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I got this email this morning and have tried it but no voucher. Strange that as it usually works

worked for me. received e-mail with code for 50p off. Always 50p I receive. Does anyone receive more than 50p?. Voted HOT though.

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Has anybody recieved more than 50p! It makes you wonder?

I havent received any. Me, my other half and my brother have all done this this morning and no vouchers at all!


Nice post, thanks steveilevi Just waiting on my email now !

I've got 'a lot' of email addresses and never hd more than 50p either...

Just waiting for my email now. I bet its the 50p voucher.:)

Says vouchers are issued instantly so will see.


50p for me... HOT


50p for me... HOT

How long for your "instant" email edi:?

Ive still not received an email back and i did this first thing when i got the email

Total rip off. No instant email for me. :x

Not worth such a Hot deal when there are £1 vouchers floating around

50p here...again.


How long for your "instant" email edi:?

less than 20 seconds.. approx time taken to check my email

Various email accounts (an used various IP addresses)....every single voucher was 50p!

Not had 1 from them and been 24 hours. I used both mine and my oh email address. This obviously does not work for everyone.

No vouchers for me either, tried on two email addresses.

I dont understand this as i have a couple of email addresses which both actually got the email from cd wow for the giveaway and still no vouchers 24 hours later either

No email from them either - - despite 5 accounts - glad its not just me

always get 50p, dont even bother doing it anymore
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