Avon - free bottle of surrender for her with no MOV-£12

Get code & visit siteNCE


Thanks! Just ordered some skin lotion for 99p and added this. Lovely to put away as a gift!

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Glad you found it usefull!

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Just thought i'd bump this up incase any lads out there are strugling for a valentines pressies.. this is a really nice perfume

Thanks, ordered something for £1.25, and got this free!!, good for mothers day!!

Hi, I tried this offer - I ordered Bubble bath @ £2.50 and put in the order code romance. They charged £3.50 postage = making the bubble bath cost £6.00 :-( so I canceled the order to ask folks if this is correct.

I think you are coming at this from the wrong angle. In effect, you are being charged £6 for a £2.50 bubble bath and a £12 perfume to be delivered to your home. The OP makes it clear in the post that the £3.50 P&P charge still applies...

Oh! thank you, silly me! I did misunderstand! I will try the offer again :thumbsup:
I ordered the bubble bath & Surrender for Her Eau de Parfum - oriental - musk -50ml & campaign 5 brochure for the total price of £6.00.
Thank you

:w00t: Super deal. For £7.50 inc P+P i got perfume, and two glowing moisturisers which I use regularly (BOFOF offer). Many thanx.

Had no idea Avon was online. Big sale still on the site :-D

Arrived today. Many thanx

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just bumping as this ends tomorrow!

can someone describe the perfume scent for me?I find with avon I either love or loathe the fragrance.
They discontinued my favorite night musk and I cant find any talc/shimmer powders now on site either :-( going to sulk now

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Just called my friend who has got this perfume and she described it as a spicy fragrance... oh and she REALLY likes it..lol


Thankyou :-)
Its the florals I dont like.Will order some now :-)

dont forget 12% at quidco
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