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-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% off everything, plus free delivery, using discount code, @ Beko
Enter code BANKHOLIDAY25 during checkout/basket stage 25% off all items at the Beko Shop, valid until 23:59 on 04/05/2021. Full terms and conditions apply.

For my tenants, I normally buy beko washing machines and they last about 5 years. However recently got 2 hotpoints which were on offer and both dead in 2 years and needing replacement and yes both replaced with beko now. Will never buy a hotpoint again.


BEKO fridge freezer going well. Main reason for choice was that, unlike most, they'll work when ambient is down to -15c so fine in a garage for example.


Well we've got a beko fridge and we've had it for ten years and it still works.


haha 💯. I've actually thought that myself, but I always buy replacement parts lol


maybe someone else in the house just after new stuff? lol

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% off everything, plus free delivery, using discount code, @ Beko
Enter code SPRINGCLEAN25 duting checkout/basket stage 25% off all items at the Beko Shop, valid until 11:59pm on 31/03/2021. Full terms and conditions apply. Contact Us … Read more

what one did you go for? I went for samsung rs800


I have a Beko American Style fridge freezer and a matching oven and hob also by Beko. They are very basic models but that is what I wanted. I ordered a Beko washing machine after my Husband persuaded me that I didn't need all the fancy programmes for my washing (what does he know? He doesn't even know how to switch it on!) I ordered it from John Lewis due to the extended warranty. It didn't work. At all. An engineer came. Said it was 'dead on arrival'. I traded up to a Zanussi and persuaded John Lewis to go halves on the difference. You win some, you lose some. My first washing machine was AEG for which I paid a ridiculous sum. It was a train wreck from the beginning. My Husband replaced the motor 3 times. (He does have some uses I guess). So it doesn't seem to matter what make you use, you can still get that 'friday afternoon' model.


Did you get one? I got ours from Very. I was totally surprised, thinking it would be much dearer from a catalogue but it was cheaper than anywhere else. I think we probably used one of those discounts you get from opening an account too. Got a good length warranty too. One thing to be aware of though. We ended up taking out back door frame off to fit the thing into the kitchen.


Five years is pretty damn good for any budget appliance. You will probably have the same experience with a lot of brands that might cost twice as much and if you're buying Beko in the first place I suspect you don't have a kitchen full of Miele.


Beko appliances used to work till warranty runs off. Had few of their appliance recent one being fridge when it broke down after 5 years. Parts and engineer to fix it would cost almost £400 so decided to buy a new one. I think my level of trust to this company runs out. Never again any Beko appliances.

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
25% everything at The Beko Shop using code
25% off at The Beko Shop until end of May Beko Shop “25% Off” Promotional Offer May 2020 – Terms and Conditions 1. Customers are eligible to claim a discount of up to 25% off via… Read more

They do Range Cookers for nearly £700.


No idea. It wasnt in my original post so guessing it was edited by the moderators


Do beko appliances cost that much to b able to get 100£ off?


BEKA15 was the 15% pop up


I'm sorry, not sure as I closed down the pop up!! Can see a 20% code BEKAF20 see if that works or just browse the site as the 15% may pop up for you.

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Beko 20L 800W Retro Microwave for £59.25 delivered with code @ Beko
88° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Lower price again for the retro micowaves. Use code BANKHOLIDAY25 Free UK Mainland delivery is included. Colours are: REd, Black, Cream or Blue. This retro microwave is sure … Read more

This probably isn't even a smart microwave that I can control from an app and use to microwave my oats in the morning saving me 30 seconds as I come downstairs. How ever will I cope with this, my life is filled with insurmountable challenges.


:) Don't worry, I think it's all about the minimalistic design. ;)


the code works across their website


Am I getting seriously old? Are digital controls, digital display and a shuttle dial retro? Perhaps it's the paint job, maybe it will fade like old red cellulose.

Mini oven with hot plate - Black £74.25 delivered, using code @ Beko
550° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Enter code BANKHOLIDAY25 at checkout stage, thanks to @A2019 With a 28L capacity, this compact cooker has enough space to cook larger meals, while still fitting comfortably in… Read more

just what I need at the moment


Ha same exact setup as ours. Weve yet to use the microwave on it so glad thatll cover it.


Yer only on 240v hook up . But we have got a great 12v system. 330ah battery bank . 350w solar panel and 2000w inverter. So in the daytime we can run a 800w microwave not a problem as solar covers that . Also run a 160w slow cooker from 10am till 6pm with solar and battery bank stays at 13.2v (full) .


Guessing your not running off solar? I have similar one in my camper but I can only use it when I get to fix points at sites.


We have this is our camper van . It’s excellent. Cooked chicken, roasties , pizzas , it performs like your electric oven at home . Just smaller . Hobs are average. They take a while to heat up fully . But great for the money

Beko 20L 800W Compact Stainless Steel Microwave for £59.25 delivered with code (UK Mainland) @ Beko
304° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
A few great options with the 25% code for microwaves. Use the code SPRINGCLEAN25 at the checkout. Possible next day delivery what I can see after entering the code. 800W Com… Read more

The customer service from beko is shocking, never again!... Mine appeared yesterday with zero response from the company despite numerous emails and attempts (don't bother) to contact by phone. All said I've used the microwave twice and it does what it's supposed to....


I've had the same problem - called them and cant get through to the right department, however mine says on fedex its been delivered! no card put through my door, didn't request for it to be left in a safe place. Sent 3 emails requesting POD and they just have sent two emails back saying they are looking into it. I paid on my CC so hoping I will get the money back through them


I've tried to contact them through Twitter, seems to be a very slow process, keep asking for information all the time, very frustrating, lots of people complaining on Twitter.


Still not reviewed mine after a week and also no confirmation, they now have my money but I don't have a microwave and they can't be contacted,


Almost a week on from ordering ive not recieved it or any confirmation of delivery. Impossible to contact customer service. Emails not replied to yet either. Have bought another microwave from elsewhere because I really needed it now! Not great from Beko

Beko Stainless Steel 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine CEP5152B for £63 delivered (using code) @ Beko
195° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Good price for a stainless steel espresso machine. Use the code SPRINGCLEAN25 Easy to use, this traditional coffee machine offers a simple way to make delicious barista-style… Read more

Code still works but price has increased to £99 so discount brings it to £75 which is usual price with other retailers.


It makes espresso, which can then be used to make espresso-based drinks like cappuccino etc. Espresso can only be made by driving water at high pressure through tightly packed coffee grounds, which a filter machine doesn't do. So if you want espresso, get an espresso machine. If you want filter coffee, get a filter machine.


Does this machine offer anything different when compared to a filter machine?


I've had this coffee machine for over 2 years now and it's still going strong, makes a great coffee and the milk frother is great if cleaned after every use. Only issue I have is the water drip tray leaks, could be due to age but definitely annoying. I paid £35 so tbf can't complain, have also bought as gifts and they all love it.


If you mean an 'espresso' machine, there's a whole lot more to it than the machine itself. Espresso requires VERY finely ground beans. Fine grinding maximises the surface area, which means the ground coffee oxidises in the air and goes stale in a matter of minutes (though some claim seconds!) So start by adding a good grinder (likely costing more than this Beko) to your 'cheap' coffee machine. And cleaning it after every single use. And don't underestimate the skills required either. For many coffee afficionados, the elaborate rituals and the exercise of their skills form a large part of the attraction. For others, a Nespresso machine will get you most of the way there, with absolutely zero fuss. Yes, it uses capsules, costing from about 15p to 35p each - which is 1/ still way cheaper than high street coffee and 2/ aren't a massive increase in your environmental footprint - Nespresso themselves will even free collect their used ones for recycling. Nowadays you can find a large range of different Nespresso-compatible capsules (in most supermarkets) to explore. Lidls are good value at 15p each (£1.50ish/10). Incidentally, cleaning your Nespresso machine is as important for optimising the output as it is with every other coffee machine. CaffeNu make some "foam cleaning pods" that keep your machine 'tasting new' (though Nespresso strangely never mention cleaning the coffee-contact parts of the machine!) A Nespresso machine should cost less than this Beko unless you insist on "bells and whistles". And make surprisingly good espresso. If you want milky coffee, then there's another whole world of frothers to explore! If/when you seem to be outgrowing your Nespresso machine, then you might start thinking of blowing £300ish on a rather larger "bean-to-cup" machine, which does the grinding, measuring, tamping, etc for you immediately before brewing - can't get much fresher than that! But you do have to wait for an few extra seconds while it whirrs and buzzes. They also do a fairly good job of keeping themselves fairly clean. On the other hand, if you are looking for a hobby rather than the occasional cup of coffee, then you can get into grinders, PID temperature control and all the other paraphernalia. My life is too short!

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Beko TAM8202B Cosmopolis 2 Slice Toaster in black for £32.25 delivered using code @ Beko
53° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Nice looking toaster for £32.25 including delivery using the code SPRINGCLEAN25. Beko make decent cookers and ovens, so this heating appliance should be just as good right? … Read more

We had this one and it burnt out within a year. As mentioned will probably get the Breville for £24 deal.


Aldi Worcester (ketch) had toaster for £9.99 yesterday. Realistically you can only fit one slice of toast in it sideways though, hence I didn't post the deal. Sorry about the sideways pic, the app keeps rotating it.


Better with the cheaper Breville toasters from previous posts that are still currently at AO and Argos from my experience

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