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Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit 9 Pro Kit NUC9V7QNX - compact PC - Core i7 9850H 2.6 GHz - 0 GB - no HDD £478.80 @ Ballicom
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
EDIT : The price keeps changing. Check in the evening if you are seeing higher than £478.80 Cheapest I have seen and in stock. Free postage over £100. Slightly lower spec version… Read more

Right. I didn't try that. I will expire now. Edit: It still is a great price though. The compute unit alone is selling for north of £800


I saw it for the cheap price yesterday evening but when sending to the trolley it would increase the price.


It keeps fluctuating. It was £515 during the day yesterday and went back to £478 when i unexpired it. If it does not go back to £478 this evening, I will expire it.


I don't understand why it was unexpired... The price on the cart never changed to the original deal price in the past 24 hours...


Thanks. Been a member for a long time, without a login. Now giving back ;)

BenQ BL2581T 25" 1920x1200 monitor £175.98 at Ballicom
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Shopped around for ages before deciding on this monitor. At 1920x1200, it gives more vertical resolution than a full HD one does. Mine arrived a couple of days ago. The image is su… Read more

Q xw"qq *A2


There was an awesome deal on the Philips 1920x1200 25 inch a few weeks back for about 100 quid. Not voting either way, this might still be a good deal for this one but I wish I picked up a couple of the Philips.

NZXT Kraken X73 360mm AIO cooler - £140.04 Delivered @ Ballicom
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
NZXT Kraken X73 360mm AIO cooler - £140.04 Delivered @ Ballicom£140.04 Free P&P Free
Cheapest I have found for this cooler. Think it has been cheaper in the past, but not at the moment.

Ballicom? Website seems broken for me. Also the link isn't working.


Ahhh decent price! I’m tempted and I don’t even need it ;( Link goes to a page which states not found


Nah by know everyone will have got the Notification lol seem to happen alot with this brand must be the name kraken


Yes I saw that, need a mod to change it I reckon?!


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Acer B277U bmiipprzx LED monitor - 27" IPS QHD 75Hz £249.34 @ Ballicom
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Acer B277U bmiipprzx LED monitor - 27" IPS QHD 75Hz £249.34 @ Ballicom£249.34£296.9916% off Free P&P Free
I have been looking for a QHD/27" monitor for working from home, and this seems like a nice deal, at least on paper. Display Type LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix E… Read more

I agree, had to go back to 60 for a week and it was unbearable. You just can't go back.


It looks like it is going to be sold for £229 soon at


Last week, I would have agreed with you but I recently got this and boy the difference is amazing! The higher 144Hz refresh rate makes everything so much smoother. I was initially looking for 4K but at this size and my budget I was recommended to go for higher refresh rate instead. I guess if you're currently happy with 60Hz then stick with that because as soon as you go higher you won't be able to go back!


Exactly this! I've been plodding on with my 60Hz for quite a while and it's been fine. I wish I could afford a GPU that would actually necessitate a 120Hz monitor lol!


144hz is really only 'important' if you're some hardcore competitive gamer. Otherwise 60hz will still do just fine. Also remember making full use of a 1440p/144hz monitor requires a very powerful GPU *and* CPU, and will probably need more regularly upgrading in order to keep up the standard of playing the latest games at such settings and high framerates. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with being a gaming enthusiast and sticking with 60hz, especially if you want to take it easier on your wallet.

LG OLED65CX5LB CX Series 65" OLED TV - 4K £1,697.53 at Ballicom
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
LG OLED65CX5LB CX Series 65" OLED TV - 4K £1,697.53 at Ballicom£1,697.53£1,7996% off Free P&P Free
Managed to get livechat to price match this however I wouldn't bite myself as it comes with the standard 1 year guarantee. May help someone else who has contents' insurance… Read more

Will it come with the free headphones like other retailers?


Try John Lewis price match


Why would contents insurance help? They dont cover wear and tear if the TV breaks by itself, then your stuck with a £1700.00 paper weight. I think its terrible companies only offering a 1 year warranty on a £1700.00. Such a huge risk

Intel Core i9-10850K (10th Gen) CPU £362.47 via Ballicom
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Intel Core i9-10850K (10th Gen) CPU £362.47 via Ballicom£362.47 Free P&P Free
Product Features Maximize Performance Whether you are working on your latest feature film or the next episode of a YouTube series, the unlocked Intel Core X-series processors a… Read more

Indeed,,,, In 1996 I waited for the intel pentium MMX to be released and I stuck with my pentium P60 MHz...then MMX came out and I waited for Pentium 2, when that came out I waited for Pentium 3...... I'm still waiting and not sure when to commit?


If you're willing to take a bit of risk this - - will work with your current motherboard.


I currently game 4k 60 with a i7 6700k and 980ti looking to upgrade I play on medium - high I looking to play at max at 4k


9900k, 10700k, 8 core 16 threads 10850k 10 cores 20 threads or this 10600k, 6 core 16 threads they will all do the same thing if gaming, these all have higher boost clock speed which is much more preferable. 10600k is a nice hop and low enough price spend the rest on a decent GPU if you can get one. They will all perform roughly the same @ 1440p


I currently have a i7 6700k and need a upgrade is this recommend or is it overkill?

Microsoft Surface Dock docking station - 2 x Mini DP £101.51 delivered @ Ballicom
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Microsoft Surface Dock docking station - 2 x Mini DP £101.51 delivered @ Ballicom£101.51 Free P&P Free
Seems a good price for a great product. 50 quid cheaper than most other retailers

I don’t think they get power from PoE, I don’t think PoE can supply enough power. Then power brick with them is substantial. Worth noting too that they only support one display at 4K/60 when you have two 4K displays it drops to 30. You can get round it by connecting one screen to the laptop. I’m guessing these are cheaper because the newer version is usb-c.


Good price. I have one on my desk now...only unfortunately, the thing I was connecting it to, my Surface book, it's started expanding and the screen yellowed. All Microsoft could do is offer to replace it for almost £700 (as it's out of warranty), while saying it's dangerous and I shouldn't use it or post it back to them, but at the same time not accepting responsibility.


Expensive? Have you seen how much laptop docks are on Amazon, this is cheap (lol)


Thought I needed to buy one of these but bought a wavlink thing off Amazon for about £30 that allows me to connect two monitors, job done.


That's sounds amazing but after googleing I can't seem to find this anyway. Are you sure this is the case and if so any chance you could link me the site? Thanks

WD Gold Enterprise-Class Hard Drive 8TB SATA - £188.52 @ Ballicom International
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
WD Gold Enterprise-Class Hard Drive 8TB SATA - £188.52 @ Ballicom International£188.52 Free P&P Free
Following the complete disaster of purchasing Toshiba N300 drives from Amazon, I returned them and hunted around for the next best drive I could find. These look to be a steal at … Read more

RAID 1 - no extra wear as each drive receives identical writes. You're right that other RAID levels are generally a bit more intensive, but mostly only during rebuild operations; regardless, you still gain in the fact that you have redundancy across more drives, so I think it's a bit silly not to trust it.


Granted Mirrored raid I hope? All my data drives are duplicated. I don't trust raid and I think it wears them out more quickly.


That's par for the course though, its an enterprise drive. You have a backup and you rebuild the replacement drive. That's why I have two of these in RAID 1 in my Synology, and an external drive which it's also backed up to.


Yes it is rare, but I've got a Lacie DJI copilot drive which includes a three year warranty on the drive AND three year data recovery


Isn't that obvious? I've never seen a hdd warranty that included data recovery, especially since that is a very expensive specialist service. Most manufacturers will try to palm off refurbished hdds as returns, its pretty standard tactic. Replaced drive will carry warranty and it won't be 30 days, but should be either balance of original warranty or a year (i thin that depends on the country and / or manufacturer?)

Synology Disk Station DS220+ £305.56 @ Ballicom International
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Synology Disk Station DS220+ £305.56 @ Ballicom International£305.56 Free P&P Free
Cheapest I can find from a reputable seller. Still trying to work out the best NAS to buy and it's looking like this is the one. Know it was cheaper over Christmas time, but it's l… Read more

Yes I can confirm it came up for £238 between Christmas and New Year. I missed it though (annoyed)



I have looked at camel and keepa but neither have recorded it for £230, did you mis type?


Yes, will do (y)


No, not yet, still gathering all the info that I need. Some articles say that it can take RAM in excess of 4GB. As of now, I have only got a 4GB IronWolf drive after I got the DS220+. Activated the DiskStation with a single drive to check that the drive wasn't noisy. If you happen to get the RAM before I do, please post it here :)

Intel NUC8I5BEK mini PC kit - Core i5 8259U £217.25 @ Ballicom
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Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
Intel NUC8I5BEK mini PC kit - Core i5 8259U £217.25 @ Ballicom£217.25 Free P&P Free
Just add RAM, storage and OS. Quad core 28W CPU, Thunderbolt 3, 128MB eDRAM L4 cache. Intel i5-8259U CPU (Coffee Lake), quad-core with hyperthreading, up to 3.8 GHz Integrat… Read more

Yeah I figured that was the case, these all look identical and offer similar functionality... great little devices.


Mine is NUC5i5RYK not as up to date but basically same. (highfive)


Time traveller eh? (y) this particular version was launched in late 2018 -


Out of stock. The 8th gen nucs are a good buy as they have Intel Iris graphics which was not present with the newer 10th gen models.


Got one of these over 4 years ago second hand off eBay, never put a foot wrong. Very good for every day use and really compact, used to have a tower system.