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£100 Discount
big sale on beds 20% discount code @
cheap mattresses and beds

over priced, same beds on ebay for less. Crushed Velvet Divan Set with Matching Fabric Headboard and Memory Foam MattressPrice Now Only:£259.00 -20% £207.20 -EbaySelect -Crushed Velvet SilverFrame SIze:- Select -4FT Small Double4FT6 Double5Ft King Size3FT SingleStorage:- Select -2 Side DrawsJumbo Draw Foot Side4 Side DrawsNo StorageQuantity:1 available £169.99


1year warranty on mattresses is very poor. :(

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4 piece rattan garden patio set Brown / Grey £199 delivered @
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Posted 29th May 2020Posted 29th May 2020
4 piece rattan garden patio set Brown / Grey £199 delivered @£199 Free P&P Free
4 Piece Rattan garden furniture Set priced to clear immediately 2 Armchairs, Two seater Sofa and Coffee table All included Premium Quality, Pe all weather Rattan, uv treated and … Read more

£279 now


Sorry, cheap tat at a premium price. Cold from me


Also got this set (or one that looks exactly the same). Paid about £100 two years ago. For that price, it's fine. For £200? Hell no.


How on earth is this getting heat. Bottom of the range patio furniture and someone is trying to make a few pounds by selling it at perhaps twice (and I'm being generous) the price. Awful stuff.


We bought this form ebay for £80 last year, it does the job but it is cheap. Chairs are sturdy, sofa had a sold metal bar in the middle and can feel a little flimsy with 2 people sat on it. I had to put a couple of washers on the table to fully tighten it as 2 of the screw holes wern't threaded correctly and the glass never sat right so I had to hotglue ours in place or else the glass would have been on the floor. £80, its alright, £200, not a chance!

Massive 1 Day sale on
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Posted 15th Oct 2016Posted 15th Oct 2016
Massive 1 Day sale on
Up to 75% of beds at ending tonight Just some examples: Roma Italian Modern Designer Leather Bed- from £139… Read more
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If they were ever the original prices then I'm the Queen of Sheba.................and I'll give you a clue.....I'm not. They look really cheap and nasty

Modern Italian designer bed plus luxury foam mattress and up to 75% off on other bed options with free next day delivery £199
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Posted 2nd Oct 2016Posted 2nd Oct 2016
Modern Italian designer bed plus luxury foam mattress and up to 75% off on other bed options with free next day delivery £199£199
Up to 75% off and next day delivery for bed frames and mattress. Got my new bed ordered a day before. Good quality and great service. For those who are looking to change their new … Read more

DO NOT BUY FROM BEDS.CO.UK!! Scam company! no next day delivery or 48 hrs or within a week, try 2-3 weeks. Then expect no call or email saying when it will arrive it just turns up! Then expect the wrong mattress, a cheaper version! Then expect weeks of no communication then expect them not to turn up when they say they will to swap the mattress! Bloody joke should be shut down, just read the reviews on this company it makes shocking reading. Mattress still in the hall waiting to be sorted, original order 2ndDecember 2016


what is bargain beds like who are on Facebook does anyone know plz?


found the same bed on tesco direct for the same (after/sale) price


Can only back up previous posts, pal at work got stung by these jokers.... You have been warned.


I was going to say the very same thing

Paul Divan Bed with 2000 Spring Memory Foam Mattress NOW £179.00 @
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Posted 1st May 2016Posted 1st May 2016
Paul Divan Bed with 2000 Spring Memory Foam Mattress NOW £179.00 @£179
ONLY 4HRS left......Last time it was on for over £299.99! Paul Divan Bed with 2000 Pocket Spring Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress High Density 2000 Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattr… Read more

I'm amazed the sale finished last night and guess what it started again today ......


I bought this bed a few months ago . A Fine mattress but the base was badly finished. I made contact with the company, supplied photos and a new divan base was sent the next week. They could not be more helpful, be aware the divan is basic but the mattress is hard to fault, the drawers are big and take a substantial load of bedding or clothes. I opted for the four drawer.


Avoid avoid avoid. Chap at work had the misfortune of buying from, no delivery, no communication - about 6 weeks to get his money back and that was after asking the bank to step in.


Check trustpilot reviews before ordering.


A great deal if you get your bed on time with no missing parts, a bit of a possible nightmare if not. I am interested in a new bed but don't think I will take the chance. It seems that paying by credit card may help if things go wrong as it offers some protection.

Paul Divan Bed with 2000 Spring Memory Foam Mattress £299 @
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Posted 3rd Mar 2016Posted 3rd Mar 2016
Paul Divan Bed with 2000 Spring Memory Foam Mattress £299 @£299
Looking for beds I came across this deal although it will expire in 5 hours. Paul Diva… Read more

Depends on the options, the original deal was for king size with 2 drawers and a headboard, which is still £299. The £179 option is for single/small single only with no storage or headboard.


Now only £179.99


I took delivery of mine yesterday (2 April), having ordered on 20 March. They did offer to deliver last Tuesday (29 March, so well within the 7-10 working days) but the earliest day I could be off work was Friday (1 April). They phoned early Friday morning to tell me they couldn't make delivery until the following day as their vehicle had broken down.I'm happy with the bed for the price I paid - £299 for a king size with two drawers and a headboard. Build quality is fine and the mattress is comfortable. It's basically a normal mattress with a memory foam topper attached the top (which can't be removed) so it's quite a bit higher than my old double.The headboard isn't as tall as it looks in the picture but it's fine. There was writing all over one of the headboard struts which was a bit disappointed but it won't be seen.The delivery service was pretty awful though. The order confirmation stated that the delivery drivers are only insured to deliver to the front door so I wasn't expecting them to take it upstairs. The driver arrived on his own, left half the base in my small hallway which I took upstairs, then when I came down he asked me to help get the mattress out of the lorry and carry it! I managed to get it half up the stairs, half in the hallway and the driver said he couldn't help move it any further. He then went back to the lorry and got the headboard which I was able to get into the hallway, and the second half of the base which he just left in the porch. On his way back to the lorry, he said he'd help me get the mattress upstairs if I gave him a tenner - not sure whether he was joking or being serious, but either way this seemed unprofessional and I didn't take him up on his offer. He then left me unable to close the front door and I also couldn't bring the base half inside as the mattress was in the way - fortunately I was able to get someone to come and help me.


Anyone get one of these?


Terrible customer service, took over two weeks to deliver although advertised as 7 days then charged my card a cancellation fee even though they didn't deliver the goods

Massive sale up to 70% off beds @
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Posted 2nd Oct 2015Posted 2nd Oct 2015
Massive sale up to 70% off beds @
Massive sale up to 70% off beds
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Look for the seller ijinteriors on ebay. They seem to have the exact same beds for a lower price. I suspect they are the same seller because their phone numbers are virtually the same.


They got 14 days moneyback guarantee


We bought two Ottoman Gas Lift double beds with the memory foam mattresses in November 2014. The service and delivery was quick and the delivery guys phoned ahead to make sure someone was available to take the packages. I think the delivery company was called Premier Link. You have to build the beds up, but I wouldn't worry too much on that front as they're quite easy to assemble. There's a ground sheet that you put on the floor once the bed is made up and then we've filled the storage area. The memory foam mattress seemed a bit thin, but it was very warm and took a few days to get used to the extra warmth over a standard spring mattress that we had before. It also took a little time for us to get used to the bed being much lower to the floor than the beds they replaced. Others may not be affected, but it was something that we noticed and we got used to height difference after a week or so. Some of the slats that came with one of the beds had quite deep cracks and I contacted the company by e-mail. The slats were put in places where there was less weight on them as a precautionary measure. They got back in touch within 48 hours and apologised for the slats and issued another package of slats via Premier Link. I couldn't fault them at all on that front. Back in November 2014, the beds (including the memory foam mattresses) were £195 each. We'd seen similar beds elsewhere and back then, they were all a lot more than £195 with a memory foam mattresses. The extra storage was a real benefit and there were no complaints in our family and we all got a better quality of sleep. Edit The two Ottoman beds that we bought in November 2015 for £195 with the 'Luxury Memory Foam Mattress' were: Paris Ottoman Storage Gas Lift Bed


Has anyone ever bought a bed from here? If so are they any good?


Just checked one of their beds with an amazing nearly 50% off and its cheaper in loads of other shops still - sry man , not great savings to be had it seems

ottoman bed £114 @
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Posted 29th Apr 2015Posted 29th Apr 2015
ottoman bed £114 @£114
double or king size ottoman bed with free delivery Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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No, I've wondered about them also as been looking at a few of their beds..


Does anyone know anything about this company?

Chanel Modern Designer Faux Leather Bed 5ft Kingsize & Luxury Memory Foam Mattress £159 Delivered @
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Posted 21st Oct 2014Posted 21st Oct 2014
Chanel Modern Designer Faux Leather Bed 5ft Kingsize & Luxury Memory Foam Mattress £159 Delivered @£159
A good looking kingsize faux leather bed frame including a luxury memory foam mattress delivered for under £160!! Need I say more?

Yeah, the feet screwing into the wood was terrible. I just took the mattress off mine and noticed that the sides of the bed have bowed outwards, which is why the slats are slipping. Pretty frustrating for a ten month old bed...even at £160.


Yeah i'll keep the mattress that's good, I could never attach the feet well enough the whole thing wobbles!!


Thanks for the reply and link. That's interesting, I actually quite like the mattress and the bed is surviving OK for me so far. It's just the slats in the last few weeks... I'd agree that my next bed will cost more!


Hi yes I had the same problem very early on, I had to by solid wood slats cut to size. I got some excellent quality slats that have been great but they were around £90 from here My problem these days is that the bed seems unstable - the bar to the floor from the center pole is broken and the feet never attached well in the first place, tbh i wish I had bought a better quality bed as this one is fit for the bonbfire.


The slats on mine have started falling through if anyone sits on the bed now. Do you have the same problem? Any ideas to fix please?

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