ASDA 3 Free Delivery codes on grocery orders over £50 offers end 6/04/2008

ASDA 3 Free Delivery codes on grocery orders over £50 offers end 6/04/2008


All entered and recognised with no problems, thanks for these:thumbsup:

Much appreciated...cheers!

all working, cheers.

Yesterday my home shopping should of come at between 6 and 8pm and arrived over 1 hour late. I was called about it being late but only a short while before. I was furious, we had to get some take away food in and also after calling customer services, what a nightmare getting through, they told me the manager would be in touch. I waited and waited and nothing so called back again today and was told again they would ring within half an hour of the the complaint and still nothing. Most of my fresh stuff is dated and the piece of beef i ordered for a maximum of £6.00 came at nearly £11.00. Don't think i will use them again:x

Thanks to the op though, not your fault

Edit...Just spoken to the manageress at my local store and she has refunded me £30 for my trouble. Result

Banked all 3 of them

Thanks for the codes, all banked no probs. :thumbsup:

I also had a late delivery last week, phoned customer services and they were really great, they got the driver to phone me literally 5 mins later, full of apologies, and when he got here he again apologised, didn't try to rush my order to catch up, instead he was very helpful and careful with my stuff. I guess sometimes it's just pot luck how you're dealt with, I've had some lovely delivery people and some that clearly loathe their jobs...

If I've ever had any probs with my order after I've checked it, I always email, let them know what's missing (or what they've sent by mistake), every time I get a refund for anything not delivered, and they always tell me to keep the stuff I've been sent by mistake. Considering they also price match any items they've not got in stock and have had to substitute a more costly alternative, I tend to do very well out of it. One week I must have got at least £10 worth of extra stuff for free! :-D

:thumbsup: Used and worked. Big thanx :thumbsup:

Used but im still waiting for them to deliver a week later!!!
Phoned three times and been promised a callback which never happened.
Tesco's for me from now on who dont send items almost on there expire date to clear them.
Voted cold!!!

Original Poster

Sorry about that, I put an order in yesterday and had it today no probs. Felt sorry for the lady who delivered it though, I'd ordered all heavy stuff to save me having to lug it in!
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