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£38 Discount
£38 Discount
Gym for £1 - Bannatyne's Gym (Scotland only - sorry)

Yeah, have to watch the contracts and all the little charges they get you for

StevenA2000_uk pay £1, then pay £10 card fee then pay at least £35 a month for membership? Not sure where the savings are to be had here. if you phone them up and tell them you are thinking about joining they offer you a trial day free of charge and if you give them your details they will bombard you with text messages and letters with offers of free joining fees and with free first month or no joining fees and a gift pack for free.

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Black Spa Yay! Spa treatment sale at Bannatynes - £39 for Deep tissue and offers for Spa days and treatments to 31 Jan
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Black Spa Yay! Spa treatment sale at Bannatynes - £39 for Deep tissue and offers for Spa days and treatments to 31 Jan£39
Important: Whenever you buy a gift voucher for use in the future, there is always a risk of businesses not being around for you to redeem it. We will try to include T&Cs relat… Read more

I looked just now, this is Bristol on the 14th Dec - 22 slots


For what date?


They work fine for me in Chingford & Cardiff...


Nowhere available.

FREE bannatyne spas Open Days
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Posted 19th Feb 2020Posted 19th Feb 2020
FREE bannatyne spas Open DaysFREE£0.01
Available across the UK I believe its for "new members" only aka new email address and so on Simply register and you will get an email, go the you selected location on the day you … Read more

Signed up, didn't get an email confirmation, phoned them up and they told me that I would have to be a guest of a member to gain admission.


I did a spa experience in Peterborough, little did I know it was kid swimming to say we did not stay long.


funnily enough I had a virgin voucher for one of these places, closest one to london was in chingford which is basically a gym which has a sauna you can use. They also do "spa treatments". The reviews on tripadvisor are hilarious, anyone in london thinking of doing this I would suggest not to waste your time


Avoid Peterborough one


Tamworth one is quite nice and friendly staff.

Christmas Cracker Spa day for 2 - £44.50 per person (£89) @ Bannatyne spas
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Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019
Christmas Cracker Spa day for 2 - £44.50 per person (£89) @ Bannatyne spas£89
WHAT'S INCLUDED? With our brand new exclusive Christmas cracker of a Spa Day you and a friend or loved one will experience a seasonal Spa Day. For your first treatment you can cho… Read more
Summer Saver 2-4-1 Spa Day from £34.50 at Bannatyne Spas
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Posted 1st Jun 2019Posted 1st Jun 2019
Summer Saver 2-4-1 Spa Day from £34.50 at Bannatyne Spas£34.50
WHAT'S INCLUDED? Summer is here and to celebrate we have launched our exclusive Summer Saver 241 Spa Day! With this 241 offer you can enjoy full access to our Health Club & S… Read more

Am In ;)



The only way that makes sense is if you assume everyone is a gues


They always emphasise the pool... gym... sauna .. facilities.. when they are there for guests to use anyways... used to go all the time at different hotels when my son used to stay in them for business... the only thing your actually paying for is the treatments which in my opinion is not that great or value for money... and theres not really that much choice of treatments.. if u look no 4 and no 7 are the same.. Sorry .. just my opinion..and then the £5 voucher is towards over inflated prices anyways..

Free Bannatynes  gym / spa  Day Pass
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Posted 17th Apr 2019Posted 17th Apr 2019
Free Bannatynes gym / spa Day PassFREE£0.01
Get a free day pass to a local Bannatynes gym/spa

(lol)fairplay to them they did eventually and just a couple hours before i needed it so good timing in the end!


Nevermind, they did reply! Stating that I could buy a day pass for £20 haha, I did then reply back saying but it says free - then they said it's all good and I could just come in... What a bloody carry on that was, the guy on reception didn't have a clue about this promo and said i had to fill it in online haha, after being a bit more affirmative he let me in - so thanks OP you've saved me £20 so I appreciate that greatly


i filled it in then got a fb message from a random gym asking what they can do for me dodgy


If they do ever call back you just to say ‘I’m Out’ in a Scottish accent.


"Fill in your details below and we will be in touch to arrange your free day pass!" Andddd I never heard back from them -.-

Bannatynes Reduced Membership - Limited Time - Selected Clubs
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Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
Bannatynes Reduced Membership - Limited Time - Selected Clubs
Reduced rates nationwide. Simply click the link and find your local club to sign up online at a reduced rate! e.g. Norwich was £44pm now £37 plus £20 Joining Fee. Reduced Rate P… Read more

Sorry, i misunderstood


Yes. Was just wanting to give someone a free month when my partner and i join :)


£70 a month to join at our local one, compared to approx £30 for another national gym chain a quarter mile away, would have to do more than a free month offer to make joining worthwhile (annoyed)


Its a Nationwide offer: Link


Anyone a member of Mansfield? Apparently if two people are referred the referree gets a free month.

Bannatyne health club free day pass now for individuals, no friend membership necessary
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Posted 19th Apr 2018Posted 19th Apr 2018
Bannatyne health club free day pass now for individuals, no friend membership necessaryFREE£15
Bannatyne are now also allowing unaccompanied non members free access to selected gyms between 20th and 23rd April provided you pre book on their website. The other offer required … Read more


Bannatyne Health Club members bring a friend free for a day - between 20th-23rd April 2018
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Posted 15th Apr 2018Posted 15th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Bannatyne Health Club members bring a friend free for a day - between 20th-23rd April 2018FREE£15
Between 20 and 23rd April 2018, Bannatyne members can bring a friend for free by going to the website and booking a free slot that will allow them to use all facilities. The usual … Read more

Massively overpriced avoid like the plague. Joined the Manchester city centre branch in my second year of uni only to receive a call two years later from a debt collection agency saying I owed £29. This was a shock considering I cancelled my subscription and was assured it was ended. To make things even worse I was then threatened with county court action..


Just came in here to see how quickly it took for someone to post the most obvious comment (excited)




What's having £500 in your locker got to do with being overpriced?


Loving the Dragon's Den references here. I pay £44 a a month at my local one (Skelmersdale) but I don't mind too much as I use all the facilities and the opening hours suit my needs. I get there are cheaper gyms around but they're either a good half hour drive for me, or too crowded or both.

Bannatyne Gym Membership 1-Year membership  £303.40 when you pay full year upfront + £1 Joining Fee @Milton Keynes
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Posted 16th Jun 2017Posted 16th Jun 2017
Bannatyne Gym Membership 1-Year membership £303.40 when you pay full year upfront + £1 Joining Fee @Milton Keynes£304.40
Edit. So after some feedback...may appear to be at Milton Keynes, could be other areas also. With a check. But for those at Milton Keynes. Have a look. Best time to hit the Gym, B… Read more

Tier 9 probably a dump then??


Interesting page here showing the 'tiers' for each location aka the overpricing levels!!!! MK is second lowest tier hence this 'cheaper' price


​Always worth a phone call referencing the deal wherever it is and asking if they will do similar. You'd be amazed what you can get just by asking. It really is a case of don't ask don't get.


£595 for my local one, having a laugh!!!


Hmm....sorry may be location specific. I did it for Milton Keynes and offer was already applied.I'll edit the post. Cheers

New Year spa offers at Bannatynes
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Posted 3rd Jan 2017Posted 3rd Jan 2017
New Year spa offers at Bannatynes
Whether you are treating yourself, a loved one or that special someone, The Bannatyne Spa Fairfield in Partnership with Elemis has a spa offer to suit you. Remember to check back r… Read more

Sometimes if you pick a different type of massage then they have availability. Some therapists aren't trained in every treatment they offer.


Just tried and no availability for the full body :( would have liked that x

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£38Gym for £1 - Bannatyne's Gym (Scotland only - sorry) 18/01/2011