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Audio Affair is a leading retailer of sound equipment in the UK. The online store, who opened in 2006, sells products ranging from cables and hi-fi speakers, to headphones and home cinema sets. Customers can find all the available offers and discount codes listed on the hotukdeals pages. How to redeem audio affair vouchers
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I tend to agree with you and find the accessories can sometimes be cheaper at audio Affair. I believe it's the cheapest place to buy the Atacama Atabites


Dunno about other items, but looked at a tannoy centre speaker on there and it was £99, same speaker at Richer Sounds for £49. Genuinely, thanks for posting, hope someone else has more luck.

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Tannoy Kingdom Royal Carbon Black Speakers (Pair) B Grade - £29,995 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
RRP: £51,995.00 This is an incredibly rare offer on the Tannoy Kingdom Royal Carbon Black… Read more

Thicker is not always better (with cables at least (lol) ). Good examples of this would be what I have: Tellurium Q Black II speaker cable and Crystal Cable I/C's.


Those cables are thick XD


The audiophile in me was zooming in on the picture trying to determine what the amp setup was (lol) difficult to tell as it's blurry zoomed in


I heard she locked him in one of their closets, and he's still in there living off water and stale bread. Tough times.


It looks awesome? (popcorn)

Naim Uniti Nova with Focal Kanta No2 and cables Package Deal - £9,999 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Naim Uniti Nova with Focal Kanta No2 and cables Package Deal - £9,999 @ Audio Affair£9,999
This is an expertly combined package bringing the ergonomic streaming capability and top end sound of Naim Uniti Nova all in one system together with the stunning performance of th… Read more

The lyngdorf Tdai 1120


Lovely pairing. Which lyngdorfs 40 or 60? Did you try both?


Will these sound better than the speakers in my mobile phone? If so I'm getting them for the downstairs toilet. ;)


Think I’m going with a lyngdorf now. Has room perfect correction and sounded fantastic when I demo’d it with some audiovector speakers.


It's very much personal preference. I just wasn't partial to their sound signature. They were neither neutral enough for a truly reference sound or dark and fun enough to compete with my McIntosh. I use tidal MQA as a source and DSD from time to time.

Q Acoustics Concept Centre Speaker - black or white £195 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Q Acoustics Concept Centre Speaker - black or white £195 @ Audio Affair£195 Free P&P Free
Q Acoustics Concept centre speaker is designed to match perfectly with Q Acoustics Concept 20 and Concept 40 speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 home cinema set-up. Gelcore Technology Much l… Read more
Emotiva Big Ego USB DAC - £179 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Emotiva Big Ego USB DAC - £179 @ Audio Affair£179 Free P&P Free
The Big Ego is an award-winning USB DAC at a great price! The Emotiva Big Ego USB DAC can turn the mediocre audio coming from your computer into something that actually sounds grea… Read more

cheers, think Ill look into it more, bit difficult demo'ing at the moment in stores


Also Amazon is your friend, buy it try it. If you don't like it send it back! Amazon have very good returns!


Not really, better source you can get. I find going from Deezer std. To hifi made such a difference even in our old car hifi. Anything got to be better speaker wise than that. So better source is always better. But remember it's all down to each individual how it sounds you do get to a point where you won't hear any real difference. And it does get really expensive. Best bet is to find a hifi shop with a demo room. Hopefully with good staff. You can then try options to find what you like in your budget range. Just remember not all demo rooms are setup well. My system sounded good in one at home it was far better. Also you may need to run those speakers in. Mine took around 30 hrs to start to settle down, they still are but the greatest change seemed to be till then.


I just purchased a pair of B&W speakers from a HUKD post and pulled an old NAD c350 amp out of storage. Planning on playing music (Spotify and FLAC) directly from PC via USB so was initially looking at iFi Zen DAC, but then saw D10S, but then thought COAX/OPTICAL could be handy for the future so then looked at E30. Now considering S.M.S.L M100 MKII only cause its cheaper than E30. Is all this an overkill for my system? Would like to spend as little as possible but would like to get the best out of my system but for little ££ as possible (unicorn) Thnaks


Had an E30 excellent for price only thing I could fault was details slightly not there, wicked sound stage. Top end not to bright. The D50S has more life to me and more top end sparkle. Not to bright but just oh! Not every product a company does is brilliant like the previous amp mentioned, tryed it went back! But now have a roksan amp which to me was worth the much higher cost. That's the problem of taking your stuff into demo rooms and spending hours trying gear. A large whole in your pocket!

Dali Rubicon 2 Speakers (Pair) Black - Open Box £1269 @ AudioAffair
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Dali Rubicon 2 Speakers (Pair) Black - Open Box £1269 @ AudioAffair£1,269 Free P&P Free
SAVE 20% on this open box pair of Dali Rubicon 2 Bookshelf Speakers in Black. Opened carefully in store to show a customer who then bought black instead, these come unsealed but … Read more

Haha. Yes. You would certainly want to have good hearing to fully appreciate a set of speakers like that. I don't understand why do you keep going on about justifying the purchase. I grant you that most people will hear a difference between say a £500 set of speakers and a £1500 pair. That difference will be minimal in a bookshelf speaker where the power and low frequency range are by design limited. Is it worth three times the price? It will be to the select few who make the purchase. And while I'm happy with my £500 worth of speakers I would appreciate an upgrade. If I could afford to move house and set up an AV room then I would probably splash out on a more expensive stereo. It's all relative.


Ugh XD


I'd buy the £14.99 ones XD


Pretty much every product have price segments like this. You can buy some PC speakers for £4.99 from Home Bargains. I would call that silly.


How so? Paying over a grand for some speakers isn't silly?

HiFi Man Deva Headphones with Bluemini @ £284.05 - AudioAffair
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
HiFi Man Deva Headphones with Bluemini @ £284.05 - AudioAffair£284.05£2995% off Free P&P Free
Excellent wireless headphones. Open back, thus better suited for use inside the house. Some reviews… Read more

Not the greatest drop in price ....shame a seller on the bidding site didn't have these ....As they had a max £60 discount when spending a certain amount. I picked up the Grado Rs2e. But if you want just full-size wireless check out the grado GW 100. Full price about £159.


Nice deal. Good luck as they're not less than 20 quid from Amazon.😁


i love HiFiman but we never get the deals you get in the usa.


You do realise the blue mini is nothing to do with Blue, the company behind the yeti? It's the black Bluetooth dongle with the headphones. Edit - reading this again, I fear I had a whoosh moment and you meant the 4-wheeled variant. Oh the indignity (fierce)


In case it's not clear, hifiman have taken a different approach than others and have delivered / included a modular Bluetooth capability. The black dongle can be removed to expose a 3.5mm jack, allowing wired use. I really like this idea. This makes it a bit different and more flexible. If you've got a decent source at home, this is quite attractive and looks a whole lot better than the stuck on adapters that people use to make regular cans Bluetooth capable. I'd wonder if the weight was noticeably lopsided. Prob not, but I'd want to try before I buy and I'd want to be sure it's made of metal.on the hinges, as hifiman have had a chequered past of plastic parts breaking. Heat added :)

KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers (Pair) - Gloss Black/Blue - Refurbished £1399 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 3rd May 2020Posted 3rd May 2020
KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers (Pair) - Gloss Black/Blue - Refurbished £1399 @ Audio Affair£1,399
Not a deal for everyone but with brand new rrp being £1999 this represents a significant saving @ £1399. Bought a pair myself and to be fair if I didn’t know they were refurbished … Read more

Wish I had more money than sense! (skeptical)


Yeah it is, I just checked :D


Perhaps (confused)


RRP and MSRP is the same isn't it? (ninja)


And also the MSRP. 8)

Apollo WT2 SE Turntable Wall Shelf £144.95 at audio affair
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Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Apollo WT2 SE Turntable Wall Shelf £144.95 at audio affair£144.95
This is the cheapest I've seen this. It looks like a good piece of kit.

More of a, I never knew I wanted a wall shelf for my table than I want this product.


Or buy a turntable for 150


Why? Its crap just cheap glass and metal not even got any Sorbothane absorption studs for locking it onto a wall either or any turntable mounts which iw ould expect at that price! Ripoff mate better just building you rown with a sheet of greenhouse glass and a two by four lol (cheeky)


I don't know why but I never knew this existed and now I need one. Thanks OP!

Onkyo HT-S3910 Home Cinema AV Receiver Speaker Package, £379.05 delivered from Audio Affair
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Posted 12th Jan 2020Posted 12th Jan 2020
Onkyo HT-S3910 Home Cinema AV Receiver Speaker Package, £379.05 delivered from Audio Affair£379.05£399.875% off
Experience the ultimate in pure sound flexibility. The powerful yet compact HT-S3910 transforms tinny TV sound into a thrilling sonic sensation with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® playbac… Read more

Thanks ordered two


I like no Bush 😁


Cold. Not Danone... I mean Denon.


Yes im waiting :D


Do they deliver to Loughborough?

Onkyo A-9010 quality Stereo amplifier £189 @ Audio Affair
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Posted 22nd Dec 2017Posted 22nd Dec 2017
Onkyo A-9010 quality Stereo amplifier £189 @ Audio Affair£189
Good deal on a great amplifier! Onkyo A9010 stereo amplifier is an award winning integrated amp that offers excellent sound quality for a very reasonable price. Tuned in the UK, t… Read more

Have this as a bedroom system with tannoy bookshelf speakers. Simply amazing. Highly recommend!!


yes, it is the first instance recorded in the history of HUKD.


That's impressive, don't suppose we know who it was that first made the remark? like I wonder if the person themselves realises just what it became and the history they made. I guess maybe it could of been an observation made by many people at the same time edit: just realised you hyperlinked that quote, was this the first?


It dates back to 2010..


I haven't been on HUKD for ages, good to see the old joke still running. Can anybody pinpoint when it first occured?

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