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Mortgage 5 year fixed 1.34% 60% LTV, 1.59% 75% LTV no product fee @ Atom Bank
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Posted 9th Oct 2020Posted 9th Oct 2020
Mortgage 5 year fixed 1.34% 60% LTV, 1.59% 75% LTV no product fee @ Atom Bank
You need to apply through a broker. Worth looking at the full list of approved brokers. There are online brokers like Habito that offer this mortgage.

Just keep an eye on atom they do seem to throw out a really good offer like this every so often. I managed to get this offer and just completed. Currently rates for 5 years are around this level but with a £1k fee. In terms of L&C they were great and had no problems processing to get to completion but the process can take 8 weeks so if you are in the last few months of your current mortgage deal period you may have to bite with a.n.other


Is there any likelyhood a deal like this will surface in the near future?


This is why I hate "middle men" - I've almost always found deals myself and had no issues but the one time I've had to use a broker it was a nightmare. Unfortunately Atom only deal through brokers so there's no option to go it alone. I found a rate with Lloyd's which is 1.25% 2yr fixed, there's a £1500 product fee but you get £200 cashback if you're a Club Lloyd's customer. I've just switched one of my current accounts to them to qualify which also gets me another £100 incentive for switching.


I'm livid. Was in the process of moving to Halifax 1.59% 5 year no fee, direct with Halifax. Signed up with Trussle to get this Atom deal as soon as it became available, uploaded all the docs etc and the advisor has finally come to submit it and the rate has been pulled. Complete and utter waste of my time.


Unfortunately I didn't grab this when I got chance. Deal has gone now if mods could please expire

5 year fixed mortgage with no product fee - 1.44% (60% LTV) / 1.65% (75% LTV) @ Atom Bank
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Posted 5th Oct 2020Posted 5th Oct 2020
5 year fixed mortgage with no product fee - 1.44% (60% LTV) / 1.65% (75% LTV) @ Atom Bank
Atom bank are offering a 5 year fixed rate mortgage with a 1.44% rate and no product fee with 60% LTV. If you have less equity they are also doing a 1.65% rate with 75% LTV and no … Read more

A bank isn't going to be paying you to lend out their money, regardless of the rates going negative or not.


THat would induce further interest drops, wouldn't it?


By reading the press seems BOE addressed a letter to banks about negative rates. If not on next announcement start of Nov it will probably arrive in March/ May. Banks will need to step in after the 2007 bailouts


Fair enough. I went with mine specifically so that I can aggressively overpay as much as I like. I've more than halved my interest payments since I started, but would have found that frustrating calling each time.


OP rate Dropped to 1.34% as of 8am this morning 🕺🏽

Atom bank fixed saver rates. 1yr @ 2.03%
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Posted 1st May 2019Posted 1st May 2019
Atom bank fixed saver rates. 1yr @ 2.03%
Found via MSE. Example - 1 year saver at 2.03% Some good rates to be found with Atom bank. I signed up to a similar account last year and have no issues. Atom is an online only a… Read more

Using an app is no different to using a laptop same security algorithms so yes I do know what I’m talking about


I think it's a personal thing like i said before. Your pc has only got that "reputable branded software" on it, because it's what you've chosen to put on it. Much the same as my phone has only "reputable branded apps" on it, because I have chosen to put those on it. if you secure your phone in the same way you do your PC, then give or take, your risk to exploits is more or less even.


I just checked the money saving expert premium bond calculator. I would have to put in about £17,000 to earn the same 'interest' as Atom at £10k. I'm going for the easy option.




Google Play is littered with insecure apps that you install without knowing on your phone. (eg. My PC has nothing but reputable branded software and proprietary Security software. Your phone might be more secure than the Bank of England, but no one I know has one that is anything close to secure. Take the risk if you want, it's a free country (allegedly)

Atom bank 1 year fixed rate savings increased to 2.05%
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Posted 9th Jun 2018Posted 9th Jun 2018
Atom bank 1 year fixed rate savings increased to 2.05%
Ok, so not a massive jump from the previous rate of 1.95% but enough to get to the top of the 1 year fixed rate savings table. No doubt there will be plenty of comments about the … Read more

I have since moved my money into premium bonds, with NS&I. Robo Advisors were/are good but Brexit is going to cause low returns for the next few years, so bonds are the better investment. I'm also buying Disney bonds which you can buy directly from Disney, with Disney launching their Netflix rival streaming service next year, and now owning marvel we could be talking a 600% return on any investment over 5 years. You don't need to be a math genius to work out what that could mean to having just £500 in shares.


I can agree with this. Have an account with Nutmeg and this year to date I’m running at 8%.


You need a humour transplant ;)




I mean’t that the bank is not as safe as the mattress ;)

Atom bank 1 year fixed saver: 1.95% AER
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Atom bank 1 year fixed saver: 1.95% AER
Hi folks, Atom bank's 1 year saver has gone up from 1.8% to 1.95% AER in response to the BOE base rate hike. While it's not the full .25% increase, it brings it above the Parago… Read more
myotherusernameisclean There may just be 2 in the next 3 years. If i had cash I didn't mind locked away, I'd go for this deal now.


Its great to see Atom raising their rates, but I think I'll wait for further interest rises before shifting any money about.


... If you're earning 2% on the lot. If you're getting 3-5% on the best accounts out there that £500 disappears much quicker!


£500 tax free though so only an issue if you have savings over 25k


It's worth noting that if you're a 40% taxpayer, consider your options. After tax this would be 1.17% AER - which is not any better than an ISA which won't lock you in.

Atom Bank: Two-year fixed rate mortgage 1.09%, £900 fee, remortgages only
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Posted 26th Oct 2017Posted 26th Oct 2017
Atom Bank: Two-year fixed rate mortgage 1.09%, £900 fee, remortgages only
App-only bank Atom has re-vamped its mortgage rates. The best deal is a two-year fixed rate mortgage at 60% LTV (so you need 40% equity) for re-mortgage customers. The rate is 1.… Read more

Offer received yesterday. Have to say everything has been really straight forward. Had to use the app to accept. All down to the legal people now to complete in feb but I've had a simple job in remortgaging with atom. Also thanks to OP for pointing me in this direction as you cant get atom rate on comparison sites. Also avoid sainsbury I was initially trying them and the 2wk before a call back meant any deal is likely to have gone which is what happened to me first.


I think it has changed. Lucky as my application is already on going I managed to get this rate.


Spoke to a 2nd broker - same deal, 1.29%. Guessing it's too late to get above headline rates.


Hi folks, Anyone apply in the last few days? I'm being offered 1.29% with a 900 fee! I mentioned this thread and he said the rates have recently changed. Should I believe this?


Just currently going through an application for this. So thanks OP. Fantastic rate. Not sure what the best atom rate is currently as they don't advertise them

1.84% 5 year fixed rate mortgage, No Fees, 65% Loan to Value Mortgage Product.  Digital - Atom Bank
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Posted 6th Oct 2017Posted 6th Oct 2017
1.84% 5 year fixed rate mortgage, No Fees, 65% Loan to Value Mortgage Product. Digital - Atom Bank
Digital Mortgages (Atom bank) are offering the above rate exclusively through London & Country Mortgage Brokers. No product or reservation fee plus free legal fees for remor… Read more

That was a good deal haven't seen anything batter than this deal since than.


Go via mortgage simplicity you can get cashback via quidco and they have very good service as well


Just in process of moving with Santander, have a lifetime .75% tracker through Alliance & Leicester, porting that and topping up with 2 year 1.09% tracker, can exit at any time, from first call to morgage offer, less than two weeks, online tracker. no complaints.


HSBC is withdrawing some of its fixed deals today (I can foresee an interest rate rise there!). Bank of Ireland has already upped some of its fixed rates.


Been with Santander since they were Abbey. Never had any issues. I just switched my mortgage to them and the process went very smoothly. Obviously your mileage may vary.

Fixed saver rates up to 2.50% at Atombank
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Posted 5th Sep 2017Posted 5th Sep 2017
Fixed saver rates up to 2.50% at Atombank
Tired of low interest rates. Grab these deals while available. All government backed.: 1 Year Fixed Saver Annual interest … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Watch out tying yourself up for more than 2 years as interest rates may go up during that time or soon after. Also the extra interest offered above 2 years is minimal. I believe this product is only available via a mobile app. which does not suit me and quite a few other people, thus restricting the product to fewer potential customers.


Most reviews seem very poor on Trustpilot, scroll down past the couple of 5* reviews at the top, one of which, from Emelia, seems to be blaming the age of customers for the problems that they are experiencing, and states:- Fantastic! Why can't every bank be like this? Every document is accessible on the App and they kept us up to date through our entire mortgage process. Very refreshing bank and good customer service on the one occasion I had to call up. I can understand why older people might not like the phone/app only method they use but for a 27 year old it's perfect!

5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 1.29% @ Atom Bank
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Posted 12th Apr 2017Posted 12th Apr 2017
5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 1.29% @ Atom Bank
Atom Bank is to offer a five-year fixed-rate mortgages this week, with the highlight being a record-breaking rate of just 1.29% if you can borrow 60% of your home's value. The 1.2… Read more

Been dragging this out for months, surprised they let me lol but I accepted their offer today :)


​thats great. my broker was very good however "One ill patient" O'Neals are very slow and not the best.


It was remortgage. All process from application to completion took under 7 weeks (although I could have completed a week earlier if I wanted). Solicitors done their job within 2 weeks and we waited for my desired completion date.


​hsbc deal is pretty good


​congratulations was it a remortgage? how long it took you after completion from Atom with solicitors?

2% fixed rate saver 1yr [min £50] via app only @ Atom Bank
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Posted 2nd Mar 2017Posted 2nd Mar 2017
2% fixed rate saver 1yr [min £50] via app only @ Atom Bank
found via MSE. full FSCS protection. 2yr and 3yr fixed also.

I don't think so - this rate has now gone down to 1.6%. Was just about to go for it too! I'll have to look at other options now, but I suspect this product will still offer the best rate.


​i can only think (wishful) that a rate rise must be on the horizon.. they want people to lock in now at lower rate.


Very little overhead from what I can see, with big backers (BBVA) looking to the future of banking.


Aren't these guys billed as the "future" of banking? App only, no branches... kind of like banking for me now anyway (_;) Heat OP, might be in the market soon for some fixed term savings.


I cannot see how they can afford to give interest rates so much higher than other banks and having not heard of them before it makes me a bit dubious. I know they Have FSCS but I can't help thinking 'if something seems too good to be true'.