and unforgettably hilarious in equal measure, the future of law enforcement is back on Blu-ray in a restored Director’s Cut, packed wit… Read more

On the offchance that you do end up reading this, fascist censorship is something which can only be carried out by the state. Typically, that comes along with violence and a threat to personal safety. Whereas what happened to you is that you had a comment removed about buying a Blu-Ray, on a webforum owned by a private company, removed by that private company, whilst living in comfort and I think it's fair to say generally free from state oppression. Nevertheless you have exercised your right not to partake in that forum any further, so I hope that's brought you happiness.


There was only a Criterion DVD, it was only Region 1. It featured the directors cut, plus I'm certain the extras have been ported accross to the MGM or / and Arrow release.


Maybe there isn't a criterion bluray. This site is pretty good for showing all versions. Have a search and compare the extras on the criterion dvd.


Guns guns guns


LOTS of other movies are on offer, including The Thing (which I paid £15 for a few weeks ago...). I can't overstate just how good their blu ray of The Thing looks, it really is the best on the market

Candyman (Blu-Ray) £7.50 + £ 2P&P @ Arrow Films
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Posted 13th Jul 2020Posted 13th Jul 2020
Candyman (Blu-Ray) £7.50 + £ 2P&P @ Arrow Films£9.50£14.5535% off
Dare you say his name five times? From the chilling imagination of horror master Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Nightbreed), comes Candyman - one of the greatest horror movies of the ‘9… Read more




I don't really care.


I’m not sure that’s standard practice to necessarily hold back a more desirable version, example aside. but either way, this version of Candyman is censored. Simple as that. buy it if youre ok with havingthe censored version.


Well you should have bought the limited edition. Most tend to keep the directors cut or other such special versions to that. Like Donnie Darko.

RONIN BLU-RAY (Arrow Video) £5 (+ £2 P&P) @ Arrow Films
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
RONIN BLU-RAY (Arrow Video) £5 (+ £2 P&P) @ Arrow Films£7
Great De Niro film

Yeah, it appeared to come back in stock fairly quickly. I bought a copy this morning :)


Orange well brick colour and white.


That good then £6 each good deal that killer clown goes for about £13 on eBay when no sales


Still £2! Apparently you can use your arrow reward points off the sale too. I'm saving mine however.


How much was post for 2 blu rays ?

Arrow Video Sale 1st -21st July (10% Voucher Code on orders £30+ )
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
Arrow Video Sale 1st -21st July (10% Voucher Code on orders £30+ )
'Camp Arrow Video' Sale on from 1st - 21st July Many Arrow Video (& Arrow Academy) DVD & Blu-Ray titles discounted. Here is a code too people may want to try: If you spe… Read more

Bought six titles, missed out on Ronin and Time Bandits. Had to pay £4.50 postage, but the 10% off code covered that.


Bit of a megapost, sorry, but I've made a list of what are (in my opinion) highlights from the sale, I've loosely sorted by genre, and all these are Blu-Ray releases. There are many more bargains to be had in the sale so do take a look, but I hope this helps....... Horror Vincent Price- 6 Gothic Tales Boxset - £25 (was £50) An American Werewolf in London -£7.50 (was £15.00) Deep Red- £7.50 (was £15.00) The Thing (Carpenter) – £7.50 (was £15.00) Hellraiser- £7.50 (was £15.00) Tenebrae- £7.50 (was £15.00) Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (70s) - £7.50 (was £15.00) Candyman - £7.50 (was £18.00) Theatre of Blood-£7.50 (was £15.00) The Hills Have Eyes- £7.50 (was £15.00) Phenomena- £7.50 (was £15.00) The Bird With The Crystal Plumage- £7.50 (was £15.00) Phantasm – £7.50 (was £18.00) Ring (Japanese)- £7.50 (was £18.00) Exorcist III: Special Edition- £10 (was £18.00) What Have You Done To Solange? – £5.00 (was £18.00) Videodrome- £7.50 (was £15.00) Audition- £7.50 (was £15.00) Carrie- £7.50 (was £15.00) Sci-Fi/Dystopia 12 Monkeys- £7.50 (was £18.00) Battle Royale: Directors Cut- £7.50 (was £15.00) Donnie Darko- £7.50 (was £15.00) Fantasy Big Trouble In Little China – £7.50 (was £15.00) Being John Malkovich- £7.50 (was £18.00) Phantom of The Parasdise – £7.50 (was £15.00) Time Bandits– £7.50 (was £15.00) Zardoz- £5.00 (was £15.00) Thriller/Action/Crime Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia- £7.50 (was £15.00) Ronin- £5.00 (was £15.00) The Day of The Jackal £7.50 (was £15.00) The Long Good Friday- £7.50 (was 15.00) World Cinema Cinema Paradiso: 25th Anniversary- £7.50 (was £15.00) Fear Eats The Soul- £7.50 (was £15.00) The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant- £7.50 (was £15.00) The Hunt- £5.00 (was £15.00) Comedy A Fish Called Wanda -£5.00 (was £15.00) Duck Soup- £7.50 (was £15.00) The Burbs- £7.50 (was £15.00) Killer Klowns From Outer Space - £5.00 (was £18.00) Porky’s £5.00 (was £15.00) (Multiple Woody Allen Movies for £7.50) Withnail and I- £7.50 (was £15.00) 80s Teen Weird Science- £7.50 (was £18.00) Sixteen Candles- £7.50 (was £18.00) Heathers- £7.50 (was 15.00) Classic Hollywood/Film Noir The Apartment-£7.50 (was £15.00) The Glass Key-£7.50 (was £15.00) The Blue Dahlia-£7.50 (was £15.00) The Sweet Smell of Success-£5.00 (was £15.00)


Remo Williams for a fiver - classic!


Perfect thank you. Also noticed they have a few £5 blu-rays on offer. Don't forget to use any Arrow points up, I only had 100 but that was another quid off the order :)


Slight correction- code should work for £30 exactly or more, so if you bought 4x £7.50 discs (which many are priced at) that should be fine). You don't have to pay over £30 to activate it

The Bloodthirsty Trilogy - Blu Ray £12 delivered @ Arrow Films
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Posted 22nd May 2020Posted 22nd May 2020
The Bloodthirsty Trilogy - Blu Ray £12 delivered @ Arrow Films£12£17.9933% off
Appreciate this isn't for everyone, but really good price on this. RRP is £29.99 but it's down to £10 + £2 P+P in the Arrow Geek Appreciate sale. Cheapest I can find is Amazon at £… Read more

Same here I got loads of greatness in that zavvi error 🤑 I think I orderd blood thirst not long after from arrow films I think it may have be cheaper than £12 I can't remember.


You must have bought it early to get first run with slipcase. I remember getting this around Black Friday last year when Zavvi mistakenly had 2 offers overlap for a few hours (half price and bogof) and I got this and the Sister Streetfighter Collection for £9.99 total ;)


Bought these a while back on sale. If you’re a fan of arrow’s output, you’ll like these.


Yes, things from Arrow are all new (y)


Hi I want to buy for a gift, is this sealed and brand new anyone know?

Arrow Video Easter Sale 2020 at Arrow Films
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Posted 8th Apr 2020Posted 8th Apr 2020
Arrow Video Easter Sale 2020 at Arrow Films
Lots of cult movies and TV shows at great prices.

Has anybody received their orders yet i ordered on 8th and not received anything just a dispatch email on the 15th?


Thanks OP. Ordered An American Werewolf In London also, this will be the 4th time I've bought it! (VHS, DVD, Universal Blu-ray and now this version!) ;)




Paypal is a choice


Just one other thing do you have to leave your credit card details on this site

Arrow Films February flash sale
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Posted 27th Feb 2020Posted 27th Feb 2020
Arrow Films February flash sale
Lots of cult movies at great prices. P&P additional.

Zavvi bogof is frequent. If you have red carpet then no postage.


I got it for £20.69 with red carpet.


Just had a quick look and it seems that the £2 postage is for up to three standard blu-rays. Not sure if it's weight-calculated, so might be the same cost regardless. And when I added a fourth to my basket, it jumped to £4. So if you get two or three blu-rays, the cost will reduce per film at least. If I was just after one film though, I think I'd personally wait until the offer was on Amazon or HMV in store.


A few bargains but due to the p&p, most will be cheaper when HMV have these at 2 for £15, which they seem to do every couple of months


Yeah, its annoying