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Free Bosch wipers with auto glass if you have a screen repair
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Posted 3rd Nov 2014Posted 3rd Nov 2014
Free Bosch wipers with auto glass if you have a screen repair
Get these bosch wiper for free if. Just get a booking from them and tell them where your crack is and after they have fixed your windscreen/rear/side they will give you the wipers… Read more






I left my car on the South Bank while I went up the Oxo Tower last week. When I came back my crack, which had been quite small, had suddenly expanded a bit. Looked like some rascal had poked something in it. Not sure whether to claim on the insurance or just ring Autoglass direct. Do you think I'll have to pay for my expanded crack? Free wipers look good though, should be able to wipe most things off when it gets dirty...


the special liquid fills the gap but the wiper has nothing to do with crack

Book a repair or replacement and get a free MOT test at halfords* *till the 16th of september @ Autoglass
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Posted 3rd Sep 2013Posted 3rd Sep 2013
Book a repair or replacement and get a free MOT test at halfords* *till the 16th of september @ Autoglass
Book a replacement or repair and get a Free MOT test with halfords. So if you have a chip and you cant be bothered calling this should encourage you.

Halfords wanted to charge me over £200 to put new wiper blades and 2 new clips on! 1 the old blades were fine but I did it all for less than £20 in 10 min. what a rip off.


Bad idea autoglass, would not recomend Halfords for MOT, rip off merchants!! Failed my MOT and said it needed £480 worth of work, I refused to pay n said i'd get the work done elsewhere, booked it for an MOT elsewhere, and it passed MOT as I expected!!!!


Halfords? Never again!


Nothing in it for Autoglass or Halfords. Halfords would need to get some money somehow so will no doubt 'find' problems. Not a fan


Took my car for a MOT at Halfords earlier this year, won't do it again.

Free BOSCH wipers with every windscreen repair with autoglass
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Posted 15th Mar 2013Posted 15th Mar 2013
Free BOSCH wipers with every windscreen repair with autoglass
Thought this was a good deal if your in need of a new set of wipers. If your putting off getting a little chip repaired get it done before the 27th March!
Get deal*Get deal*

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Not really a freebie this.


Yip, they quoted me £480 for a windscreen for my van, I got it done by a local company for £160 :o


Hope they are not giving out free dishwashers!


Autoglass were ~£150 more expensive than the cheapest (but still reputable company) quote I had this week for a replacement screen - no wonder they can afford to give away free wiper blades :p

Free Bosch wiper blades with autoglass replacement or repair
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Posted 6th Mar 2013Posted 6th Mar 2013
Free Bosch wiper blades with autoglass replacement or repair
Just seen the tv advert for this deal again..... most insuraces excesses will be £10 which isnt a bad price for a pair of replacement Bosch aero wipers

Why do you need to tell them if you replace a screen yourself? The question you get asked is 'have you had any claims.....' I have insurance because I'm required to by law. However, if my excess is £500, and I do £550 worth of damage, it makes sense to pay for it myself and it will put the premiums up. As with the screen, if I had claimed, I would have had to declare it as a claim for 5 years and chances are it would have put my policy up by more than £7 a year.


It doesn't affect your policy whether you claim or not. Why keep a dog and bark yourself? Why have insurance and pay yourself? You still need to disclose the loss/damage even if you pay for the repair yourself. It still won't affect your policy


I needed a screen recently, ended up paying a local company £135 after a lot of ringing around, for £35 more than my excess it wasn't worth affecting my policy. For the people adamant that you don't need to declare it, I hope they don't use it as an excuse to pull out of any future claims.


I paid 100 excess, the free blades aren't very good & Bosch don't do flat blades which my car is supposed to have so I won't be keeping them for long. What annoys me is the new glass mists up more than the original windscreen. U do have to declare it when getting quotes but it shouldn't make much of a difference to most companies.


Every insurer I know of does! And that includes Budget car insurance. You need to have reported it when it asked if you have had any claims. It doesn't affect the NCB and usually doesn't affect the premium, but failure to disclose could render your insurance void in the event of any future claim. I suggest you get onto them and come clean.

Autoglass - Free Bosh Wiper Blades with Every Windscreen Repair or Replacement
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Posted 8th Oct 2012Posted 8th Oct 2012
Autoglass - Free Bosh Wiper Blades with Every Windscreen Repair or Replacement
Autoglass 40 Year old (Promotion) From today until 6pm 22nd October, book an Autoglass windscreen repair or replacement and get a free pair of Bosch Wiper blades. I've just had m… Read more

"Autoglass repair,Autoglass replace", cring worthy awful radio adverts almost as bad as the go compare rabbel!


Information from watchdog - Thinking of making an insurance claim? BBC Watchdog Deciding whether to make a claim on your insurance can be a bit of a mind field - What's covered? What's the excess? How will it affect No Claims Discounts? A quick call to your insurer should help - but beware. Even if you decide NOT to make a claim, your call could still be logged on your history, and count against you in the future. As Simon Clayton discovered. He took out car insurance with Budget Insurance in June, but just weeks into his cover they cancelled his policy saying it was because he had failed to disclose two previous claims. The problem was he hadn't made any. "I phoned up my previous insurer, Swift, and they told me one was for a windscreen repair and one was a notification from where I'd driven into a pothole," explains Simon. The windscreen repair was provided free as part of his cover and didn't affect his No Claims. And the pothole had caused no damage and was just to get a reference number for his local council. But Swiftcover had logged the incidents on Simon's history AND told Budget all about them


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, was not aware of that sneaky clause at all. These insurers really do get you these days, the whole NCB thing is pretty much a con now anyway in my opinion. I mean I had someone bump my car a few weeks ago, accepted entirely their fault and went through their insurance only, but yet I will now have to declare full details of that claim every time I get a new quote as they insurers ask the question "have you been involved in any claims" rather than simply asking what NCB you have.


Couple of sites I've had quotes on have asked, but hasn't made any difference to me cost wise when I've added it on. A non-fault accident didn't raise it either luckily.


Yes you do actually.