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Balsam Hill Vancouver Spruce 6ft Candlelight Clear LED Now £239
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Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Balsam Hill Vancouver Spruce 6ft Candlelight Clear LED Now £239£239 Free P&P Free
Amazing trees, not cheap but even more worth it now they're in the sale. 50% off many items A CHARMING TREE FOR THE CLASSIC HOME With its flourishing appeal and rustic charm, our … Read more

Is there another brand that does realistic trees for less? I still think these are overpriced. There were some at a local store for half this price last year but I can't remember the brand name....




So you're saying your wife is an excellent fluffer?


That isn't really true. As long as an artifical tree lasts 12 years it should have a smaller footprint than cut trees. If your tree isn't locally grown, like a lot of the cheap ones at super markets, or ends up in landfill then this is reduced further.


From an environmental point of view a real tree will always be better than a fake. The carbon footprint of a fake tree is huge, the carbon footprint of a real tree is far lower. It absorbs carbon when growing, depending on your disposal route this carbon may then be released back into the atmosphere, but still better than artificial. Small print: I've got a Balsam tree, but not for the enviromental reasons.

Premium Christmas Trees up to 50% off plus free delivery - from £99 @ Balsam Hill
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Posted 18th Nov 2020Posted 18th Nov 2020
Premium Christmas Trees up to 50% off plus free delivery - from £99 @ Balsam Hill£99 Free P&P Free
Black Friday - Balsam Hill doing up to 50% of Xmas trees. A similar post was posted earlier this month which offered up to 40% off. Not often they do deals like this. These trees … Read more

Ours has arrived, what a bargain, especially as the sale price now is 299 down from 319 and we paid 179!


I tend to agree. Vote accordingly.


not every tree. It's up to 40%


They're 40% off in the summer too going by the archive


It's not a deal then is it

Up to 40% off quality Balsam Hill Christmas Trees
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Posted 9th Nov 2019Posted 9th Nov 2019
Up to 40% off quality Balsam Hill Christmas Trees
So these bad boys aren't cheap but I was sick of buying a new tree every few years so decided to 'invest' in a better calibre of tree. First world problems, eh!! Anyway these are … Read more

For anyone looking to purchase something from them this year, they have the following vouchers on the site ( - Valid until the 30th of November UKBH20 £20 OFF ORDERS £299 OR MORE UKBH30 £30 OFF ORDERS £399 OR MORE UKBH50 £50 OFF ORDERS £599 OR MORE UKBH70 £70 OFF ORDERS £799 OR MORE This needs to be before vat. Like others have said they are not exactly cheap, however meant to be amazing and could help someone so thought it worth sharing.


I have one of these trees and it is well worth the money. Good deal.


It’s a deal for EVERY HDUK user, as the discount is available to ALL. Thats why this is a HOT deal. If your suggesting it’s not a deal because they may be considered expensive/unaffordable for some, then don’t vote and move on. You sound like Comrade Corbyn with your wanting of deals for ALL HDUK users, not just the few and privileged HDUK users!


Thank you for posting , been looking for a decent artificial tree for weeks , ordered one of the slimmer ones , hope they are as good in reality as they look online .


I am sure members would have found it useful if you had said it was a plastic tree in your description

Up to 50% Off Premium Quality, Luxury & Innovative Artificial Christmas Trees (incl. Free Delivery) @ Balsam Hill's Black Friday Event
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Up to 50% Off Premium Quality, Luxury & Innovative Artificial Christmas Trees (incl. Free Delivery) @ Balsam Hill's Black Friday Event
Trees under £200 - Trees Between £200 & £299 -… Read more

its not A or B though, is it? Having a nice quality christmas tree that doesn't look like its made out of green tinsel doesn't stop you having good times with good friends and family around it?


I wish. (annoyed)


What's wrong with the one I've used in the last 5 years? It's not about the Christmas tree , it's about who you spend time with around the Christmas tree.


Classic!! (lol)


A very good review from @marshall-stephens who is general manager at Balsam Trees :)

6' Saratoga Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree - Prelit LED Clear - £219 Delivered (Was £479) by Balsam Hill UK
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
6' Saratoga Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree - Prelit LED Clear - £219 Delivered (Was £479) by Balsam Hill UK£219£47954% off
CAPTURE THE CALM OF SARATOGA SPRINGS Our exquisite Saratoga Spruce features two-toned needles, making it adaptable to the tranquil holiday atmosphere you've crafted within your hom… Read more

I went for the Nordmann Fir in the end as it is native to the UK and Europe and is a beautiful and geographically consistent tree. No point paying the lights tax imo. I have however not received the tree yet after ordering a week ago and being told my order will be delivered today three days in a row! Phoned Balsam Hill several times and keep being told it’s the fault of UPS and that they’re a terrible carrier, to which I laughed :|


I think the issue here is that you are a little insensitive. You seem to claim your version of Christmas is better than anyone who has an artificial tree. I’m just here to prove you wrong and to say everyone makes their own Christmas and it doesn’t have to be the same as yours.


Somebody is a little over sensitive.


I tried that for the first year or three of having children. First year tree was £25, next year it was £35, the following year it went up to £45. Same quality, same place, same size tree. As lovely as it was there was to try and manufacture a tradition, it just never happened. I’m glad you’ve got yours, but with all the other expense and stress at this time of year it just wasn’t happening for me and our family. Instead, we get the same tree down from the roof each year and everyone passes me all the branches to put the thing together. It’s become as much a traditional part of our Christmas than going out and buying a real tree is for you. I don’t want my children to live off of my memories trying to be recreated, we live in different times and things aren’t as simple now as they were 40 years ago when I was a nipper. My children would not appreciate the same things as I did, and I wouldn’t expect them to either. We’ve created our own traditions over the years that make our family Christmas our own experience, not the experience I already had growing up, and what we have we love. So please don’t impose your belief that our Christmas is a lesser experience lacking in traditions just because you go out and do your thing that you consider to be better than everyone else’s.


Agreed, but when you've got tiny kids, and two car seats in the back of your car, it's not always easy to follow tradition. Scenticles and an artificial tree it is for us this year. I'm sure we'll get to enjoy those fond memories you reference again in future, when our two, are a little bigger, and able to appreciate the experience you describe, and the memories they'll have of it too.

Balsamhill Christmas trees Sale - Save up to 30% off + Coupon code
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Posted 6th Nov 2016Posted 6th Nov 2016
Balsamhill Christmas trees Sale - Save up to 30% off + Coupon code£69
With me being in the Xmas mood, I decided buy a new Christmas tree and found Balsam Hill have a 30% off sale at the moment. They also have up to £65 off the trees via coupon codes … Read more

Don't bother buying from these jokers, expensive trees and aren't delivering or responding - have a look at trustpilot and Facebook comments!


​hi can I ask you what the name of this tree is please,if you can remember.


I cannot rate Balsam Hill highly enough. We bought a 7" pre-lit Frosted Fraser Fir last year to replace our ageing tree. It is absolutely spectacular and being in my 40's, the CandleLight old style incandescent-like led bulbs are a gorgeous nostalgic throwback to the lights we used to have on our trees as kids, before led tech became cheap and the norm. The multi-colours are nice too, but the warm cosy glow of the clear bulbs is extra Xmasy. Spend the time fluffing it and arranging the branches properly on day 1 of use and you'll have something that looks as close as possible to the real thing and it'll last you for years. We had so many compliments on our tree from visitors last year that I'm pretty sure Balsam Hill owe me commission from word of mouth purchases :)


Thats naughty, though I just checked mine and it has increased by £50.


This post made me buy a really expensive Christmas tree last night! I checked online today as the 30% sale ended at midnight... And now the sale is 40%! I phoned up just now and they're going to refund me the difference :)