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Bank Of Scotland Platinum Credit Card 32 Month Balance Transfer with 1.69% fee @ Bank Of Scotland
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Posted 3rd Jul 2015Posted 3rd Jul 2015
Bank Of Scotland Platinum Credit Card 32 Month Balance Transfer with 1.69% fee @ Bank Of Scotland
As the battle goes on for Credit Cards Bank Of Scotland have brought out their lowest balance transfer fee one at 1.69% for 32 months ( 2 years 8 months ) 0% for up to 32 months f… Read more

​I always reduced my credit limit to suit my needs , so that I don't have too much available credit ;)


I work in finance (retail banking) so deal with this on a daily basis, it does affect new applications


just wondering - with these BT+purchase you pay the purchase part separate, or will it automatically pay this off first with your payments?


Where did you get your info regarding available credit left on other cards goes against you? I have credit being unused elsewhere and wondering if reducing this would really make any difference when applying...


Does anyone know of you can do a balance transfer into a bank account with this card

bank of scotland credit card - 35 months 0% (+£20 quidco)
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Posted 13th May 2015Posted 13th May 2015
bank of scotland credit card - 35 months 0% (+£20 quidco)
Ive just signed up for this deal the quidco tracked in 6hours and my transfer was confirmed next day 0% for up to 35 months from account opening on balance transfers within the fi… Read more

hot, why cold?


the link provided should take you via quidco those not wanting quidco heres the direct link direct

Everyday Offers from Bank of Scotland - Cashback
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Posted 7th Mar 2015Posted 7th Mar 2015
Everyday Offers from Bank of Scotland - Cashback
Just logged onto my BOS account and was greeted by offers whilst on log in screen. I don't know if its only for 'Ultimate reward accounts' or for any current account. As far as I… Read more

Why vote cold? If you have a BOS or Halifax account anyway, this is free money AND WORKS WITH VOUCHER CODES etc as it looks at the card transaction with the merchant. You don't have to do anything to redeem (apart from activate it online or on the banking app). I've had £35 cashback, which isn't a massive amount but required zero effort!!!


It's completely different per customer. Mine are not the same for example I have a hertz offer. Very misleading thread


I think you've pretty much got your answer then. I can't say if it's different from person to person but here are my current Halifax ones below. 7% off Crabtree & Evelyn 15% off The King's Feast 10% off Funky Pigeon 25% off Q Park 15% off Hungry House 15% off Piccolino 15% off Superdry 8% New Look 15% off Gourmet Burger Kitchen


Aren't these personalised offers which are different for each individual? Copied from MSE............. Lloyds Bank Old 16-12-2014, 4:32 PM Has MSE’s permission to post for company MoneySaving Stalwart Join Date: Feb 2014 Posts: 348 Thanked 170 Times in 132 Posts Default Quote: Originally Posted by Moneylover1234 View Post I didn't know the amount of cashback can vary by person to person, I think this is unfair. For example for one merchant I get 5% but my friend gets 15%... They use the excuse that it's tailored to the individual to get away with this. How can this be fair? Hi Moneylover1234, Offers are personalised to you based on your spending with your debit and/or credit card. The offers will be different in comparison to your friend's as you have different purchasing habits. Thanks, Craig “Official Company Representative I am the official company representative of Lloyds Bank. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE. The information I have provided in this post is correct as at the date of posting."


think cashback offers have been there since ages

Bank of Scotland - 0% balance transfers for 15 months - 0.7% fee (LOWEST fee available at present, also 0% on purchases for 6 months too)
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Posted 13th Mar 2014Posted 13th Mar 2014
Bank of Scotland - 0% balance transfers for 15 months - 0.7% fee (LOWEST fee available at present, also 0% on purchases for 6 months too)
Got a balance to transfer? With 0% for the first 15 months on balance transfers, this deal could help you save money. 0% for the first 15 months on balance transfers (3% fee) … Read more

Cool, I checked moneyexpert when I posted but it wasn't on there, it must have been added in the last few days, thanks :)


If you apply via Money Expert you can get £25 cashback So based on a £2k balance transfer with a 0.7% fee works out at a fee of £14. However with the £25 cashback = £11 profit to borrow £2k. Always pay in full. Hot from me.

Vantage current account @ bankofscotland
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Posted 21st Apr 2013Posted 21st Apr 2013
Vantage current account @ bankofscotland
Vantage Add Vantage to your current account and earn competitive, tiered variable interest on your whole balance up to £5,000. So the bigger your balance, the harder your current … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Incidentally you can also have 3 x Santander 123 Accounts


You can have 3 with BoS too Lloyds is same 5k


I have four of these accounts. Three with Lloyds and one with bank of Scotland. I am sure Lloyds gives you interest up to £7,000. 3% and easy access is excellent IMO.


So what you do with your money if you have above 20k? Think before you vote cold an easy way to earn 3% - and for your money to be accessible immediately - no direct debits just £1000 in and out


Santander paying 3% onm balances up to 20,000. £2 a month fee. Cashback on direct debits more than covers the fee. Looks a better option from here :)

Visa electron free @ bank of scotland  = beat easyjet booking fees
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Posted 19th Jun 2011Posted 19th Jun 2011
Visa electron free @ bank of scotland = beat easyjet booking fees
Just before summer time If you are wondering if there is possibility of getting a visa electron card in the UK, there is, so you don't have to pay Easy Jet booking fees Free accou… Read more

i got a halifax visa electron 2-3 years ago and on average save fees on 20 easyjet flights a year i select my filghts, get the final price and then transfer 'faster payments' monies (internet banking direct to halifax, then instantly buy the flights.. is this too much hassle to save on fees. when you book 8 returns for weekends away, it saves a fortune


Rather ironic seeing as it's a Spanish bank!


Thanks for the info but I'm not gonna apply for another one. I'm done with it!


Its bigger than that, these money grabbing swines at the banks are ripping us off en mass - they are taking a few quid out of each person and over the population making millions at our expense for nothing. Every wondered why forex is so expensive at a bank but go to travelex and you can get a better rate? The bank are better positioned to give a better rate but in fact take advantage of customer lathargy and rip them off for another percent becuase they know they can. This card is about sticking 2 fingers up to the banks and if enough of us do it they will all have to follow suit and then we'll all get lower card processing fees. People in this country really do put up with corporations taking them for a ride way too much imho.


yeah just signed up