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Numark Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller £165.95 delivered @ bax-shop
I'm shopping for a mixer a little more high-end than this, however, for this price, it's an absolute steal for someone wanting to start out. Comes with a 3-year warranty as well so… Read more

Just seen this on Amazon for £157.20


These streaming services absolutely suck for small artists. Is skewed in favour of the big names and even then, it's a pittance. Something needs to change or we'll lose new upcoming artists.


It was Spotify that cut the ties. It’s better to buy the tracks and build your own library I find. Beatport and band camp. This is an awesome controller. If anyone is thinking about it. Just get this one!


I can highly recommend Bandcamp. Here's mine: Blake Casimir Happy for anyone to mix my tunes, send me a shout if you do. This is a decent controller for the price btw, heat.


The one with displays is a better buy from Amazon at the moment: £181 at the moment. It’s £212 on Bax

Orange OB1-300 bass amp combo for £879 from Bax Shop
226° Expired
Orange OB1 300 bass combo at a great price. Pop up also gets £5 off for newsletter sign-up. Orange bass guitar amplifier series: OB1 model: 300 type: combo colour: orange electron… Read more

Sorry, missed your comment. No, I don't know, but the product page says VAT included, so I guess not.


Good to know, they still look cheap so I might be on with the wait.. Do you know if I might be hit with any customs charges too?


Bax are a foreign company pretending to be UK based and goods are subject to delays at the ports.


Years sgo there was a shop near Oxford Street selling Orange amps and speakers. I dont know if they are the same company now. They looked beautiful and every time I went past I lusted after one, even though I could not play.


Think this would be bit of an upgrade on my 20yr old, beat up,Trace Elliot :)

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 DJ Controller £227 (Extra £5 off via newsletter signup) @ Bax Shop
98° Expired
Been watching loads of DJ controller videos lately after seeing a different post and this one is always in the top 2 for the price range. It looks so good with the legs, size a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Gonna expire the deal with the uncertainty of it. Managed to pick up a b stock one from ebay for 210, fingers crossed its okay!!


oh really? yeah, I'd avoid then... :| at least until our world-beating trade deal is renegotiated.


I thought they were! Ordered a zaor desk from them before and it came from Holland but then when I checked the website it looked like it was all UK so figured that the desk must have just been stock from abroad maybe... having no luck with these companies ha


Beware this is a company based in Netherlands despite it looking like a UK based company. It's delivery promises are worthless, especially now, as goods ship from Netherlands to UK.


The ddj‑200 looks really interesting for casual users! Obviously won't be as good as the others mentioned but would be an easy way to just bring it down to the kitchen with a tablet device and mess around on. Shame it doesn't have Spotify on it anymore as well, I really think Spotify and other streaking services are missing a trick here. If one of them partnered with a dj controller for exclusive rights it could sell loads! I'm so torn between just getting something like that or going all out and getting the herclues and some krk speakers. Just thinking about space and practicality of how I would use it now

Fazley K6021 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele £52 @ Bax
221° Expired
Fazley K6021 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele £52 @ Bax£52£10852% off Free P&P Free
This looks very cool. Much better than the usual crap ones for £20-40 with it's flamed maple veneer and rainbow finish. The code actually makes it a little dearer due to it falli… Read more

Thanks will go for it :)


Both are tiny, the concert is just less tiny. So yes, I’d say so


Is the concert size suitable for an 8 year old?


Looks cool. I don't play, but I might need one of these. I'm sure I'll think of a reason later, probably.

IK Multimedia MEMS microphone for ARC system £67.52 with code at bax-shop
95° Expired
IK Multimedia MEMS microphone for ARC system £67.52 with code at bax-shop£67.52£8521% off
Mix with complete confidence with the IK Multimedia ARC System 3 acoustic correction system. While you work, this system quietly analyses the room using the (not included) measurem… Read more

Yeah probably. I use Sonarworks currently for both speakers and headphones.


I looked at both - I think they attempt to leap frog each other with each new version but I think the actual answer to your question is probably subjective.


Any better than Sonarworks?


Thanks - I have updated the listing but note that there are lots of free "pink noise" wav file downloads that enable you to do something similar provided you have a suitable microphone EG Quick Tip: How to Calibrate Studio Monitors (


That’s just the mic - you still need the rest of the ARC system.

Fender Paramount PM-1E dreadnought electro acoustic guitar (Fiesta Red) £359.55 @ Bax-shop
136° Expired
Fender Paramount PM-1E dreadnought electro acoustic guitar (Fiesta Red) £359.55 @ Bax-shop£359.55£49527% off Free P&P Free
Listed at £423 but you can use discount code "DISCOUNT" to take 15% off and bring the price down to £359.55. Next best price seems to be £495 at GAK. Includes hard case. "Paramo… Read more

Can't go wrong with Cort. They allegedly make about 1/2 they guitars in the world and white label them for other brands, very reputable for the money. Harley Benton have been getting rave reviews recently. Recommended one of their acoustics to a mate last month as he wanted an acoustic like mine (Faith Saturn) for a smaller budget and he's blown away with how well it plays. As a self confessed Fender snob (on my 6th fender at the moment) I'm actually hoping for a HB under the tree this year!


Anyone got any experience with Cort or Harley Benton acoustics? They both rate highly for bangs per buck for electrics.


Fender's acoustic range include some really decent guitars. Heat!


Local guitar shop is my advice


I've a friend looking to start to learn acoustic guitar. Budget £150 new or second hand. Not fussed if it's steel or nylon strung. Anyone here got any suggestions? Nice deal. Heat added.

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Audio Technica AT2020TYO Aiiro- XLR Condenser Microphone - £67.52 with code @ Bax Shop
173° Expired
Audio Technica AT2020TYO Aiiro- XLR Condenser Microphone - £67.52 with code @ Bax Shop£67.52 Free P&P Free
Bax Music for black friday have 7.5% off everything on their website. This is a slightly different colour to the normal AT2020, however other than that seems exactly the same. £… Read more

Get the C-1 instead of this.


I have not. When you say iTrack Focusrite do you mean the mic that comes in the bundle? I feel like the truth is at the end of the day the consensus on getting the most value out of mics depends a lot on the setup around them. I plan to run this thorough a Focusrite Scarlett (which I assume is similar to the iTrack) might want to look into that though. And a lot of the quality you're getting from the setup is from the audio interface that you're plugging into, over the microphones. And also the general setup of the room, where the mic is located, popfilters/shock absorbers, the quality of the xlr cables, at the more expensive end people who buy materials to reflect and absorb sound. My friend runs a Behringer c-1 around a £27 condenser mic through a Scarlett 2nd gen, and honestly to me his setup sounds very good. And it's not that it's incredibly pricey hardware it's just the mic itself isn't doing the most legwork. It's just a solidly reviewed capable mic. Which is what the at2020 is, and there will be other options. The mic in the current Focusrite Scarlett bundle and this seem to be exactly that. So I don't know if it is similar with the iTrack line of products. I definitely wouldn't rule it out though if it's saving you money, some guy on youtube will probably have better opinions.


Have you used this yourself? Wondering how it would compare to a iTrack Focusrite and how it would sound through GarageBand?

Behringer SD16 digital stage box for X32 mixer range £423.65 using BF2020 code at bax-shop
41° Expired
Behringer SD16 digital stage box for X32 mixer range £423.65 using BF2020 code at bax-shop£423.65 Free P&P Free
Bax-shop are already the cheapest online for this normally at £458 (others are around £469+) so with the BF2020 code this brings it down by a further 7.5%. No stock at the moment,… Read more
Yamaha THR10iiw - Wireless Guitar Amplifier - £276.57 delivered using code @ bax-shop
215° Expired
Yamaha THR10iiw - Wireless Guitar Amplifier - £276.57 delivered using code @ bax-shop£276.57£37025% off Free P&P Free
Best price I’ve seen for the wireless version by a long way. Retails for £370 in other stores. The non-wireless variant can be picked up for a similar price to this. To use the wir… Read more

Code no longer works. Shouldn't this be expired? Kinda regret not going for this earlier.


I prefer the design of the original too. Have the THR5 and looks much more classic and less fussy than these new ones. Can also use it as a soundbar for my tv with an attached bluetooth dongle stuck into the headphone socket, when not playing guitar. Agree the aesthetics of the Spark are only thing putting me off a purchase. Has some great functionality though.


Lekato wireless guitar system. Get the 5 ghz - less interference, less drop outs £32 Personally, I prefer the original THR10 (about £150 second hand) it looks a smidgen better and it can run off batteries. Spark looks awful compared to the Yamaha but offers much more functionality


Think it means it will pair with the line 6 wireless system.....which you'd have to buy separate


I think you're right. I assumed wireless meant Bluetooth, but I guess it's referring to some wireless receiver for the guitar output in this case.

Adam T7V Active Studio Monitor Speaker (Single Unit) (5 year warranty with registration) - £134 @ Bax Music
252° Expired
Adam T7V Active Studio Monitor Speaker (Single Unit) (5 year warranty with registration) - £134 @ Bax Music£134£16921% off Free P&P Free
I've had these since they were launched. Very capable speakers and they sound lovely. The T7V is a two-way studio monitor designed for vertical use in a nearfield application. … Read more

Thank you, I have a small Dac/amp for my phone/headphones already, must resist.


A phone will drive them, you'll need something like this assuming you have a 3.5mm jack (headphone) socket on your phone: However, these are nice quality and the DAC and analogue output from your phone will be the weak link. There would be plenty of upgrade paths, including and external DAC for starters, if you wanted to further improve the sound quality.


Buy a cheap Yamaha mixing desk and these will rock, but Spotify is a disease to music so we're better off if you purchase music. I 100% agree it's a simple system for the consumer, so can't blame Joe public. I never thought a bunch of torrent hackers would end up being so capitalist against the music scene. Screw Eck! Buy from Bandcamp x


These are killer, just finished mixing an album on them, not done enough hours burning them in but the details are all there. One advice is burn-in can be 100's of hours...if these get even better then bonus. But I imagine I'll always be in front of varying monitors, so I'll keep learning, comparing and actually making music. I've only a small room, it's not box-shaped though, and I'd recommend front-ported monitors for small boxxy rooms. But am Def glad I got these from Scan (£320 incl isolation pads & leads) in July so that's worth checking from a much better local seller. Those thinking these are big, and you're an actual producer (not a dabbler) that's prob suffering & short on cash atm, I'm very glad I went for the 7" over the 5" form factor. At this price range the tweeter is 2nd to none and in fact Presonus have also adopted this tech.


I was thinking of connecting to my phone to listen to Spotify, but now realize these are not suitable for this set up. Shame, bet they sound excellent.

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