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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Audi on Demand Birmingham 10% discount
Saw this code on instagram for Audi on Demand rentals from Birmingham. Might be useful for someone

Thanks, as you can't discuss this as a grown up. Their's is a great feature on here called ignore, which you've just been added too. Have a good day.


You can thinly disguise your insult anyway you want 'Boomer'. I might have been a little sarcastic in my comment, but I understood what you meant. Car shared ownership is not a new concept, even when people dress is up by calling it 'the model of the future'. In fact the concept of car shared ownership goes back many decades. Their are many car share clubs already around today, however most of these are based on exotic or classic cars.


You don't understand what I'm saying. For example Nissan is trialing a subscription service where you can swap your car at anytime for your needs and will detail and clean each car, the car will be swapped for you, you can pay an additional $30 per a day to have a GT-R for a few days. For example Monday - Wednesday you need a nissan leaf Thursday you need a mini van Friday you need the leaf back Saturday you need the GT-R because your trying to get laid Sunday - don't even need a car, just ask for the leaf to be left on your driveway.


I don't think you understand what I'm saying... And judging by your age i must add... Ok boomer


So public transport, taxi's and hire vehicles then? Model of the future, has been around for over a century.

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Audi on Demand Discount code
25% all bookings with Audi on demand

I just walk into the garage and demand mine to start! XD 🤞🏻


So why did people vote cold? I know - they don't know either.


For a second I believed this was 25% off Audi, would have been the deal of the century (lol) (lol)

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Audi on demand 25% off code
25% off bookings made before 30th April. The date of hire can be any time in the future, you just have to book before 30th April! Decent car hire and much cheaper than main renta… Read more

Is this a joke? £170 for 24hrs??


Thanks for posting (y)


Great find. Average excess is £500 and insurance is all fully comp. Much better than other rental companies and as stated on the website, all vehicles have unlimited mileage and top spec.

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15 % Discount Code for Audi On Demand
Spoke to a person in my local shopping centre to where I am staying in the UK and they handed me a discount leaflet. I’ve used this service back home San Francisco and looks as tho… Read more

Thanks for bringing this to my attention: Could be useful for me. However, couldn't get the code to work.

-30% Discount
-30% Discount
30% off Audi on demand premium car hire
To enjoy 30% off your first booking, register and book online, entering code when prompted.(party) Applies to first booking only! A new way to experience an Audi, from 1-28 day… Read more

Does this deal work? Had a few messages saying that the code isn’t valid??? (skeptical)


Give them a call, no harm in asking if they have any discount codes for first time bookings. I don’t think there will be codes before long as I think they are introductory discounts.


I’m from Newcastle, probably won’t work here then I’m guessing?


Where are you trying to book, code was sourced in the Midlands so may be only Midlands based centres.


Hi mate the code doesn’t work?

£49 Discount
£49 Discount
Save 30% at Audi on demand - Audi’s premium mobility experience
Following on from; They have introduced a new further discount to ent… Read more

And there was me thinking it was all just rumours.


Prices are pretty high compared to? If there is anywhere else offering this kind of service I’d be interested to know! I believe the lack of delivery service is a temporary thing 👌🏽


I do, thanks for caring (cheeky)


Your existence on HUKD is literally to offer your desperate attempts at wit... bless, you must have so many interweb fwends


Is it past your bedtime? :{

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Introductory 20% discount to Audi’s new premium ‘on demand’ mobility experience
Audi have just launched their new premium mobility solution in a number of UK centres. Audi now offers a flexible, convenient way of accessing premium mobility without actually own… Read more

Don't complain. You literally got more bang for your buck!


Where’s the R8?(annoyed)




Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol so far and I think they are opening a couple of locations in London.


Because your daily is a shed and you don’t trust it to exist for the duration of your journey? It’s the reason people use these sort of services, because they want peace of mind and a bit of luxury when owning one may be out of their budget. Same as a Boutique hotel vs Etap £17.50

Best Audi Store deals from our community

Audi All-In: Full Warranty, AA, 2 Services and MOTs for 2 Years in 24 monthly payments (3-6 year old vehicles 2.0L & Under) £784.98 at Audi
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Covering 2 Services, 2 MOTs, 2 years' Roadside Assistance and 2 years' Warranty Offered by all official Audi dealers. For vehicles 3-6 years old with engines 2.0L and under, a… Read more

Does anyone know if it can be cancelled if paying monthly when I sell my car?


I understand what you are saying but my comparison of how much one paid originally to how much residual vale the car has (ie by selling privately) is what I would describe as the cars' 'depreciation' . Given this, your comment regarding 9% depreciation still baffles me , lol. Also, the comment regarding 'taking a risk' with another car is probably more suited to cars bought privately but by using a credit card to buy a car from a trader , this risk is minimised in a sense that you would be covered for most underlying serious issues that arise soon after buying it (as I found out with my last car which I claimed under section 75 on my credit card for issues with clutch/flywheel which cost around £1200/£1300 to replace within a few weeks of ownership). Therefore the risk in buying a 'lemon' is extremely minimal and furthermore you would also be taking a risk keeping the current car, regardless of your past service history and previous reliability, as any car can breakdown and some of these unexpected repair bills can be costly. (y)


Your comparison of how much one paid originally with how much you get by selling privately is comparing apples (you with car) with oranges (you are car-less). While you might think you can correct that by using the sales proceeds to buy another privately, then caveat emptor applies by your taking a risk in buying a lemon, which I knew I wasn't doing if I were to keep my car. Also your guesstimate is probably based on out of date experience. As one of today's ft articles indicates, secondhand prices have actually been increasing for "luxury" brands and some other types. FT is semi-paywalled but it refers to this.


Okay, your comment regarding 9% depreciation over 3 years threw me I guess ;) Still not sure what you mean regarding 'the figure you have to pay to ensure you have the same good reliable car you already have' (to me this means buying your car privately, ie its current resale value) The forecast I guesstimated was based on how much the car would be worth (ie how much you could sell it for) so I am probably closer than you think in that respect. Audi's price list for their 'approved used' on 3 year old cars will not represent the market value should you wish to sell yourself as you know , which is why it was c20% out on the predictions. Hope this helps explain my post (confused)


I always thought indicators were an optional extra on Audi, BMW'S and Mercs....

25% off Audi Service Plans for Audi's 3-15 years old @ Audi
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Thought the BMW deal was good, so thought I would look up Audi.

I hold a grudge and I recall AA leaving me at the side of a busy motorway for 6hrs with a 2 week old baby in the car. I'll never ever buy from them because of that, they offered me freebies afterwards but that didnt change what they did. I've never had an issue with the RAC, at one point I had 4 policies going on which was daft. I once had recently purchased a new motorcycle, that came with its own RAC policy from Kawasaki, my Motorcycle insurance with MCE had RAC cover, I had RAC with my car insurance and I had my own policy for my wife and myself, my wifes insurance policy then came with it too. As you would expect, 4-5 policies and no call outs doh. Somebody was having fun that year.


It was usually 1 year according to their blurb but my paperwork says 2, maybe that made the difference? I just booked mine in today for what I thought was the interim service (oil change etc) but seems its the main one, got quoted 400 and something for the work then gently reminded them it has a service plan. Goes in for it 2 weeks yesterday. The Myaudi app says 1 year, but my paperwork says 2. Interestingly, I just read it again and seems I have Audi roadside cover for 2 years too ^^ - I'm guessing the campaign mentioned was possibly a deal they had going on.


We recently moved away from Audi Assist and went back to standard AA cover. Breakdown, home start etc plus their breakdown repair cover (which offers 5 claims a year for up to £535) came out at £240 for two cars (an A4 and A6) with £120 cashback via Quidco. May not cover the entire cost of major work but some additional peace of mind for a sensible price if a full warranty policy isn’t the right solution.


Asked the question today and await an update. First impression is that it’s a separate offer. Suggested it could go live on 19th May which hopefully indicates it may be a different deal too. Missed out on the service promo as a previous service pack is still attached to the car and hasn’t been cleared. Trying to get help from Audi U.K. was pretty woeful. Let’s hope it works out to be worth the wait!


Ah ok..I have no idea of the service but good to know as i will research on this nearer the time as i will be looking to extend the warranty in a years time, the dont build cars like they used to..either that or cars are so bloomin comlicated now!

20% off code at Audi On Demand Car hire
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Posted 23rd Aug 2020Posted 23rd Aug 2020
20% off code at Audi On Demand Car hire
20% off using code “AUDI”. The deal is nothing special with most cars being attainable at pretty much every other car hire company. HOWEVER you can get a Audi S3 saloon for £142 … Read more

I know what you mean however as someone who as a standard diesel hatchback and doesn’t feel comfortable leasing due to the outgoings being better spent towards a deposit, for an odd treat it is a good deal. But i agree that you could get more thrills from a less powerful car like a type r or cupra


£142 a day to hire an S3? You could buy or lease one for a month rate equivalent to 3 days hire (S3 currently unavailable as a new car, the new A3 is just out and the new S3 will be out later). I used to own a Golf R (same as the S3 under the skin, with slightly sharper handling) and they're really not that exciting to drive because although they're fast, they're extremely composed at any speed that won't instantly lose you your license. You'd get a bigger hot hatch buzz from some hot hatches with less power and 2WD, like a Leon Cupra.


I’m probably missing something, but if the excess is a concern on a hire car, wouldn’t you just take out hire car excess insurance?


Got me interested when you siad in your description, "The deal is nothing special " Nothing for me as it seems to be Birmingham/Bristol only - but here's some heat anyway...

Extended Benefits Offer @ Audi Store
Posted 4th Jul 2020Posted 4th Jul 2020
Extended Benefits Offer @ Audi Store
Audi Approved Used latest offers Extended Benefits Offer An Audi. And then some If you’re thinking of an Audi, now’s the time. From now until the end of September, every Approve… Read more

Do I have to take out pcp to get this deal? I’m thinking of buying out rigjt I wonder if they will give the year extra warranty


Why was this deal expired? Offer is valid.


Hello! Credit isn't quite as simple as just borrowing and paying back and that means your credit score is great! Also dont get confused with the USA where credit systems work deferently. Sadly the more records made on your credit history, statistically the more likely you are default on a payment! So if you did this once a year, no problem. However, once you pay back a car loan or any type of credit your credit rating will actually dip for about 28 days. By how much will it dip? Depends on you and how you match on the algorithms! If you have a credit check then you also lose points on credit scores so does cancelling finance agreement does count against you. The computer that does risk analysis doesn't care that you tried to get a good deal etc etc. Hope that helps?


Why would this be detrimental to your credit score, surely clearing the credit early would be a positive? Just curious.


This is true but always remember the impact of applying for, taking out (and of course clearing) the credit still has on your credit file.

Audi A4 40 TFSI Black Edition S Tronic [Tech Pack] @ £2,429 deposit and £269.99 p/m = £8,639.68
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Posted 24th Mar 2019Posted 24th Mar 2019
Audi A4 40 TFSI Black Edition S Tronic [Tech Pack] @ £2,429 deposit and £269.99 p/m = £8,639.68£8,639.38
Pretty good deal on the new A4 with the Tech Pack and Virtual Cockpit- a lot of car for the money Features: … Read more

which one is this? The link in the actual post goes to a missing page


Be careful, Audi clearly charge for extras such as working indicators! (lol)


don't bother with them then. that's the only way to stop them putting prices up and once they have loads of cars sitting doing nowt, the prices will start to come down


If you commute to work 83 miles each way and doing 167 miles per day yes. Leasing then it’s not for you ! Most of people doing max 20 ,30 miles it’s more then enough for average joe .


I done 700 miles last year.

Audi car cleaning kit - £9.99 instore @ Audi (Nottingham and Leicester)
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Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Audi car cleaning kit - £9.99 instore @ Audi (Nottingham and Leicester)£9.99£3370% off
Audi Nottingham and Audi Leicester have these car cleaning kits reduced to 9.99. Be a good stocking filler for someone.. Not sure if they available at other dealerships.
Get deal*Get deal*

You must be unlucky Mire.Mare I have Never had an issue with my indicators, they are like new even after 5 years, never had to change bulb once. That new I haven't even got round to taking off the plastic protective film. Only issue I have with bulbs is my brake lights tend to only come on literally right at the last minute, glad they are decent brakes though or seriously I would end up in that inconsiderate drivers boot


Sarcasm gets you everywhere lol


(lol) (lol) (lol)


Any offers on indicator bulbs, because these things have a tendency to blow as soon as you drive your Audi of the forecourt and why is it that that both sides seem to go at the same time? MM


but might invalidate the warranty?

Big reductions on child seats for audi
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Posted 26th Jul 2017Posted 26th Jul 2017
Big reductions on child seats for audi£99
Big reductions on child seats for audi cars 99.00m some reduced from 241.00

Guess you are a moron who drives a vauxhall with your blindfold on


​Probably because they are not Isize and their is not a list of compatible pushchair adapters. If not going for Isize the maxi cosi cabriofix or the Britax infant seat are often on offer for under £100 those ones have scored well in crash tests. A better indicator of quality than price


U need a base for these at £175


When you can see it is made of better materials that are sturdier, with better harnesses and side protection padding then yes it is going to be safer. I have seen some of the rubbish pedalled at Halfords, TRU and Mothercare for £30 to £70. The Audi tax on these at RRP is likely to be a 30% markup over other well established equivalents by Recaro, Britax etc. There is no way Audi are selling a £50 RRP car seat for £250 because they added their badge. At £100 these will almost certainly be a good buy against other makes which are selling at around £180.


Just because you are buying a more expensive seat doesn't mean its safer. You're a marketing departments dream...

Audi Connect - Extend Free Trial To 12 Months
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Posted 17th Mar 2017Posted 17th Mar 2017
Audi Connect - Extend Free Trial To 12 Months
I'm sure this will probably get voted cold but hopefully useful for some people . My audi connect 3 month trial came to an end a couple of weeks ago. I went onto audi live chat to… Read more

Sorry , I only just seen this. Did you have any luck ? All I did is went on Audi live chat and asked how I go about extending the subscription and they done it free of charge.


Hi @rosscopecotrain Ross, what exactly did you say to audi support to extend your trial? I have a Q5 with an expired audi connect subscription so how would I go about asking for an extension? Thanks!


Another year on and Audi have just renewed the subscription for another year for free. Hopefully some of you from last year will see this post.


Obviously​ you need a more recent Audi that has the Connect features built in to start with ... Some more info on it here:


I believe on the 66 plate and newer cars the sim is built in. Before this there should be a SIM card slot somewhere in the car. It allows things like google maps satellite view to be used as a sat nav , weather and news etc.

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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
View Deal

Is this definitely national - just phoned my local dealership and they knew nothing of it? Is a Lookers Audi dealership, they were quoting me PCP deals, with a £5k deposit from Audi, as opposed to personal leasing deal, which is what this deal looks like.


Forgetting insurance? And 10p per mile fuel would need about 85 mpg?


deffo great deal due to 20k miles per annum, which I don't think everyone thinks of and voting cold, if you can claim business mileage from employer like I am, you will still walk away with profit - 10,000 x 45 p +10,000 x 25p - 20,000x10p(fuel) = £5,000 x 2 years = £10,000- £9,615= £385 profit


great deal for 20k millage. heat added


good deal.. wish there was a deal like this on the more bhp models though... hot

2 x Audi services £299 / £399 @ Audi
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Posted 12th Sep 2015Posted 12th Sep 2015
2 x Audi services £299 / £399 @ Audi£299
Audi Belfast confirming that the service package deal is on again. ( 2 x services. 1 Interim & 1 Major) £299 for vehicles up to and including 2 litre. £399 for vehicles m… Read more

Thanks for the deal OP. And for your informative banter. Always a pleasure.


price gone up ...


​If you car is 5 years 11 months then its still only 5 years old. We paid and was accepted at our local Audi dealer and our car was literally days short of its 6th birthday. :)


This is a bit confusing. The service plan add on the Audi site says 3-5 years but the small print says 36-72 months which is 6 years. Dealer was hesitant to sign me up to this as they think Audi finance will just decline as my car is now 5 months and a few days old. Can anyone confirm they have had this go through for cars older than 5 years? Thanks


If I am paying a premium for a car, I expect premium quality parts that require less maintenance. This is true of most products: if you buy a more expensive washing machine it will last longer and take more of a beating. With a 1 in 27 engine failure rate for a new Audi however (the second worst in the industry), the German auto manufacturers seem to be delivering the exact opposite of the consumer ideal "you get what you pay for." Also, it is widely accepted that dealerships (this applies to all dealers, not just Audi) on the whole do a far inferior job compared to independent specialists for that brand. To use your analogy, taking your car to an Audi dealer is like British Airways giving you the first class lounge but still taking the plane to Halfords round the back.

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