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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off at AudioVisual Online
INSTRUCTIONS: Use voucher code at checkout. Minimum spend £60. MINIMUM SPEND: £60

Link does not work. I am looking to purchase item costing £329 and min spend is £60. It just redirects saying an error. Waste of time. What's the point of discount code if it doesn't work? Dissapointed.


I did put this in the instructions


The voucher code you have entered is not valid with the current contents of your basket: Voucher requires minimum spend of £60.00.

Yamaha AV Recievers codes @ AudioVisual Online
Various codes for money off Yamaha Recievers.I have the Yamaha RX-V2065 myself and love it...great amp. RX-V467 - £30 off with voucher code yam4 RX-V667 - £50 off with voucher cod… Read more

There's a new award-winning system coming out from little-known manufacturer, Matsui...


Dupe by same member


lol Looks like a good deal heat added.

Oh please don't let it turn in to one of them threads.


Decent, but you should go for a proper brand like "Alba", not one of these unheard of jobbys.

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KEF LS50W Titanium Grey Wireless Mini Monitor Speakers (Pair) £1549 @ AudioVisual Online
-144° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
KEF LS50W Titanium Grey Wireless Mini Monitor Speakers (Pair) £1549 @ AudioVisual Online£1,549 Free P&P Free
I KNOW THESE ARE EXSPENSIVE AND ONLY 1 IN STOCK BUT MIGHT HELP SOMEONE.The incredible LS50 Wireless delivers clear, transparent sound that redefines what is possible from an integr… Read more

Hahah no chance. Numbers only mean so much


These are actually my dream speakers which I have every intention of owning if I ever move to a property with a suitable room to get the best from them. I don't imagine I will be buying new unless I win the lottery though!


cheap how about these for you only £8.799 Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II


i have the Fyne Audio F302 fantastic speakers for the price


You really have no idea

Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Black Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - Warehouse Deal - £539 @ AudioVisual Online
203° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Monitor Audio Bronze 500 Black Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - Warehouse Deal - £539 @ AudioVisual Online£539
Condition: Grade M Visible scratches to all sides on both speakers, original packaging may be marked / damaged. All accessories and full warranty included. … Read more

Is it worth replacing Yamaha NS-F51 for these


At just one left in stock this will be taken down by mods!


It should affect the price a lot more than this though.


Doesn't affect the sound :D


Grade M with visible scratches to all sides to both speakers? Just what I was looking for!

Wharfedale 11.1 bookshelf speakers £129 at AudioVisual Online
265° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2020Posted 28th Dec 2020
Wharfedale 11.1 bookshelf speakers £129 at AudioVisual Online£129 Free P&P Free
Been looking to upgrade some speakers in my surround sound, saw these 11.1's are going for the same price as the older 220 and 9.1. They're come with 2 years warranty and free ship… Read more

Ugly speakers IMHO. Look like what you'd get with a £50 supermarket mini system.


Dali Spektor 2’s all the way.


Add vat to that price! ;)


I have the 220’s and wish they were in white so want to upgrade but feel maybe it’s not worth it for these? They seem a great price (and look far better) but don’t have as good reviews as the 220. This obv doesn’t take into consideration age though...


Also checkout the edifier 1280 and above series. Good prices on CPC Farnell. Saw their latest 1855DB model at about £95.

Monitor Audio Airstream S150 White Bluetooth Speaker @ AV Online - £75
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Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
Monitor Audio Airstream S150 White Bluetooth Speaker @ AV Online - £75£75
There is a Grade 2 version available for £65, but I think the better deal is a brand new one with no marks for £75. Review:… Read more

Yeah but check out the Bay as lots of deals on there


Nice. I have 4 overhead speakers so wondering if the min12 option is better. Only to save cost. P.s. Guess the price is per speaker.


I use these for Atmos - work well -


Lovely speaker. I need similar but passive to use as Atmos


Monitor Audio Bronze FX Walnut Surround Speakers (Pair) £139 with code at AudioVisual Online
423° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
Monitor Audio Bronze FX Walnut Surround Speakers (Pair) £139 with code at AudioVisual Online£139£189.9927% off Free P&P Free
Developing the perfect mix of reverberant or direct surround sound in a Bronze home cinema system, the wall-hugging New Bronze FX surround speaker will combine seamlessly with fron… Read more

Sorry missed your response. Cheers for the info! Will look into these once i'm ready to upgrade. (y)


Yep that would work. Exactly how I have mine setup


My rear speakers measure 140cm from the floor to the base of the speakers, couch is against rear wall.


So would these work as rear surrounds if my couch was up against the back wall (so speakers would go either side on same back wall above couch)? I know not ideal but the alternative i would be going with is my B&W 686 on either side of couch (rather than actually on back wall)


Pervert! (flirt)

Q Acoustics 3000ST Speaker Stands £79 @ AudioVisual Online
329° Expired
Posted 24th Oct 2020Posted 24th Oct 2020
Q Acoustics 3000ST Speaker Stands £79 @ AudioVisual Online£79£9920% off Free P&P Free
Amazon + Direct they are £99. RS has them at £89 They come with plates for 3010 as well as 3020, and have the same spike/rubber attachments you get with the speakers. White also… Read more

mine are the 2020i, just over laps but grips keep it in place,does the job


I'm talking about the Duronics he linked.


They come with 2 sets of plates if I recall correctly? I have 3020s but I had 2 spare plates presumably for the 3010?


I have these sitting in a box waiting to be returned. They plates are too wide for 3010s

Pricklerickle I got these 39 pounds,60 cm

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Q Acoustics 3020i Speakers £168 @ AudioVisual Online
572° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2020Posted 8th Jun 2020
Q Acoustics 3020i Speakers £168 @ AudioVisual Online£168
5 Star reviews when reviewed at full retail price of £250. Now knocked down to £169. Cheeeap

I have the NS-10G. The Nobsound mini appears to be the same thing without the EQ button (which is rubbish anyway). The reason I suggested you buy a 100W power supply separately is because the one that is bundled with the amp on amazon isn't powerful enough and overheats (dangerously). I bought a 12V 8A psu on ebay (12 x 8 = 96W) and that works perfectly.


Thanks Croquetes and Mark_Moorby I'll mainly use speakers with a bluetooth audio source(mobile or fire stick) and want to have a budget solution. Mark kindly suggest the nobsound model numbers. Is it mandatory to have separate power supply for nobsound?


If you want something very cheap that works just fine you can get a nobsound 100W amplifier for around £30 (I'd recommend buying the amp and 100W power supply separately on ebay). I got one the other day, it's got Bluetooth, aux in and USB in. There's a very slight hiss that comes out the speakers so it's not perfect but other than that the sound quality is very good (you don't hear the quiet hiss when music is playing) If you're looking for a more expensive amp I know the Marantz pm6006 is good for something like this (no Bluetooth without buying an adapter for the aux jack). My friend has one of those but then you're looking at several hundred pounds.


Are you going to use them with a TV? If so, get an av receiver (any will do but reputable brands are Marantz, Denon, Cambridge, Pioneer), I've got a Onkyo TX-L50 to save space (7mm of height to fit on a tv unit ) If you don't need to connect them to a TV just get an HiFi Amplifier, they are cheaper


Please suggest amplifier for home use. I am very new to such kin of speakers. I have always used PC speaker which comes with inbuilt amplifier

Mission M3 M-CUBE Black 5.1 Satellite Speaker Package £299 delivered from AVonline
275° Expired
Posted 21st May 2020Posted 21st May 2020
Mission M3 M-CUBE Black 5.1 Satellite Speaker Package £299 delivered from AVonline£299£34914% off Free P&P Free
AVonline also have 1 set left at £269. That is a grade 2 product the ones I have listed are New not a grade 2. M³ is the third generation satellite and subwoofer 5.1 AV system … Read more

Newer but worse seemed to be the consensus.


They were different. That being said, I think the £129 ones are actually newer and better.


Peter Tyson had this for £129.99 a while back. Might be worth checking with them on stock etc.


The m cube was a lot cheaper This has been £300 for a long time know


Probably sound like a random combination but I could see two of these and the sub linked to a Sonos Amp either side of a wall mounted TV if your TV has analog out (or have the new amp). Certainly cheaper than all Sonos solution! If you have space for a proper amp no worries, but I was just thinking minimalistic usage.

AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB digital to analogue converter grade 2 (not new) - £99.99 free delivery at AV online
289° Expired
Posted 10th Apr 2020Posted 10th Apr 2020
AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB digital to analogue converter grade 2 (not new) - £99.99 free delivery at AV online£99.99£13526% off Free P&P Free
AudioQuest DragonFly Red Features USB stick-sized digital-to-analogue converter Plays all music files: MP3 to high-res Compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, as well as iO… Read more

Will do..


I've been trying to find the driver to no avail - any chance you could have a look? Cheers


Looking forward to mine coming tomorrow. However thanks b0b1 for opening my eyes to the AudioScienceReview testing- it sure was a good read. Didn't know about the site nor the E1DA 9038S. I might even give it a go, but it looks like it is difficult to get in the UK. TBH, I will see how the DFR sounds on my PC, as I am sure it will be night and day over the onboard DAC and make a decision after that. Don't really want to spend too much though on HiFi as I am saving for a Chord Qutest.


Funnily enough I have that too. Seems to amplify the sound, not sure if it improves it though.


The Soundkey's distortion is even worse than the Dragonfly Red: And it has a low-frequency roll-off (lack of sub-bass): At £50, this is not good value for money.

Monitor Audio Bronze FX Speaker £209 @ AudioVisual Online
234° Expired
Posted 29th Feb 2020Posted 29th Feb 2020
Monitor Audio Bronze FX Speaker £209 @ AudioVisual Online£209
Bargain.. Cheapest Ive ever seen

I'm looking for the Gold FX, to match my front's. Just not sure if its worth the hassle.


Thanks OP, ordered a set in walnut


My favourite audio brand, not stupid expensive, but they sound awesome, especially Paired with a REL subwoofer


Same price in all colours mate


Really like our Monitor speakers we have Monitor Bronze 2's attached to our Denon system and they are pretty good for most music and audio

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